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Indiez pitch deck v2


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Pitch Deck of

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Indiez pitch deck v2

  1. 1. Indiez
 The future of work Seed Round Pitch
  2. 2. Opportunity
 1. Difficult to hire & manage quality talent
 2. IT shops hire cheap talent & provide cheap quality
 3. Specialized agencies are very expensive Problem #1 Non-tech businesses 
 are struggling with quality
 custom software development
  3. 3. Opportunity
 Problem #1 Non-tech businesses 
 are struggling with quality
 custom software development 1. Difficult to hire & manage quality talent
 2. IT shops hire cheap talent & provide cheap quality
 3. Specialized agencies are very expensive Problem #2 Good software professionals
 are struggling with broken
 freelance ecosystem 1. Small cheap projects due to lack of trust
 2. Sales, payment
 & project management hassles
 3. Solitary experience
  4. 4. Solution
 Core Tech: AI engine to deliver quality software at scale Businesses who
 need quality custom software ... Platform to build & get quality custom software,
 with guaranteed fulfilment. Top software professionals 
 who want to freelance data from tools intelligence using AI
  5. 5. • Business communicates requirements • Chats with experienced Project Manager • Gets quick quote (using 1000+ modules library)
  6. 6. Easy Management
 For Freelancers: • Team formation • Milestone management • Results tracking • Performance tracking 
 For Clients: • Results Tracking • Payments • Support
  7. 7. Data products using data from existing tools, which are integrated with our platform, and easily setup at the start of a project ...
  8. 8. Business Model Client signs contract with Indiez Inc Advance milestone payment collection
 Avg. project size: USD 20k
 Target account size: 100k - 10mn / yr Payment disbursed at end of milestone
 Current margin: 20-30%, Target: 30-40% Bonus & Guarantee Period components
 for risk management
  9. 9. Pre-Product, 0$ Marketing
 Traction (1 Yr) Revenue 0 40 80 120 160 Q2 16 Q3 16 Q4 16 Q1 17 CommunityMembers 0 75 150 225 300 Q2 16 Q3 16 Q4 16 Q1 17 • 250 Indiez from 30 countries • Avg. payout: USD 1500 per mo. • 85% qualified Indiez engaged • Average rating: 9.2/10 • 80 projects from 10 countries • Monthly rev.: USD 50,000 • 15 recurring accounts • Average rating: 9/10
  10. 10. Massive Opportunity $200 bn 33% CAGR $1 bn Global Custom 
 Software Outsourcing Fastest growing enterprise IT spend Upwork (Elance + oDesk) GMV
  11. 11. Indiez is the next gen Elance for enterprises with recurring business, higher billings and no leakage. 
 This model will work. - Beerud Sheth (Advisor)
 Co-founder & CEO, Gupshup
 Co-founder, Elance
  12. 12. The Math behind the Magic IT Services Cos. Indiez 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Developer Gross Margin Overheads AI & tools for management => Low overheads
 => Better payouts
 => Better developers Cheap Developer Indiez Developer 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Better developers
 => Smarter and faster
 => Better performance
 => More projects Unit economics - $/hr Project Speed
  13. 13. Freelance
 Marketplace Premium
 Dev Shops ExpensiveCheap Great Quality Poor Quality Boutique
 Agency Cheap
 Dev Shops Gigster,
 Toptal Indiez IBM, TCS,
 Infosys Indiez
  14. 14. Ishan Shrivastava
 #CEO #Sales Nitesh Agrawal #Director #Product Amrose Birani
 #CTO Archit Kejriwal
 #Fulfilment #Community • 6 yrs Bay Area experience • AMEX, Snaplogic, Tribal Tech • ML, DevOps, Full Stack • IIT Bombay CS, JEE AIR 3 • Led • Early stage Ola, • Setup Data Science @ Housing • IIT Bombay • Processes & Operations champ • Setup BizOps @ Housing • UpGrad, Housing, ITC • IIT Bombay • New Products & HR @ Housing • Setup category teams @ Housing • Built machines @ P&G • IIT Bombay, Gen Sec. Confidential #UX Design #Consultant • Led IxD @ Evernote • Google • NID
  15. 15. Capital Requirement: USD 500k
 60% Product, 30% Sales, 10% Brand
 1 Yr Targets:
 - USD 500k revenue/mo.
 - 100 recurring accounts
 - Average rating: 9.5/10
 - 500 community members
 - 100 full time Indiez
 - Average payout: USD 3000/mo. Solid founding team
 Proof of model
 Community traction
 Enterprise traction
 Recurring accounts
 Platform product
 US/EU Enterprise traction
 Community stickiness
 Solid early employees
 Future of Work brand Next Milestone
  16. 16. Q. Competition? A. None in India; Global competitor - Gigster- super expensive for average experience Q. What's wrong with Elance/Upwork? A. Pure marketplace; No experience control; Vicious cycle of poor talent and cheap projects
 Q. How do you guarantee delivery? A. Our product monitors project health and assigns issues to trusted community members Q. What about cost? A. We are significantly (>100%) more affordable than any traditional alternatives FAQs Q. Why now?
 A. Global rise of freelancing & co-working spaces, tools with open APIs, advances in AI
 Q. How will you grow?
 A. Affiliate partner network; Enterprise sales team; Content marketing and SEO
 Q. Moat? A. Enterprise accounts lock-in; 
 Data network effects; Brand leadership
 Q. What are you raising for?
 To accelerate product development and sales- removing the next layer of risk
  17. 17. Top quality. Affordable. Fully Managed. Guaranteed. "This is what I was waiting for m/ Now, I can quit my job and move to Indonesia to work by the beach side" -VP, bn$ startup "Been doing Indiez full time for a few months now, so there is self-motivation to have Indiez successful :)" - codeizpoetry “Thanks for bringing in so much innovation into our product. Why didn’t we find you earlier :)” - Domino's Dig. Mktg. Head “I enjoy the daily interactions with Indiez.Thanks to them, I don’t
 have to hire expensive Swedish devs.” - Stockholm startup CEO Good work. Good money. Free lifestyle. Global community.
  18. 18. Would you like to join our journey to the future of work?
 Contact Us: Ishan Shrivastava
 +91 8427601863
 Nitesh Agrawal
 +91 9958429222