Qr Code generate for lost ticket


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Main concept to design this project is Recovery of Lost Ticket. I have so far included the various aspects such as details the information of Railway Ticket. The project provided a facility to get Duplicate Ticket with in short time.

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Qr Code generate for lost ticket

  2. 2. 2: HEAD OF DEPARTMENT’S CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Mr.Nishant S Mevawala have satisfactorily completed the project work on “QRCODE GENERATE FOR LOST TICKET(Indian Railway)” under my guidance for the partial fulfillment of M.Sc.(IT) SEM-I submitted to “Amplify Mindware DITM "during the academic year 20112012. To the best of my knowledge and belief the matter presented by him are original and not copied from any source. Also this report has not been submitted earlier for the award of any Degree of Bharati Vidyapeeth University,Pune. Place: Pune Date: PROF. SUDHIR BHATNAGAR (HOD)
  3. 3. 3: GUIDE’S CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Nishant S Mevawala have satisfactorily completed the project work on “QRCODE GENERATE FOR LOST TICKET(Indian Railway)’’ for the partial fulfillment of M.Sc (IT) SEM-I submitted to “Amplify Mindware DITM” during the academic year 2011-2012 under my guidance. To the best of my knowledge and belief the matter presented by him are original and not copied from any source. Also this report has not been submitted earlier for the award of any Degree of Bharati Vidyapeeth University, Pune . Place: Pune Date: MR.SABU FRANCIS (Project Guide)
  4. 4. 4: DECLARATION TO, The Head of Department, AMPLIFY MINDWARE DITM, Pune. I the undersigned hereby declare that this report entitled “QRCODE GENERATE FOR LOST TICKET (Indian Railway)’’ is a genuine and benefited work prepared by me under the guidance of Mr.Sabu Francis and this is my original work. The geniuses of this project is the imagination and thinking of my own. The matter in this report is not copied from any source. I understand that any such copy is liable to be punished in any way, the college authorities deemed to fit. Date:Place: - Pune Mr. Nishant S Mevawala Enrollment. No:MSIT/11/003
  5. 5. 5: ACKNOWLEGEMENT As we developed our project on “QRCODE GENERATE FOR LOST TICKET (Indian Railway)”. We have been fortunate to receive assistance, suggestion and support from numerous friends and faculty. First and foremost our thanks go to our guide respected Mr.Sabu Francis. We express our willing of immense gratitude for her guidance and kind help. We take this opportunity to thank all my friends who were of great help in the process of completion of this project. I also sincerely mark to staff in the computer laboratory for their kind co-operation & encouragement let me to complete my project work in the time. Mr. Nishant S Mevawala Enrollment. No:MSIT/11/003
  6. 6. 6: INDEX Sr. No 1 Title Introduction Page no. 7 1.1 Introduction of Project 1.2 Problems Identification 1.3 History of QRCode 1.4 Function of QRCode 2 3 4 5 About QRCode 2.1 How QRCode Work 2.2 How QRCode Scan 2.3 How QRCode Generate Use of QRCode Uses of QRCode For Lost Ticket Introduction to Software Package 10 13 16 18 5.1 HTML 5.2 PHP 5.3 ZXING ENCODER 6 7 8 Data Flow Diagram Form Layout Websites 20 25 26
  7. 7. 7: INTRODUCTION OF PROJECT Main concept to design this project is Recovery of Lost Ticket. I have so far included the various aspects such as details the information of Railway Ticket. The project provided a facility to get Duplicate Ticket with in short time. PROBLEMS IDENTIFICATION The existing manual system of Lost Ticket in Indian Railway had following drawbacks:  To get the Duplicate Ticket, Customer must go to Reservation Counter to get Ticket.  Customer must show an Identity Proof and Application. To avoid above problems I have decided to computerize the system. Main advantage of computerized system is:  Customer will get Duplicate Ticket as QRCode Image.  While Journey, customer can show Image to Ticket Checker.  While taking an image of QRCode, customer must enter the Mobile Number for Security. History of QRCode The QR Code is a form of two dimensional symbol created by DENSO WAVE (established under the name of DENSO) in 1994, with the primary objective becoming a "code read easily by the scanner equipment". The QR Code is a information matrix that carries meaningful in the vertical direction as nicely as
  8. 8. 8: the horizontal, hence the two-dimensional term. By carrying in each directions, QR Codes can carry up to several hundred times the amount of information carried by ordinary bar codes. Bar codes have become widely popular simply because of their reading speed, accuracy, and superior functionality characteristics. As bar codes became popular and their convenience universally recognized, the market began to call for codes capable of storing much more , much more character kinds, and that could be printed in a smaller space. As a result, numerous efforts had been made to improve the amount of stored by bar codes, such as increasing the quantity of bar code digits or layout multiple bar codes. However, these improvements also caused problems such as enlarging the bar code region, complicating reading operations, and increasing printing cost. 2D Code emerged in response to these requirements and problems. Function of QRCode QR Code offers the following functions compared with conventional bar codes.  High Capacity Encoding of Data  While conventional bar codes are capable of storing a maximum of roughly 20 digits, QR Code is capable of handling several dozen to several hundred times much more . Up to 7,089 characters can be encoded in 1 symbol.  Footprint Size Smaller than Conventional Bar Code  Because QR Code carries each horizontally and vertically, QR Code is capable of encoding the same amount of information in roughly 1-tenth the space of a conventional bar code.  Dirt and Damage Resistant
  9. 9. 9:  QR Code has error correction capability. Data can be restored even if the symbol is partially dirty or damaged. A maximum 30% of codewords can be restored.  Can be Read From Any Direction in 360°  QR Code is capable of 360 degree high speed reading. Code accomplishes this job through position detection patterns located at the three corners of the symbol. These position detection patterns guarantee stable high-speed reading, circumventing the negative effects of background interference.
