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Franchisee sanskriti objects d'art


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Sanskriti Objects d'art , a Pune, India based comapny engagged in manufacturing and marketing of world renowned ethnic Jewelry, Home Decor, Handicrafts and Corporate gift products. To take this company to next level, we are appointing franchisee in major cities of India and abroad. Interested people please get back to us. For more details, please log on to

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Franchisee sanskriti objects d'art

  1. 1. About Company• The Sanskriti Objects d’art is a mission based organization with socio-economic objectives of promoting Rajasthani arts and crafts at national and International level.• Reviving ancient arts of jewelry making viz. Thewa and Meenakari and make them International jewelry brands.• Our main objective from this venture is to help create market linkages between the artisans and craftspeople of Rajasthan and their global customer- base through our e-commerce portal:• Women entrepreneurs will work as franchisees to promote awesome and mesmerizing product range of Sanskriti Objects d’art across the globe.• Our vision is to make Sanskriti Objects d’art ,one of the most professionally managed, ethical organization in the field of arts and crafts.
  2. 2. Team Sanskriti……..• Nitesh Kataria, Mentor : Nitesh Kataria, 39 is an individual with a passion for entrepreneurship. He is an alumnus of MBM Engineering College, JNVU, Jodhpur ( B.E. ) and IIPS, Devi Ahilya University , Indore (MMS, Marketing ) and has worked in world renowned MNC’s like Eaton Corporation, Gates India and Faster India at various locations in India. His 14 Years rich experience include Channel Partners Development, New Business Development, Sales Strategy, Marketing Communication and Brand Management. In Sanskriti, he is responsible for the franchisee development, Marketing strategy and brand promotion.• Mrs.Pravita Kataria, Operations Head : Pravita Kataria 34 is in business development from MLS University, Udaipur. Sanskriti in true sense is her brain child. She started doing business of Thewa jewelry ( a national award winning art praticed in her home town, Pratapgarh-Raj. ) in 2003 from Delhi and gradually converted it into robust business model by adding new products. In Sanskriti, she is responsible for designing new ethnic jewelry and home décor products.
  3. 3. Team Sanskriti• Manish Kataria, MIS and IT Head : Manish Kataria, 25 is BE ( Electrical ) and MBA (Marketing ) from prestigious Devi Ahilya University, Indore. After a brief stint in HCL Info systems , he took an entrepreneurial route to join Sanskriti. He is responsible for the digital and Internet marketing of Brand Sanskriti. He is also taking care of B to B business model.• Vidushi Kataria, Business Development Manager : Vidushi Kataria 20 is BBA in Finance from Devi Ahilya University, Indore. She is the youngest member of team Sanskriti and handles new business development. She is also responsible for for managing exhibitions and working as a link between franchisee and senior Management of Sanskriti.
  4. 4. Our Products- Thewa Jewelry.. Awe-Inspiring, enthralling ,exotic, awe-some, fascinating,…so much has beenWritten about this magnificent art of jewelry making called Thewa. It is 400 years oldRajasthani art in which jewelry is made by using an intricately worked out sheet of 23 Kgold on multi –colored molten glass.MAJOR MILESTONES : Only one family has been making jewelry of this scintillating art for last 400 years. Members of this family have won national awards from President of India for 7 times . Postal stamp has been released by Govt. Of India in year 2002. Seal of Excellence award given by UNESCO . Price Range : Rs. 3500/-- to Rs.18000/-only
  5. 5. Our Products- Thewa Jewelry..
  6. 6. Our Products- Meenakari Jewelry.. Meenakari jewelry, precious stones are set and then enameled with Silver.Historically speaking, the art was introduced to Rajasthan artisans by Raja Mansingh of Amer. Heinvited Lahore-based skilled artisans to his kingdom, and their intermingling with the localscraftsmen resulted in an amalgam, which came to be known as Meenakari.It is also a team work,where specialization of skill is of paramount importance. The art requires higher skill and its intricacy calls for application oftechnical mindset. In Meenakari, the piece of metal on which the work is to be done, is fixed on alac stick. Designs of flowers, birds, fish, animals etc. are engraved on it. This leads to the creationof walls or grooves, to hold color. Enamel dust, of required color, is then poured into the groovesand each color is fired individually. The heat of the furnace melts the color and the colored liquidgets spread equally into the groove. This process is repeated with each color. Subsequently, each color is individually fired. Colors, which are most heat resistant, areapplied first, as they are re-fired with each additional color. Once the last color has been fired, theobject is cooled and burnished or polished with agate. The depth of the grooves, filled withdifferent colors, determines the play of light. Silver is used for the base of Meenakari. Choice ofcolors, in case of silver, has to be green, yellow or blue, as these are the colors which stick with it. Price Range : Rs. 1500/- to Rs.5000/- only
  7. 7. Our Products- Meenakari Jewelry..
