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27.7.2013 Online Gathering of Organizers, Teachers and Researchers.

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  • Welcome to the matching & coaching session of the conference. This session is about building new relationships, it’s about networking inside our Leading change network. And its about the value of peer coaching.Something we as humans are naturally good at!!
  • During this session, I will be explaining briefly why we are doing it and how the process will go about, then each one of you will be invited to a breakout room with your partner to have your first 1:1 for about 16 minutes. The purpose of this one on one is to learn each others stories, explore each others interests, and see if you might find ways you could support one another in your work, even if its only by asking each other good questions, which is what good coaches do This first 1:1 is for you to explore each other and decide how you want to take this forward. This could become an important coaching relation for you through your work.
  • The matching was done based on applications filled in registration. Taking into consideration the common interests as well as diversity. I have 197 people registered for the conference from …63 countries
  • One of the things you can do in a relationship building is coaching, which is asking really good questions. So we thought of sharing with you some really good questions to start your conversation of building this relationship with.
  • A good relation is based on values platform. That’s why it’s essential for us to know each other stories. Start your conversation with sharing your stories and then exploring each others main challenge and how you see support for each other going forward. Make sure that you switch roles in exploring so that the 18 minutes finish while you both have know each other. You will get a notification in your break out room once 9 minutes are over so that you switch roles. WRITE THE QUESTIONS DOWN BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE ROOM
  • LCN2013 Global Gathering - Plenary Slides

    1. 1. #LCN2013 Welcome 2013 Global Gathering
    2. 2. #LCN2013 Introductions
    3. 3. #LCN2013 Leadership Team Nisreen Haj Ahmad Dan Grandone Predrag Stojicic Hope Wood Nizar Farsakh Nikola Ilic Gerta Dhamo Rawan Zeine Maja Honda Mais Irqsusi
    4. 4. #LCN2013 Our Goals
    5. 5. #LCN2013 Global Gathering 1) Welcome new participants to our community 2) Launch 5 new collaborative learning opportunities 3) Build relationships among organizers, educators, and researchers across the globe 4) Create opportunity for learning in small groups on variety of campaigns and organizing topics 5) Celebrate our learning, accomplishments, and challenges - invite participation in the Leading Change Network
    6. 6. #LCN2013 Review of Agenda
    7. 7. #LCN2013 Global Gathering Agenda 9:00 – 9:15 AM Welcome, Introductions & Review Agenda 9:15 – 9:30 AM Why We Are Here? 9:30 – 10:05 AM Relationship Building 10:05 – 10:45 AM Introducing the Network Projects 10:45 – 11:00 AM Break 11:00 – 12:05 PM Learning Rooms 12:05 – 12:20 PM Review Calendar & Call to Action – Sign Up 12:20 – 12:30 PM Evaluation & Celebration
    8. 8. #LCN2013 Technology & Support
    9. 9. #LCN2013 • Participate actively in chat and video in main room • Participate actively on audio and chat in breakout rooms (be sure to hit “unmute” when you enter) • If tech support needed, stay calm and type your issue/question in chat box with @tech • If content question, type in chat box with @[TITLE of section] – e.g. @networkprojects • Use chat “all” only for content related discussion. • Chat to people directly for all else. • Have fun!
    10. 10. #LCN2013 Emoticons Raise your hand Change between list view and thumbnail view Reply “Yes” or “No” Webex Panel
    11. 11. #LCN2013 To turn you microphone on and off To turn you video on and off Webex Panel
    12. 12. #LCN2013 Webex Panel Chat Select Chat Receiver(s)
    13. 13. #LCN2013 WEBEX TECH TIPS • If sound is not good, turn off your video. • If you can’t hear, go to Audio menu: – Audio conference option & join by computer – Speaker/Mic test option • We are recording! Remember when your video is on. • IF YOU NEED TECH SUPPORT, what do you do???
    14. 14. #LCN2013 WEBEX TECH TIPS IF YOU NEED TECH SUPPORT, what do you do???
    15. 15. #LCN2013 Why Are We Here?
    16. 16. #LCN2013
    17. 17. #LCN2013
    18. 18. #LCN2013 New Organizing Institute
    19. 19. #LCN2013 Arab World
    20. 20. #LCN2013 Campaigns for Health
    21. 21. #LCN2013 Teaching CO at Universities
    22. 22. #LCN2013 Global Learning
    23. 23. #LCN2013 Serbia on the Move
    24. 24. #LCN2013 Beijing
    25. 25. #LCN2013 Why the Leading Change Network?
