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Respirotory notes


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Respirotory notes

  1. 1. Name:_______________________ Date ________ Living Environment Rabbi Goldberg The Respiratory System: the exchange of gases I. Passageways and Lungs A. respiratory system consists of - a _____________________ - a system _____________________________ B. Breathing is ____________________________________________________ II. The path air takes A. air enters ______________________________________________________ a. The nasal cavity is exposed to the air through the ________________ i. It is lined with __________________________ 1. this helps ____________,_____________, _________________ the air B. It passes through the ___________________________________________ a. This is where the Digestive system and the respiratory systems meet. i. It is the job of the ______________- to _____________________________________________ _ b. It then goes into the _________________________ i. The trachea is the ______________________________ c. The trachea forks to form ________________________________ d. Each bronchus branches ___________________________ e. The bronchioles end in clusters _______________________________
  2. 2. III.Alveoli: The place of gas exchange A. Alveoli :___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ B. surrounded by _______________________________________. a. External respiration___________________________________ b. Cellular respiration: ___________________________________ IV.Blood transport of gases A. oxygen diffuses into the _________________________________________ B. it is pumped _____________________________________ a. , where it is used for ______________________________________ C. carbon dioxide (a waste product) diffuses ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ _____________ D. During exhalation, this ___________________________________________
  3. 3. V. Breathing ventilates the lungs A. The action of your ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ___________________ B. Breathing is the alternation ________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ VII. Control of Respiration A. Breathing is usually an _____________________________________ a. Involuntary means ________________________________. B. partially controlled by an internal feedback mechanism that involves ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ______________ C. medulla oblongata ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ _____________ a. Nerve signals cause these muscles to contract, and you inhale. VIII. Cleaning dirty air A. To prevent foreign material from reaching ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________ a. The cilia constantly ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ ________________________