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How to do_directory_submission


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How to do directory submission ??

In this we add step by step all the step which will help you to do directory submission.

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How to do_directory_submission

  1. 1. ON TARGET eSparkInfo Solution How to do Directory Submission ?
  2. 2. ON TARGET
  3. 3. ON TARGET What is Web Directory? A web directory in terms of Internet web directories which are define by different categories. Web Directories are not search engine but it’s a website which is operated by human not spider. Directories like Dmoz 1
  4. 4. ON TARGET Information Gathering Requirement Information:  Email Address: eMail address Which is preferable for your submission is required. Your email address should be like  Website URLs: How to promote your Website URLs is most important but before that how you are approaching your url in Google that should check & then promote it.  Title: How your Title Should be. Every directory is approaching different strategy for the approval of directory submission. Your title should be unique while submitting because of duplication of title in directory. 2
  5. 5. ON TARGET Information Gathering  Description: Mostly sites accept 250 correctors for directory Descriptions. Your description should be descriptive not use of only keywords. You can’t use maximum keywords in descriptions.  Keywords: Add Keywords related to your site which is also very important act.  Owner Name: Generally submitter is not attending or providing proper information in directory submission so provide all information. Give owners name in directory submission. 3
  6. 6. ON TARGET Maintain Data while submitting Directory Marinating data which is done by SEO is most important thing for cross checks how much your work is useful to your website. Make excel sheet friendly for data. Create Proper Excel Sheet in Proper Manner means which any body can read & understand by not saying anything. 4
  7. 7. ON TARGET Maintain Data while submitting Directory Requirement for Excel. How to create effective excel sheet for maintaining data which will helpful to track your work. Website URLs Google Page Rank Category URLs Email Address Username (if it is use) Status (Submitted) Date (Most Important) 5
  8. 8. ON TARGET How Many types of Directory? There are three types of Directories where you can submit your directory. Free Directory Submission: Without any cost you can submit your directory in directory site. It will take longer time compare to Reciprocal Directory & Paid Directory. Reciprocal Directory: Reciprocal Directory is link sharing between tow websites. Paid Directory List: Paid Directory is been provided by directory owner with the specific place where your web site will appear on top of proper category page. At the end, you can select any kind of directory types which will get benefit to your website. There are not much different between Free, Reciprocal or Paid but will get time to approval. 6
  9. 9. ON TARGET How to do Directory Submission? This is really very much important thing while submitting website in directory. Select Directory Website List (Don’t select less than 0 page rank Directory.) Check out SEO Friendly Directory Site List How to do effective Directory Submission? Select Appropriate Category Title is important while submitting. Website URL (Home Page) How to write Description Description should be descriptive & meaningful. You can use your targeted keywords in description but not too much. How much Keywords should be? (8 to 10 Keywords) Mail: As above you mail is most important will helpful for your approch. eg. Last but not the least conform email address after submission. 7
  10. 10. ON TARGET lTrack Your Data: Real Submission Process: First of all select proper directories which will give you proper back links to your website. Proper directories means seo friendly & more than 0 Google Page Rank. After that you need to search & find out proper category for submission. Try to get proper category like: You should submit your website in proper category to get maximum approval. Most important but not the list conformation of you directory is most required. 8
  11. 11. ON TARGET lTrack Your Data: Track Your Data: Track your data so you will come to know that how much directory is been approved after submission. (with the help of Excel Sheet). 9
  12. 12. ON TARGET eSparkInfo Solution Company Address: B/707, Fairdeal House, Nr. Swastic Cross Road, Navarangpura – 390008 Ahmedabad, Gujarat India. Contact No : +91 8000724458, +91 9537634727 Website URL: Email Id : Skype : eSparkInfo 16
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