Ayurveda and Diabetes


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The Ayurvedic cure for Diabetes is here. Check out this presentation to know all about it.

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Ayurveda and Diabetes

  1. 1. DBCare – Your Answer to Diabetes<br />
  2. 2. Diabetes – The Killer<br />Diabetes Facts<br />Kills approximately 3.2 million people a year<br />6 deaths every minute worldwide<br />Affects children below 10 years also<br />People aged over 40 years and overweight are more likely to develop diabetes<br />
  3. 3. Why and How of Diabetes<br />Type 1 Diabetes<br /><ul><li>Insulin Dependant
  4. 4. Most commonly begins during childhood
  5. 5. Cells that produce insulin in the pancreas have been destroyed by the immune system
  6. 6. Accounts for about 15% of the people with diabetes
  7. 7. Need daily injections of insulin to survive</li></ul>Type 2 Diabetes<br /><ul><li>Pancreas does not produce enough insulin or cells ignore it ( insulin resistance)
  8. 8. Generally occurs in those above 40 years of age
  9. 9. Associated with obesity and sometimes hereditary
  10. 10. 30%-35% require insulin injections
  11. 11. Lifestyle issues prominent</li></li></ul><li>The Sugary Details<br />The body is made of millions of cells that need energy to function. The food you eat is turned into sugar, called glucose. Sugar is carried to the cells through the blood stream. It is one of many substances needed by cells to make energy.<br />
  12. 12. Signs of Abnormal Blood Sugar Levels<br />Hyperglycaemia<br />Tiredness<br />Nausea<br />Hyperactivity<br />Blurred vision<br />Irritability<br />Increased breathing<br />Hypoglycaemia<br /><ul><li>Headache
  13. 13. Hunger
  14. 14. Sweating
  15. 15. Confusion
  16. 16. Shaking
  17. 17. Irritability
  18. 18. Blurred vision
  19. 19. Drowsiness</li></li></ul><li>Factors affecting Diabetics<br />Fear of Hypoglycaemia<br /><ul><li>Fear of unpleasant symptoms of very low blood sugars
  20. 20. Typical stress reactions of hypervigilence& avoidance
  21. 21. Often associated with high blood sugars
  22. 22. Normal feelings re-set high</li></ul>Psychological Issues<br />½ Barriers to self-care<br />1. Depression<br />2. Stress & Anxiety<br />3. Fear of Hypoglycaemia<br />4. Lifestyle change<br />
  23. 23. Depression & Diabetes<br />Incidence rate of ~20% (5% of general public)<br />Possibly because of imperfect relationship between self-care & health, or combination of acute & chronic stressors<br />Clinic staff may not help<br />
  24. 24. Preventing Diabetes<br />Exercise for at least 30 mins a day 5 days a week.<br />Healthy controlled-sugar diet<br />Oral Medications<br />In severe cases – Insulin medications and Insulin shots<br />
  25. 25. Diabetes Treatment Options<br />Diabetes cannot be cured. Keeping the level of sugar in the blood within its normal range can, however, control it. The treatment and management of diabetes varies from patient to patient.<br />Type 1 Diabetes Treatment Options<br />Patients with Type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin. Patients who lack insulin in their bodies must make certain adjustments in their diet and must take insulin. Insulin can only be given through injections. These injections may need to be given several times a day.<br />
  26. 26. Type 2 Diabetes Treatment Options<br />Patients with Type 2 diabetes may not need insulin. Diabetes in these patients is typically controlled with diet and exercise. Sometimes oral medications are also prescribed. In some cases of Type 2 diabetes, insulin may also be required.<br />Uncontrolled Diabetes can lead to – <br />Heart Attack<br />Kidney Diseases<br />Nerve Damage<br />Eye Disease<br />
  27. 27. The Ayurvedic Way<br />Certain Home Remedies by consumption of –<br /><ul><li> Bitter gourd
  28. 28. Amla
  29. 29. Tulsiand Neemleaves,
  30. 30. Fenugreek seeds</li></ul> with milk, <br /><ul><li>Shilajit.</li></li></ul><li>Thanks to advances in Ayurveda, diabetes can be successfully controlled. The role of the patient is essential in making a diabetes management plan succeed.<br />
  31. 31. Ayurveda Recommends<br />Made up of a unique combination of organic herbal extracts<br />.<br /> Aimed at maintaining healthy glucose levels / lower high blood sugar levels and to stop sugar cravings naturally.<br />It re-hydrates the body and balances high blood sugar levels of potassium flow<br />DBCare<br />DBCare’sblend contains eleven well-known powerful organic herbs in the maintenance and treatment of Diabetes.<br />Provides an effective treatment to relieve all symptoms related to diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2.<br />Treats 2 Major Types of Diabetes: Type 2 diabetes: Results from insulin resistance <br />
  32. 32. The Amazing DBCare<br />Reduces feeling of nausea and vomiting, diminishes the risk of heart disease, kidney failure, blindness and nerve damage.<br />Creates “fuel giving” energy and dramatically reduces fatigue.<br />Stimulates the pancreas and enables it to secret insulin, thus reducing high blood sugar levels. <br />Abolishes the taste of sugar, which effectively suppresses and neutralizes the craving for sweets.<br />Creates natural thirst and encourages the body to consume more water to dilute the high blood sugar back to normal levels<br /> It is 100% natural and can be used long term with no side effects.<br />
  33. 33. Right Herbs: Great Health. Bright Life.<br />