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Terrestrial measurements en

  1. 1. TERRESTRIAL MEASUREMENT OF RIVER CROSS-SECTION UPPER NISHAVA RIVER BASINTerrestrial measurement in Republic of BulgariaGeodesic shooting of the cross sections of Nishava River in the part Godech Town –Tuden VillageThe object, subject of the current geodesic shooting, is located in Western Bulgariaand is part of the territory of Godech Town and Tuden Village, Municipality ofGodech. Nishava River flows through the agricultural and urban lands of GodechTown and Tuden Village. The shooting of the profiles along the river flow and theriver coasts of Nishava River is linearly long 9.3 km. The river coasts are eroded andovergrown with bushes and partially trees. Generally, this river part is almost straightbut with numerous meanders along the river flow and varying slopes, which goesdown in direction from Godech Town towards Tuden Village.The shooting was executed in Coordination System 1970 and Baltic Height System.As a shooting basis are used spots of the RGO and TT39, TT2477 and TT1802,available on spot during the shooting. For determination of the spots of the RGO areused cinematic measurements in real time – RTK with differential corrections. Localtransformation parameters are derived for the area, and by them the coordinates ofthe spots from RGO in Coordination System 1970 and the elevations in the BalticHeight System were received.During the geodesic shooting of the territories of the river flow and the river coastswas used the method of the profiles, perpendicular to the river flow. The cross-sections were measured as for a beginning was chosen the section one kilometerabove the urbanized area of Godech Town, above the bridge of Nishava at GinskaRiver, and the final (end) section was measured about five hundred meters after theurbanized area of Tuden Village. The distance between the single sections is about500 m. The location of the spots of each section was determined by angle-lengthgeodesic measurements. 17 cross-sections in total were measured of Nishava Riverin the section Godech Town – Tuden Village.All hydro-technical equipment along the river was shot. These equipment involves: 6bridges, thresholds of the rivers, retaining walls and fortifications of the shores ofNishava River, built in the flow at the central urban part of Godech Town, betweentwo of the bridges. The measurements for the determination of the coordinates for 37 spots of theRGO were done by Global Positioning System (GPS). Two-frequency receptorsTopcon Hayper+ were used. The exact spots were determined in coordinationsystems 1970 and Baltic Height System. A register of the coordinates of all spots isapplied. The measurements of the detailed spots are done by total station TOPCONGPT 3005N and total station TOPCON GTS 7005 and were processed byprogramming product for calculation of polar picture TPLAN. The data from themeasurements and its procession are digitally presented and burned on a CD andgraphically resented by printed bodies – 3 forders
  2. 2. Scheme 1. Situational analysis of Nishava River from profile 1 to profile 23 Pictures 1, 2, 3, 4: Bridges of Nishava river on Bulgarian territoryTerrestrial measurement in Republic of SerbiaFor cadastral municipalities in which the recording is made, used and maintainedsurvey, which was conducted aerial method of Gauss - Kruger projection, and tosedamdeseth during the last century and at the same shall record the change - iemapping. Maintenance of measurement, monitoring state compliance with the stateof Teran in cadastral work and the original plan.Recording Profile river at the Municipality of Dimitrovgrad was performed kinematicGPS (Global Positioning System) method of processing data in real time (RTK) underthe Regulation for the application of global positioning system technology in thesurvey property (Official Gazette of the Republic of Serbia no. 69/2002). GPS
  3. 3. receivers were used during filming are: "Topcon Legacy E" and "Topcon HiPerGGD."Start recording cross sections directly from the border with the Republic of Bulgaria(profile # 1), and the final profile is the ultimate point downstream river at the bordermunicipality of Pirot and Dimitrovgrad (Profile br.48 ). In the area of the territory of theMunicipality of Dimitrovgrad on the river Nišava snimnjeno and 7 bridges, retainingwalls and the coastal fortifications of the same.Table 1. Characteristics of profiles 1 and 2Table 2. Characteristics of Bridge 1
  4. 4. Scheme 2. Situation analysis of Nishava River profile 12 – profile 43
  5. 5. Pictures 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10: Bridges of Nishava River on Serbian territoryCheme 3. Profile of a bridge with codesNishava river is partially regulated in the town of Dimitrovgrad and the rest is natural,partially the river banks are covered by crashed stones. The weather conditionsduring the recording of the profiles were favourable. The vegetation in Nishavariverbed was in a stage of growth, so it had to be cut in some parts in order tomeasure the riverbed. Geodesic measurement of the cross section of the bridgeswere executed in analogue and digital format and therefore they can be used infurther proceedings.