    26. 26. #LCN2013 Developing Leadership Creating Capacity
    27. 27. #LCN2013 Organizing Globally Организовање заједница 地域力形成 Organización de la comunidad
    28. 28. #LCN2013
    29. 29. #LCN2013 Learning Conference 2012
    30. 30. #LCN2013 LCN Leadership Team
    31. 31. #LCN2013
    32. 32. #LCN2013 Network Membership 2012
    33. 33. #LCN2013 Global Gathering 2013
    35. 35. #LCN2013 JOIN US!
    36. 36. #LCN2013 Relationship Building
    37. 37. #LCN2013 What’s the Plan? • Participants pair up • The first 1:1 to meeting will happen between you right here through the conference- Break Out rooms. • This could be the beginning of a long term – 1 year relationship.
    38. 38. #LCN2013 How was the matching done? Diversity Interests
    39. 39. #LCN2013 Why we are doing this? Relationship Building, is an essential organizing practice. Impact is greater with individuals connecting & supporting each others work in various ways of sharing learning. For a network to really function individuals need to get to know each other, explore & exchange interests & resources. Coaching as an essential component of campaigns support and individuals growth.
    40. 40. #LCN2013
    41. 41. #LCN2013 Coaching = Asking Great Questions
    42. 42. #LCN2013 Explore in Pairs • What’s your story? Why did you get involved in organizing? • What is an organizing challenge you are struggling with? • Can you imagine ways you might continue to be of support to one another in your work? 9 minutes for each one of you to explore the other! Switch after 9 minutes 
    43. 43. #LCN2013 Tech Norms - Breakout Rooms • Participate actively on audio and chat. • To share on audio, click the virtual hand raise button. • To unmute, click your name first, then the “unmute” button. • Use the emoticons and check/x to participate as well. • If tech support needed, stay calm and type in issue @tech in the chat.
    44. 44. #LCN2013 Emoticons How we will interact? Raise your hand to share on audio Reply “Yes” or “No” Breakout Rooms Chat Select Chat Receiver(s)
    45. 45. #LCN2013 Talking in Breakout Rooms 1. CLICK ON YOUR NAME 2. CLICK MUTE (or UNMUTE) MUTE BUTTON IS DIFFERENT!
    46. 46. #LCN2013 • Manage your time (9 min each). • WE will end the breakout session, so DO NOT END or LEAVE SESSION yourself. • If your computer crashes, keep calm and LOG BACK IN. • If your partner doesn’t show up or you can’t work the audio, click the “HELP” button and we will send a Tech Support person in as soon as possible. • PRESENTER – Accept the ask to begin the breakout.
    47. 47. #LCN2013 Enjoy asking all the good questions 
    48. 48. #LCN2013 Network Projects
    49. 49. #LCN2013 ORGANIZING 2.0 Uyen Doan
    50. 50. #LCN2013 Who are we? Leadership Team Uyen Doan Dan Grandone Melanie Vant Jake Waxman Nisreen Haj Ahmad Art Reyes Nizar Farsakh Marshall Ganz
    51. 51. #LCN2013 What do we Do? Goal: to develop advanced set of curriculum & other tools that will help Leading Change members address key challenges they face in their organizing campaigns. We will do this by: • Bringing together advanced organizers • Identifying critical organizing challenges & explore ways to address them • Forming Working Groups to create & pilot curriculum
    52. 52. #LCN2013 What’s the Timeline? TODAY: Identify & recruit members Aug.: First Org 2.0 meeting; form Working Groups Sept.: Working Groups meet Oct.: Create first draft of curricula Nov.: Curricula are piloted & evaluated Dec.: Finalize curricula & share with LCN
    53. 53. #LCN2013 How to get involved! • Join us in the breakout room to learn more. • Come to our first virtual meeting on August 27 from 7:30-9pm EST. • Email to commit, or to ask questions.
