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BPO Consulting Services:
Business Development
Performance Coaching & Analytics
Process Improvement

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BPO Consulting

  1. 1. BPO Consulting Services
  2. 2. How Can We Help? SALES • What? Whom? How? • Deploy a Go-To-Market Strategy Performance Coaching & Analytics • What & How to Measure • Key Drivers of Business • Metrics Training & Analytics Business Process Improvement • Problem Solving Approach • Capability BuildingXServe Consulting www.xserve.in
  3. 3. Developing the SALES Process…. WHAT do we SELL? Call Answering Service, Technical Support, “The Objective is to F&A, Legal Process Outsourcing, Customer develop & deploy Retention, Collections, RPO??? business processes & To WHOM do we SELL? products to identify & Business Verticals (Telecom, Technology, BFSI etc.) engage viable Industries Geographies prospects” HOW do we SELL? Sales Process, Channels, Pricing, Competitive Advantage, Value PropositionXServe Consulting www.xserve.in
  4. 4. Go-To-Market Strategy Create a Service Portfolio for identified business verticals  What are our Aspirations?  What do we have now? Value Proposition, Services  Where are the GAPS?  The Selling Landscape  How do we SELL? Partners, Promotions, Conferences Service & Engagement Model  How do we work with clients? PARTNER & not PROVIDER  How do we stay COMPETITIVE? The SALES Process  Identify Prospects & Develop Contacts  Engage & Educate  Document Business Case & Submit Proposal  Design & Implement Transition PlanXServe Consulting www.xserve.in
  5. 5. Performance Coaching & Analytics Monitoring TREND Understanding & Measuring VARIATION ROOT CAUSE Analysis Key DRIVER AnalysisXServe Consulting www.xserve.in
  6. 6. BPO Metrics Training Measuring & Monitoring Performance…. WHAT? HOW? Key BPO Metrics Relevant Drivers for BPO Business Collection of DATA Metrics Tracking & Monitoring Operational Definitions & MeasurementsXServe Consulting www.xserve.in
  7. 7. Client Reviews Preparation & Presentation Data Analytics & Representation • Trend & Variation Analysis • Outlier Analysis • Controllable & Uncontrollable Causes • Root Cause Analysis Action Plan • Process & Team Level Actionable • Outlier Improvement Plan • Performance Forecast • Early Warning Signals Innovation • Proposals for process changes based on historical data analysis & end-customer behaviour • Additional Service Offerings • Productivity & Quality Improvement Plan • Competitor Analysis & SuggestionsXServe Consulting www.xserve.in
  8. 8. Process Improvement Improvement Projects for Key Business Metrics  Identify pain areas and improvement opportunities  Initiate & mentor improvement projects: Lean & Six Sigma  Ensure successful completion & Deploy control measures with a review mechanism  Hand-over the improved process to the ClientXServe Consulting www.xserve.in
  9. 9. Capability Building Lean & Six Sigma Training Programs Reduction in waste by streamlining a Lean process Lean accelerates Six Sigma. Lean Solving problems & Six Sigma improving processes is faster & more efficient Reduction in defects Six by effectively solving Sigma problems  Trainings for Project Champions, Leaders & Members  Hands-on training for advanced statistical tools & software  Extended support post training for successful completion of high-impact projectsXServe Consulting www.xserve.in
  10. 10. Connect With Us www.xserve.incontact@xserve.in(+91) 981.925.2988