  8. 8. Our Products- Marble Handicrafts.. One of the most ancient forms of art; Marble handicrafts has enthralledcommoners and connoisseurs alike since time immemorial. Marble handicrafts has madeits way into domestic domain of art enthusiasts and modern homemakers as the best wayto eloquent their finesse and taste. Sanskriti presents an array of masterpieces in pure marble. A name to reckonwith, Sanskriti’s legion of masterpieces is hand carved from the finest of marbles withpainstaking attention given to every minute detail. Choose from our exotic range ofmarble handicrafts or order for a customized one matching our taste and imagination. We present an awesome range of marble handicrafts that spell aestheticism andartistry in their finest form. The finesse of craftsmanship makes every creation of ours life-like and tactile. You can choose from a wide array of breathtaking creations of marblehandicrafts, from mystical lamp shades, Mesmerizing marble clocks, enchanting tea-coasters, attractive lanterns to magnificent urns to alluring marble figurines anddecorative wall hangings. Price Range : Rs. 300/- to Rs.5000/- only
  9. 9. Our Products- Marble Handicrafts..
  10. 10. Our Products- Gemstone Handicrafts..A 200 Years old Rajasthani tradition of hand – crafting exquisite painting using a palette ofcrushed semi precious stones like ruby, garnet, amethyst, cornelian, agate, jasper, bluesapphire.Gemstone paintings originated in the colorful state of Rajasthan and is mostly practiced inthe city of Jaipur. The artist first prepares the palette by crushing the desired gemstonesto a fine dust. Then he makes the outline of the painting with water color on the backsideof an acrylic or glass sheet. The powdered stones are then placed with utmost precision toexpress the vivid , beautiful images that dwell in the imagination of the artist. Nomachinery is used, entire process is done by hand. The gemstones used are always natural,hence the paintings never loose their color, luster , and splendor.Price Range : Rs. 60- to Rs.600/- only
  11. 11. Our Products- Gemstone Handicrafts..
  12. 12. Promotional strategy• Mass Mailing• Social Media like Facebook and linkedin• Exhibitions• SMS Marketing• Ad campaign in Print Media
  13. 13. Social impact• Making a social impact by reviving and developing ancient arts of Thewa and Meenakari jewelry .• Creating sustainable business avenues for artisans and craftsperson of Rajasthan.• Appointing women as franchisees, will develop a pool of women entrepreneurs.• Making these art forms available to art connoisseurs across the globe.
  14. 14. Invitation for Franchisee to women entrepreneurs Incepted in year 2003, Sanskriti Objects dart, Pune has made a mark in theIndustry as one of the distinguished manufacturers and suppliers of a wide spectrum ofjewelry and handicrafts that are inspired from the vibrant and colorful culture ofRajasthan. In a short span of time, we have grown considerably as one of the mostcompetitive manufacturers, Suppliers and exporters of wide array of handicraftproducts.The products range includes world renowned and national award winningThewa jewelry, Mesmerizing Meenakari Jewelry, Marvelous decorative items in Marbleand scintillating corporate gifts made of wooden, eco-friendly paper and Gem stones. We Invite women entrepreneurs to join us as franchisee in all major cities ofIndia, USA, UAE, Canada, UK, Thailand, Italy, Indonesia and Australia. Our franchiseebusiness model will not only give ample opportunity to showcase hidden businessacumen of the women but also give them to earn good returns on investment.Interested women, who are passionate about jewelry , home décor, handicrafts, anarray of colors and motifs can apply for the franchisee.
  15. 15. Frequently asked questionsQ.1 What is the Franchisee joining fee?Ans. : Franchisee will have to give a one time fees of Rs. 25,000/-.Q.2 What is the minimum investment required for initial stock?Ans. Franchisee will have to keep an initial stock of Rs.100000/- .Q.3 What is the minimum area required to start business?Ans. A minimum of 200 sqft of area will be required to start franchisee.Q.4 Can I operate my franchisee from residence?Ans. Yes, one can operate from the residence also.Q.5 What is the expected percentage return on investment?Ans. A return of 25-30% can be expected on the capital invested.Q.6 What will be the sales target for First year ?Ans. First year target for franchisee will be Rs. 600,000. However target will varyfrom city to city.
  16. 16. Frequently asked questionsQ.7 What marketing assistance will be provided to franchisee?Ans. We will providing below mentioned marketing assistance for the franchisee: Product CD’s ,Catalogues, Posters and leaflets E- mail Marketing Website Promotion Joint Exhibition Advertisement in mass media on cost-sharing basisQ.8 Is any Sales/ Marketing training provided to Franchisee?Ans. We provide sales /Marketing and Product training to franchisee .Q.9 Is any field assistance provided to Franchisee?Ans : We do provide field assistance to franchisee.Q.10 Do you have standard Franchisee agreement ?Ans. : We have standard franchisee agreement .
  17. 17. Frequently asked questionsQ. 11 How long is the franchisee term for?Ans. : Franchisee term is for one year, and will be renewed after the successful completion of one year.Q.12 Is knowledge of computer essential to run the franchisee?Ans : Basic knowledge of Computer and Internet will be essential to run the franchisee.Q.13 How can I apply for your franchisee?Ans.: You can fill up the form by clicking the below mentioned link: GdGUkhNUHc6MAQ.14 What will the revenue for the franchisees?Ans: Franchisee will be given a flat discount of 25% on the MRP and also an additional sales commission of 5% on achievement of the target.
  18. 18. Ad Campaigns…
  19. 19. Sanskriti in Media
  20. 20. Contact us:Sanskriti Objects d’artC-18, Shri Swami Samarth Nagar,Laxminagar. Link Road,Chinchwad, Pune.411033Contact No. : 020-27508034Mobile No. :09822912811E-mail Id : info@sanskriitiexports.comWebsite :