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Pizza express

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Pizza express

  1. 1. Carina Watkins, Cristian Mihalache Neville Tata & Nishil Shah
  2. 2. Restaurant chain that serves Italian food- Discover information about new product- Enhance productivity- Find customers and workers opinions- Use two WEB 2.0 Tools
  3. 3. - Include the roles and features of the WEB 2.0 tools in a real business world problem- Explain the implementation of the tools- Analyze the information and Knowledge components of the Intelligent Exploiter
  4. 4. 1. Slideshare – Is a tool that can be used to share presentations and documents online with peers – like a Cloud service2. Qualtrics – is a tool that helps a business collect information from questionnaires
  5. 5.  Software for online data collection and analysis User-friendly software and easy to use. Various types of media can be added to the questionnaire Results of the questionnaire presented in a simple and concise manner which is easy to decipher Large questionnaire bank which can help in making a questionnaire
  6. 6.  Cloud service to store presentations and documents Has various purposes apart from presentations e.g. advertising and education Easy to use and a user-friendly website The PRO version which needs to be paid for has many more features compared to the free version Some great features of SlideShare are – Analytics, Leads, Meetings and Private Sharing
  7. 7. Information & Knowledge: Speed up the creation of new knowledge to both individuals and communities Accelerate the sharing of knowledge within and across communities
  8. 8.  Enhance the customer feedback method Collect information for innovation purposes Organize and share the data collected in a sophisticated manner Develop the internal structure of the business by studying employees
  9. 9.  Use as a marketing tool to advertise new dishes Private mode - Tool to train employees Educate customers of the products served to build confidence For management to share data from Qualtrics results
  10. 10.  Use both tools simultaneously to achieve intelligent exploiter tasks Both tools have the option of being free of charge, thus lowering costs for the business Can integrate these with current tools in use like Facebook and Twitter by using these as a means of sharing the Qualtrics and SlideShare links