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  1. 1. NIKE plus 20114109 Chanwook Jun 20113818 Joonyoung Kim 20114168 Kyuwan Choi 20113969 Jungwook Eom 20114257 Meherun
  2. 2. Company OverviewHistory & Heritage of NIKE1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1990s 2000s IPO
  3. 3. Product OverviewWhat is NIKE+ ?
  4. 4. Competitor AnalysisGlobal Market Share and Direct Competitor Global Market Share Converse K-Swiss ASICS Skechers 4% 2% 5% NIKE+ miCoach 5% New • Exclusively for Nike • Any digital music player Nike Balancce shoes and iPods and any shoes 31% 6% • Nike+ iPod Sport Kit • miCoach Pacer package Reebok ($29.00) ($139.00) 6% • Voice Coaching • Real time Voice Coaching Puma Adidas Others (Distance-based) (Time-Based) 7% 16% 18% • The website acts like • Scientific Analysis SNS, mixed with through heart rate monitor Facebook and Twitter To help people exercise their workouts in terms of training data and coaching Adidas entered the wearable sensor market ⇒Simple and ⇒More expensive model for inexpensive model a serious runner to compete with NIKE for a casual runner
  5. 5. TargetingTargets the customer who wants to have shoes with high ability and smart Smart Previous shoesUncomfortable and Comfortable and inexpensive B A C expensive D E Basic
  6. 6. PositioningPursues a disruptive positioning strategy instead of a traditional positioning strategyTraditional Positioning Disruptive Positioning Shoes Category Attribute 2 Attribute 2 Adidas Under New Armour Balance Adidas Attribute 1 Attribute 1
  7. 7. NIKE+ Situation S • Innovative features W • Broaden any types of runners • Sufficient funds and resources for core • Limited product selection running area • Need to improve recognition • Success of previous AD campaigns • Strong brand image • Good quality NIKE + SWOT • Diversify the revenue of division • Opportunity to reach a broad range of • Increased Competition (making similar consumers through running and sues) innovative technology with improving • Changing taste running experience • Partnership with apple O T
  8. 8. IMC Campaign AnalysisSpecific Objective: To reach a broad range of consumeracross various segments within the running industryPurpose for their achievement• To drive traffic to the website to gain basic demographic information and collect c onsumer email addresses.• To use the data for the specific targeted ads that might even vary across all Nike products depending on the consumer.Tool• Advertising, Sales Promotion, Direct Marketing Program, Internet/Interactive, PR , Event Marketing and Sponsorship, Viral Marketing
  9. 9. Advertisement Objectives• Normal people who are not celebrities• Running and fitness components of the product, technological advantages of their product, relationship with Apple and iPod.• Upcoming Nike+ Event : Nike+ Human Race 10K Strategies• Transformation • By suggesting the type of experiences consumers might have when they consume the product or service• Emotional balance • Pride, Achievement, Ambition and Actualization were attached with Nike+ products and also being kind by joining the charity raceTools: TV commercials, print media, radio advertisements and internet banner ads
  10. 10. Sales Promotion Lack of sales promotion Strategy Push Promotion Pull Promotion Discount on old models Human Race 10K
  11. 11. Direct MarketingBoth Nike and Apple send “e-mails” to customers from their databases• Collaboration ADs with another strong branded product, such as Apple• The multiple synergies between Nike and Apple• Unique mail by only Nike+
  12. 12. Internet/Interactive Strategy The most utilized component of the Nike+ IMC media mix• Relationship with Apple.• Highly interactive and customizable by Nike+ and iTunes• Information about marathon and racing events on Nike+ website• Internet banner ads to advertise Nike+ products.
  13. 13. Internet/Interactive Strategy +Internet banner ADs Nike+ Premium ConsumerProduct + Content + Community = Experience
  14. 14. Public Relation Programs Collaboration with three renowned charity organizations.• Charitable component to their Nike+ IMC through the Human Race 10k.• Involvement of the participants with the charitable decision.
  15. 15. Event Marketing Nike+ Human Race 10K• Large global event that have attracted over millions of runners world wide• New ways to compete and race, courses through legendary landmarks, each ending with a headlining musical act• Brought an entirely new running experience to consumers• Involvement of core target was maximized by integrated communication strategies including on/off-line media exposures.
  16. 16. Viral Marketing• Creates buzz by viral marketing with websites, such as YouTube and Facebook• Implements word of mouth through events and campaigns• Video clips were taken on various forms such as TV commercials, consumer how to videos, and product reviews “Nike + Men vs Women Challenges”
  17. 17. Evaluation Advertisement viral Sales promotion Nike runners Discount, Event Apple Event NIKE Website Registration E-mail Customer data DM Partnership Nike iPod kit With charity PR organization Interactive Strategy 1. Increased in demand to spend in marketing for overall NIKE+ 2. Increased growth in unit sales 3. Increased audience (Audience: Subscribers, registered people)
  18. 18. RecommendationViral Marketing Engaged more in social network activitiesEvent Marketing Division of the event based on the age Ex) Teenagers, Middle age, Seniors International Competition among the winner of the events (Nike+ World Cup) In event advertising, try to focus more on productOther Partnership with the game producer