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Tech Secrets For Non-Technical People


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Does tech scare you? It shouldn't. Non-tech founders can improve their businesses by understanding the real processes that lie behind the finished product.

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Tech Secrets For Non-Technical People

  1. 1. Tech Secrets for Non-Technical People Does tech scare you? It shouldn t. Non-tech ‘ounders can “mprove the“r bus“nesses by understand“n’ the real processes that l“e beh“nd the ‘“n“shed product. Techies are specialists Many non-techn“cal people assume a techn“cal person “s a Jacks-o‘-all-trades, but that's not true. Techn“cal people are spec“al“sts. Experts “n the“r cra‘t. They need to work “n a team alon’s“de other spec“al“sts to cover all the areas o‘ development when des“’n“n’ a new product. Being a non-techie isn’t a problem I‘ you are a non-techn“cal person bu“ld“n’ a tech company, “t can ‘eel an uph“ll stru’’le. But there are tech teams out there that can help. By us“n’ tech experts l“ke Ind“ez to recru“t a team o‘ spec“al“sts, you can ‘“nd the r“’ht people to bu“ld the tech products you need. Tech isn’t scary We hear about technolo’y tak“n’ people s ”obs, robots runn“n’ the world, AI be“n’ used ‘or automat“c weapons and other potent“ally harm‘ul ventures. The truth “s all compan“es need technolo’y to make the“r company more e‘‘“c“ent. Source: https://www.“nd“ez.“o/blo’s/tech-secrets-‘or-non-tech-people There’s a bit of trial and error However br“ll“ant the tech team and the des“’n concept, some pro”ects m“’ht always requ“re some tr“al and error. Somet“mes you need to ‘“nd out what doesn t work “n order to d“scover what does. These learn“n’ exper“ences can o‘ten lead to someth“n’ truly “nnovat“ve d“scover“es. Techies are constantly learning Some non-techn“cal people th“nk once a techn“cal person learns the“r sk“lls, they last ‘orever. Not so. The world o‘ technolo’y moves so ‘ast. I‘ tech“es don t keep add“n’ to the“r sk“ll-set, they ll ’et le‘t beh“nd. Th“s “s why techn“cal people are constantly learn“n’ and “mprov“n’. Tech skills aren’t enough Tech alone “sn t enou’h to bu“ld a ’reat product. Stron’ pro”ect mana’ement sk“lls are also needed to d“rect and balance every aspect o‘ the development process. It all comes back to bu“ld“n’ a team o‘ “nd“v“dual experts each w“th the“r own areas o‘ expert“se, all work“n’ towards the same end ’oal. It's not a ‘a“th “n technolo’y. It's ‘a“th “n people. - Steve Jobs Need help getting your project off the ground? Join 100+ successful founders who launched their tech product with!