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  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONHomeopathy = homois (similar) + pathos(suffering)Its based on the principle that substances thatcause symptoms in healthy people can be usedin extreme dilution to treat illnesses that causethe same symptoms (likes cure like)Basically homeopathy allows the body to healitself by triggering body’s natural immuneresponseEg: caffeine can treat insomnia
  3. 3. HISTORYHomeopathy began in the late 1700s, developed by a German doctornamed Samuel Hahnemann.Hahnemann was dissatisfied with the often-severe treatments thatwere being used and was looking for a more natural way to treatillnessesHe discovered the law of similar after he consumes cinchona barkextract (used to cure malaria) which produces the same symptoms asmalariaHomeopathy achieved its greatest popularity in the 19th century.The first homeopathic schools opened in 1830Eventually homeopathy reached all over Europe, United States andAsia
  4. 4. HOMEOPATHY IN MALAYSIA Homeopathy in Malaysia was said to be brought here by the Colonel A.S. Rajah, a British Army Officer who later spread the new idea to Mr. Burhanuddin Al Helmy In 1977 Dr Nik Omar bin Haji Nik Daud, a young professional who qualified homeopathy at Pakistan Homeopathy Medical College in 1975 and further his education at London, UK came back to Malaysia in 1977 and started a first complete Homeopathic Clinic in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. On 21 Januari 2001 Malaysian Homeopathic Medical Council was founded Practitioners must register with M.P.H.M
  5. 5. PRINCIPLE Balancing vital energy to promote body’s self healing response Law of similars  Substance that cause similar symptoms in healthy person as the patient can cure the disease Theory of infinitesimals (dilution)  A remedy is prepared by ultra diluting it(potentization) . Homeopaths believe this method preserves the effects of remedy despite dilution  Mother tincture = remedy solved in small amount of water or alcohol  Diluted to 12 C dilution ( C = 1:100 ) using water  There is only 60 % chance that one single molecule remains Succussion  Remedy is shaken vigorously to retain the properties of mother tincture  Banged few times against a solid object ( believed to transfer essence and energy)
  6. 6. Grafting Unmedicated pills or sugar pills are dipped in the remedy and dried. The essence is now transferred to the pill A pill with essence of remedy allowed to come in contact with other sugar pills whereby other pills also acquire the essence Often the mother tincture is diluted over the 12 C dilution. Hence there is no molecule of the actual substance remains( only water) But homeopaths claim that the energy is transferred from the mother tincture in every dilution
  7. 7. A homeopathic remedy prepared from marshtea. The "15C" dilution shown here exceedsthe Avogadro constant so contains no traceof the original herb.
  9. 9. BENEFITS Easy to administer No or minimal side effects as the remedy contains no toxic substance Effective as it triggers natural healing process Cheap compared to conventional medicine
  10. 10. SIDE EFFECTS Minimal to zero side effects This is because homeopathy remedies are ultrahigh-diluted until there is no any active ingredients Some patients may experience ‘healing crisis’ where their condition gets worse before getting better. This is due to the process of toxin removal from body Some remedies may not be sufficiently diluted and contain biologically active ingredients. These ingredients may cause allergies to some patients
  11. 11. TREATMENT SESSION CONSULTATION Patients will be asked about their medical history, diet, lifestyle, physical and emotional state PRESCRIPTION Suitable remedy will be prescribed Every remedy is made to suit the patient’s individual symptoms
  12. 12. SCIENTIFIC PROVECurrently there are no good quality studiesWater memory investigated by French professorJacques Benveniste shows that homeopathically treatedwater has positive effect on living cells compared tountreated waterRandomized controlled trial shows homeopathy is nobetter than PLACEBOHomeopathy can cure acute ear infection in children(International Journal Of Clinical Pharmacology AndTherapeutics)
  13. 13. CRITICISM Merely sympathetic magic Simply water because no molecules present Placebo effect ( A substance containing no medication and prescribed or given to reinforce a patients expectation to get well) Lack of medical evidence Some homeopaths advice the patients to avoid taking antibiotics and vaccine
  14. 14. NEW FINDINGS Efficient in treating depression  Jonathan Davidson, MD, a professor of psychiatry at Duke University, conducted a small study of adults with major depression, social phobia, or panic disorder. He found that 60% of the patients responded favorably to homeopathic treatment.
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