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A.J.Raos Short Verse


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Published in: Education, Technology
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A.J.Raos Short Verse

  1. 1. As the night deepens Clusters of fireflies rise from The depths of the earth.
  2. 2. The one-legged crow Proclaimed pilgrim arrivals In the temple town.
  3. 3. Women danced dimsa Men drank cups of wine all night Drums beat in frenzy.
  4. 4. They all went beyond The mountains never to return We see them in dreams.
  5. 5. A boy walked away From the orange sea-sun and Idly prancing crows.
  6. 6. These white robed monks came From nowhere but are real men With real cloth bags.
  7. 7. The palace reached skies In its shadow lay kings and Their faceless women.
  8. 8. Words are giggling girls Playing in moon, ponytails Going up and down.
  9. 9. Words hum like the leaves Of the tree when the wind comes From across the hills.
  10. 10. The sea has risen Only when the night is born Will the sea calm down.
  11. 11. The boat stood brooding Near the jetty, its stomach Full with sea-secrets.
  12. 12. Our train chugged and first The coconuts ran to the hills Chillies went red in face.
  13. 13. Our train burst in ire Lacking its former steam puff As stones hit her below belt.
  14. 14. Fresh coffee drip-drops In filter,its aroma covering Blood , gore of morning news.