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Benefits of branding your company

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Benefits of branding your company

  1. 1. Benefits of Branding Your Company!
  2. 2. You benefit from a clearer understanding of what your brand is. A lot of businesses currently believe that a brand is a logo and their marketing materials. Whereas the truth is that a brand is their reputation. Strategic positioning Positioning done properly gives your client a reason to buy from you. It’s your reason to deliver. It sets your brand apart from your competition.
  3. 3. Brand identity standards Consistency is key to building effective brand awarenessHaving a Brand Identity Standards manual gives a company rules to follow to bolster that desired consistency. Own your own color Traditionally, brand palettes are established based on color trends and psychology. Take competitive color use into consideration and choose colors as another point of differentiation.
  4. 4. Team building Brand clarity and definition strengthens teams with the company culture. A brand’s culture should be one of success and have strategies in place to empower that culture. Upgrade brand for succession strategy As company owners age and retirement is looming, think as to how a brand moves on from one owner to another and how that looks. Having your brand in order removes some of the stress associated with company value.
  5. 5. Attract Investors Investors are looking for brands that inspire them and show promise. A weak brand is a higher risk and investors are risk adverse. Attract the best talent If your brand enjoys a positive reputation, the best talent has you in their sights. Winners want to work for winners. If you’re seen as a follower not a leader, talented employees can’t identify with that perspective.
  6. 6. Helps client become a thought leader Successful brand awareness combined with proactive awareness initiatives builds your brand’s expert profile which results in becoming a thought leader. A go-to resource on your industry. Shareholder feedback Shareholders are in it for the money. They want to invest in brands that bring the highest returns. Brand leaders are shareholders’ wet dreams.
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