    54. 54. #LCN2013 Research Initiative Elizabeth McKenna
    55. 55. #LCN2013 Why am I here? For more information join our breakout session or contact Liz McKenna: Choice #1: LEARN TO ORGANIZE Choice #2: BE IN THE FIELD Commitment: DO CRITICAL RESEARCH (THAT MATTERS) NOW US SELF
    56. 56. #LCN2013 What is our purpose? RESEARCHERS PRACTITIONERS LCRN For more information join our breakout session or contact Liz McKenna:
    57. 57. #LCN2013 What will we do? Transactional Critical Structure-centric Actor-centric Atomized Shared Theoretical Transformational Move from research that is... …to research that is: For more information join our breakout session or contact Liz McKenna:
    58. 58. #LCN2013 Join the LCRN! 1. Participate in our breakout session. 2. Send us a synopsis, data, or findings from an organizing research project that had practical implications: 3. Take on a regional leadership role. Contact Liz: (
    59. 59. #LCN2013 Network Resource Center Nikola Illic
    60. 60. #LCN2013 NETWORK RESOURCE CENTER • Team Our purpose is to promote the using and sharing of organizing knowledge by identifying, collecting, organizing materials and making them available online to individuals and institutions involved in Leading Change to help them achieve their purposes. Shared purpose Commitment Register on Network Resource Center & Upload Natalie Predrag Goran Nikola Ashraf
    61. 61. #LCN2013 Teaching Initiative Meredith Mira
    62. 62. #LCN2013 Teachers Leading Change! Mary Hannah Henderson, Matt Lewis, Celina Barrios-Milner, Meredith Mira, Tiffany Steinwert, Hope Wood
    63. 63. #LCN2013 Our First Ask: Sign up for a 1:1 by filling out some background information and uploading your course syllabus or workshop guide via this link:
    64. 64. #LCN2013 Global Learning Circle Rawan Zeine
    65. 65. #LCN2013 What is the GLC? • We are building a community of organizers and civic activists from various countries, fields and experiences to dive deep in four key concepts on community organizing and learning from one another’s perspectives, experiences and understanding of the framework. • We will do this by holding 7 Global Learning Circles (online/on- ground) that will meet once a month to build a learning community based on relationships, discussed key readings, shared learnt experience and understanding of the topic for the duration of 4 months. • We would like to invite you to join one of our circles!
    66. 66. #LCN2013 How will it work? • Stable and bound circles that meet once a month for 4 months • All the circles will discuss: Leadership, Public Narrative, Strategy, Structure • Build relationships and discuss readings/learning/perspectives
    67. 67. #LCN2013 Jake Waxman CA, USA Online Circle Jesse Wilderman South Africa Online Circle Ashraf Hamza - Syria/Jordan On-ground Circle Heather Box NY, USA Online Circle Rawan Zeine Jordan Team Coordinator Ana Babovic Serbia Online Circle Dan Grandone WI, USA Online Circle GLC TEAM! Stephanie Aines MA, USA On-ground Circle
    68. 68. #LCN2013 Why GLC? • Meet other organizers whether in our neighborhoods or around the world • Keep people we trained engaged • Maintain learning part of our organizing experience • Get a global perspective and understanding • Learn from each other’s experiences
    69. 69. #LCN2013 Join! • Welcoming – people of all backgrounds, experiences • Email Rawan Zeine at by August 5th. • See you all in the breakout!
    70. 70. #LCN2013 Want to join? • Welcoming – people of all backgrounds, experiences • Email me Rawan Zeine at by August 31st • See you in the breakout room!
    71. 71. #LCN2013 BREAKOUT ROOMS • Organizing 2.0 - • Research Initiative - • Network Resource Center – • Teaching Initiative - • Global Learning Circle –
    72. 72. #LCN2013 Break
    73. 73. #LCN2013 Learning Rooms
    74. 74. #LCN2013 Learning Together Objective: Realize our own resources. Draw on our knowledge, skills and experience. Rooms are: Discussion spaces with preparation and facilitation. Not a classroom with teacher sharing wisdom. Ongoing: Learning rooms start today. New learning opportunities & spaces will continue till end of 2013. Focus: Case study. Sector specific. Organizing Skills. Research.
    75. 75. #LCN2013 Thank You From Clientele to Constituents: How Can Organizing Reverse the Dependency Cycle? Natalie Finstad *Director, Tatua Kenya Organizing in Health with Pedja Stojicic * Lead Organizer, Serbia on the Move Online Practices: Beyond Mobilizing to Organizing & Building Leadership with Amy Faulring & Tessa Simonds *NOI & MoveOn “Power With” Campaigns: Changing Behavior with Samar Dudin *Lead Organizer, Ruwwad Jordan Campaign Values and Culture: Mindful Choices with Mais Irqsusi * Co Director, Public Narrative II: Domination, Loss, Difference and Change With Marshall Ganz Professor, Harvard Kennedy School
    76. 76. #LCN2013 • Time to start! You will automatically find yourself in the learning. Host will start with a short presentation & open for discussion. Just remember to un-mute yourself to be heard Participate actively – raise your hand & share in chat box ENJOY
    77. 77. #LCN2013 Calendar & Action
    78. 78. #LCN2013
    79. 79. #LCN2013
    80. 80. #LCN2013
    81. 81. #LCN2013 Call to Action! Which Leading Change projects would you like to sign up for through the end of 2013? *Note: You can choose more than 1 A = Global Learning Circle B = Teaching Initiative C = Organizing 2.0 D = Research Initiative E = Resource Center F = Write Blog Post G = Attend Learning Webinar
    82. 82. #LCN2013 Evaluation
    83. 83. #LCN2013 Key Learning -What are you taking away? Pluses and Deltas -What helped you learn today? -What ideas do you have for improving our next online learning event?
    84. 84. #LCN2013 Celebration