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Ppt wearable computer

wearable computers which provide certain personal gadgets to improve our viewing of seen the whole enterainment world

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Ppt wearable computer

  2. 2.  Introduction to wearable computers Aim of wearable computing History of wearable computers Wearable computing implementation Pros & cons Future of wearable computers Conclusion
  3. 3.  A small portable computer that is designed to beworn on the body during use. In this, wearable computers differ from PDAs(personal digital assistant), which are designed forhand-held use. Wearable computers are usually either integrated intothe users clothing or can be attached to the bodythrough some other means, like a wristband. They may also be integrated into everyday objectsthat are constantly worn on the body, like a wristwatch or a hands-free cell phone.
  4. 4.  Wearable Technology is a portable computerthat is included into the space of a user, thiscan be worn anywhere around the body andcan be hands free use. Particularly it is a device that is always withthe user, the user is able to enter commandsand execute a set of entered commands whilethe user is walking around or doing any otheractivity.
  5. 5.  To develop new interfaces that modify non-computer activities. Without interfering with the user’s everydaytasks. The design of wearable computers is still a topicof research & a variety of user interfaces arebeing proposed.
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  8. 8.  Wearable Computers were first introduced inthe 1500s with the pocket watch. In 1967, Hubert Upton developed atechnology which allowed the person wearingthe glasses to lip read, this was using the LEDdevice. Even in the 1980s and the 1990s wearablecomputers were being created.
  9. 9.  Some wearable computers use “keyers” (keyswitches mounted to a grip, rather than to aboard, as with a keyboard) and trackballs as inputdevice. Many try to use more intangible means of input likegesture, speech recognition or context awareness. The output may be presented throughdisplays, lights, sound or even hapticinterfaces(touch screen). Some mediated reality (ability to modified reality)systems can also be considered wearable computers.
  10. 10. Overall System Block Diagram :WirelessNetworkInput Device Display DeviceVideo CameraLow Power Indicator Power SupplyCom port VGA outFramegrabberNetworkcardParallel port Back planeMain Unit
  11. 11.  speech recognizer keyboard alternative including chording keyboards (few keyskeyboards)and special purpose keyboards mouse alternatives including trackballs, joysticks tab alternatives including buttons, dial eye trackers head trackers pen gesturing bar code reader video capture devices, microphones, GPS locators other exotic devices such as skin sensors
  12. 12. Wireless Finger Ring Wireless Link
  13. 13. Wireless finger Ring>>Wireless Link
  14. 14. head mounted displays (HMDs)flat panels, text to speechtactile outputnon speech auditory outputpaper and olfactory output (scent)
  15. 15. 5 categories of performers: 1) Entertainers 2) Animators 3) Provocateurs 4) Communicators 5) Performance ArtistsExamples: Water turned into fire Simple objects become dangerous Mime(multipurpose internet mail extension) wearing smallwearable computer in pack pack Flat panel display is connected for audience to use
  16. 16.  The advantages of Wearable Computers are:-- Enhanced Communication- Able to use wearable computers to complete daily tasks suchas a computer which tracks the movements and habits of a person.- Flexibility- Freedom- Work from anywhere- ConvenienceThe disadvantages of Wearable Computers:-- Equipment can be heavy, Expensive- Some Wearable Computers can consist of a lot of wiring- Can cause irritation in heat, Side-Effects such as Headaches- Can be used to gain an unfair advantage over others- It may become easier to get data on an individual if the item islost/stolen
  17. 17.  Wearable Computers would dominate in the near future. Years ago you would not have thought that you coulddo somethings that you can do today as computers aregetting smaller and more powerful they can beintegrated into virtually anything. Now you can class your mobile phone as a mobilecomputer as that can be used take photos, surfinternet, and many other things. We believe that all electronic devices will be able tocommunicate with each other. and recognize who youare similar to minority report where eyes are scanned towelcome a person instead of scanning your eyes it willbe scanning any electronic devices that you may becarrying, this would bring in to the picture security .
  18. 18. The use of mobile and wearable computersas actual “tools” on the construction site willenable interaction with smart infrastructuresystems in the future. But to reach this goal,we face some challenges that have to besolved.
  19. 19. ANY QUERIES ????

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wearable computers which provide certain personal gadgets to improve our viewing of seen the whole enterainment world


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