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Seo strategy


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I also like to look at the age of the extension and the number of installs. An extension developed by an established author that has numerous installs is much more trustworthy than one that has 100 installs and has been released by a first-time developer.

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Seo strategy

  1. 1. Keyword: This is a word people will type in Google, Yahoo! or other search engine to look for products or services. It’s most most important more devlope our business. Back Link: Back link is incoming and outgoing link in Web-Site or web page. 1.Do follow: When you create back link & direct go to webpage it’s called Do follow. SEO Keyword Research Creating Backlink Social Bookmarking Directory Submission Forum Posting Advertising & Review Blogging Support Video Tutorial & Sharing Article Posting Press Releases
  2. 2. 2.No follow: When you create back link but not to go your webpage it’s called No follow. At first you remember the necessity of do follow & no follow link. It’s need to good combination like do follow 80% & no follow 20%. Do follow link more than valuable no follow link. All search engine calculated do follow link. So we need to focus on do follow link. How to create back link: At first you need to know what is anchor text? Anchor text: When we create any do follow or no follow link use name option it is anchor text. It’s very important to use our keyword as an anchor text. But sometime high page rank not accept keyword, there you used your name or you should try your name // keyword. When you comment any post must be get an idea about this post then comment this post & your comment content must 2-3 line otherwise it’s spam. Tips for comment  Large your comment.  Try to relevant your comment about post.  Get idea about this post.  Before you post try to read old comment.  Follow spam rules. Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is normally we told that add you link in social media. For example: reddit, tumblr, facebook, printerest, linkdin etc. So we should create social media account & add page url. Share our activities in social media. Directory submission: A submission of a Web Site, its address & description to a directory that allows submission by the site owner. Its like social bookmarking.
  3. 3. Blogging support: Create blog for Web support and post their about our business. Advertising & Review: Share your post in social media. Forum posting: Continue registered forum list and share about our company activities or discuss there. Must be add url in forum profile. Video tutorial & sharing: Make video tutorial about our job & post this video sharing site like vemo, youtube, Dailymotion etc. It is very important to rank our position. When share this video tagline used very valuable keyword. Article posting: Write about our job & what we do depend on some keyword added title. Post this article on rank high article directory. Must be remind it when you write article don’t tell only our job, try to say something different and indirectly means to our work. Press Releases: A press releases is announcement to development our company. Normally we say it is a news media. Remember one thing it’s not article it’s about some news. Write about our celebration it’s press releases. To get high rank quickly follow high rank Web-Site, their activities and must be avoid pollution. Do not copy paste anything try to write innovative new things. Anup Roy SEO Experts