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Estherville sites


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Estherville sites

  1. 1. The sites of Estherville, IA<br /> Tessa Bernholtz<br />
  2. 2. River/Swinging Bridge<br />Positive View 1<br />Pretty<br />Fun<br />Calm<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Des Moines River</li></li></ul><li>College<br />Positive View 2<br />Educational<br />Large<br />Convenient <br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Iowa Lakes Community College
  3. 3. Softball Field
  4. 4. Many campuses </li></li></ul><li>Regional Wellness Center<br />Positive View 3<br />Convenient<br />Friendly<br />Big<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Swimming Pool
  5. 5. Water Park
  6. 6. Track
  7. 7. Classes Available </li></li></ul><li>Library Square<br />Positive View 4<br />Pretty<br />Well-Decorated<br />Studious <br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Center of many town events</li></li></ul><li>Fort Defiance<br />Positive View 5<br />Pretty<br />Clean<br />Fun<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>191 acres of rugged woodlands</li></li></ul><li>ELC Middle School<br />Positive View 6<br />New! <br />Pretty<br />Advanced<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>ELCMS
  8. 8. Air-Conditioned</li></li></ul><li>River tennis courts<br />Need Improvement View 1<br />Cracked<br />Old<br />Destroyed<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Close to river so floods ruined foundation
  9. 9. Hard to play tennis</li></li></ul><li>Abandoned building<br />Need Improvement View 2<br />Ugly<br />Unsupported<br />Alone<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Makes Estherville seem crappy
  10. 10. Money issues</li></li></ul><li>Abandoned lots<br />Need Improvement View 3<br />Ugly<br />Unsupported<br />Alone<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Makes Estherville seem crappy
  11. 11. Money issues</li></li></ul><li>Stop lights<br />Need Improvement View 4<br />Inconvenient <br />Numerous<br />Tedious<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Small town, no need for all of them</li></li></ul><li>Road conditions <br />Need Improvement View 5<br />Cracked<br />Bumpy<br />Old<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Highway 9 under construction</li></li></ul><li>Cleanliness<br />Need Improvement View 6<br />Dirty Areas<br />Litter<br />Weedy Areas<br />Explanation:<br /><ul><li>Makes Estherville seem crappy</li>