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Mona bdaypptfinal2


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wishing mona a very happy bday...

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Mona bdaypptfinal2

  1. 1. Dancing DivaSectionParty
  2. 2. Outbound “Sixer” by “Mona”, which broke Paani Ki Tanki kaSection E Basky Boys ki Only Hope “Konain times of Spardha trouble Kona” Sporty Mona Jersey Tva Run No 13IIMB Gals Kho-Kho Team Sangharsh 2012
  3. 3. The Adventurous Mona – Only Gal from Section E to go on Anveshan Trip
  4. 4. The Shopaholic MonaBGS movie Project (Teammembers discussing) – “Yaarkaafi movie to shoot ho gayi,report banana hai….To abApollo Hospital ka interviewle ya chhor dein?” ….Team member : tym yaar.buttttt…..Mona Says – OK, I’ll juscome from Allen Solly :D
  5. 5. Yes !!! she can drive “pulsar“
  6. 6. Club – Gurukul( highlY dedicated …misses movies for poster designing)
  7. 7. -Maximum number of sim cards lost( on Anveshan Trips)-Only gal to have approached alltelecom providers for sim-Rejected by all inspite of showingall id cards possible-Uses Roaming sim ofGuahati…..hence never shared onspidi. Nowonder
  8. 8. IT expertA true Computer Science Engineer froM ………..IIT GUWAHATIHAR jatil computer related issues mein.……….HAMAARI SAATHI - outlook configurations se lekar archival issues- from excel to word- sofware related issues..- kuch bhi issues hon….Mona sab jaanti hai
  9. 9. Whole IIMB wakes up after 12----- But, Mona sleeps….Yaar mujhe ab kuch samajh nahi ayega Yaar mujhe bahut neend aa rahi hai….. Notice the number of books… 
  10. 10. But instead of sleeping, goes online on FB and spreads “SUNSHINE” ;)
  11. 11. Phir bhee neend aYe…..den goes to her Fav place - Java Green……only customer to have tried all the menu items
  12. 12. Section E ki common Feeling -No one so cute & caring , As dear Mona Darling ! –”Yaar Mona tu kabhi to meri side le liya kar ”Nanda –”Long Drive pe chal mere naal soniye (Lasta Café ;) ) – “Yaar Mona ka koi BF hai kya? “PGP2S( guess) –U come to my room, I’ll explain allyour doubts.
  13. 13. Got bored studying for ManAcc Quiz?So come down to hoosh our very own Mona Darling at “A” base tonight coz’ She’s worth it ;)