  10. 10. 10: How QRCode Work QR Codes, or Fast Response codes, are a type of 2D bar code that may be decoded using your Smartphone with a QR Code reader application. From its lowly beginning as a tracking mechanism for auto parts, QR Codes have a confirmed to be extremely helpful in advertising and convenience related applications. There are two primary issues that you have to have when you deal with QR Codes: 1. A mobile telephone with a camera and Web connectivity 2. A QR Code reader. Most new intelligent phones have a QR Code reader already installed, if not you will need to go to your telephone providers “App Store” and download a reader. Many Android, Nokia, and Blackberry phones come with QR Code readers pre-installed. If you have an older telephone, you will need to download the reader application and install it yourself. How QRCode Scan Following you have installed the application, start up the reader and snap a picture of the QR Code. Make sure that your hand is steady and that you are able to consist of the entire code into the picture. There will be some instances when a scan fails, do not worry, just maintain snapping! Some of the newest QR Code readers (like iNigma for the iPhone) no longer require you to take a picture they simply permit you to scan the barcode with your camera! Depending on your software, it may take from 5 to thirty seconds for the application to resolve the link for you. That is to say, to decode the written behind the code. For instance, if it is a URL, the QR Code reader will open your web browser and let you view the mobile site the code links to. If it is a vCard, a file
  11. 11. 11: that contains a person's get in touch with , it will offer to let you save the into your address book. How QRCode Generate Of course if you want to use QR Codes you need to be able to generate them! There are numerous code generators on the internet that you can use for free to produce your own QR Codes. Some will even let you track your codes for free! (for personal use only of course) Currently the very best on-line QR Code Generators permit you to produce QR Codes for a wide array of information sets and actions such as issues like:  Browse to a web site.  Bookmark a web site.  Make a telephone call.  Produce a vCard with coordinates to add a get in touch with to your device.  Produce a meCard to add a get in touch with to your device.  Produce a vCalendar event to add to your calendar.  Produce a link to Google Maps URLs.  Produce a link to Bing Maps URLs. . Produce a link to raw geological coordinates.  Produce market:// URLs for looking for publishers or packages on Market app for Android.  Produce special YouTube:// URLs for YouTube app on iPhone.  Fetch and encode the newest tweet of a Twitter user.
  12. 12. 12:  Overlay a Twitter users profile image over the code. . Produce a mobile URL to tweet on Twitter.  Initiate a chat to a specific Blackberry PIN on Blackberry Messenger.  Connect to a WIFI network on Android devices.  Read plain or free formatted text on your device.
  13. 13. 13: Uses of QRCode We have so many use of QRCode in our life because of Quick Response People journale using QRCode in marketing, social network , Business Card ,Advertisements. Use in library: we can use QR Code in cangive QrCode for Indivisibly Department library like Science,Art, Commerce we paste a Qr code on Every section which hold the web addresses information of the particular department and particular topic like we selected on book from library we want to know more about that then we can take a snap of Qr code and see that website which hold information about that topic. Use on T-Shirt: On T-shirt we can use QR code which contain our information of facebook or twiter or Android or any blogs.we can print a qrcode of our facebook url or twiter url and we can print twite me.Which show in picture. like we a
  14. 14. 14: Use of QR Code on M-ticket Good news to all indian's, all Railway passengers can now get their e-tickets on their cell phones instead of having to take print outs. Named as „m-ticket' the mobile phone-based ticket booking system envisages a passenger to book the ticket through mobile phones and carry the display ticket, sent to the cell phone by an SMS in a form of QR Code. The passenger need not carry a printout of his or her ticket and will have to just show the SMS. A person having Internet connection on a mobile can avail the facility by downloading the mobile ticketing application on the phone from the new Indian Railways portal. M-ticket is a part of the comprehensive Indian Railways web portal, with the URL www.indianrailways.gov.in, which has been launched to consolidate all the services and information on a single window web interface for the public. Use of QRCode on Tree: We can Use QRCode on Old Tree and new Tree Which having the information of who putted the Tree over there . And one more application about tree is we can give a link of Wikipedia in QRCode which contain the information about individual tree where we have putted the QRCode. For Example if
  15. 15. 15: the QRCode on a Neem tree it should have Link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azadirachta_indica. In QRCode.after scanning a QRCode that particular link will open and show the benefit and Uses of neem. Use of QRCode in Historical Place: We can Use QRCode in Historical Place Like RedFort, TajMahal, HawaMahal, LotusTemple, GoldenTemple, JagarnathTemple, SunTemple, MahalaxmiTemple etc. That QRCode have the link of the site which have the history behind that Place. After Scanning QRCode Website will give the Photo of that Place and Provide the History of that place like who made that place and When. how much time took to build that place. And other information related to that place.
  16. 16. 16: Uses of QRCode For Lost Ticket STEP : 1 This Application made for Lost Ticket of Railway. While Customer forget or lost his ticket at a journey time,he has one option available. Option is that he must go Railway Station inwhere PNR Machin available. STEP : 2 Enter Your PNR NO for Duplicate Ticket Print.This Print get from the Railway Server as a QR Code Image. Before Getting a print,Customer must enter mobile no for varification code.and Customer get one varification code SMS on his Mobile no.this code is checked by Railway Server. If Code is true,Customer get Duplicate Printout. STEP : 3 If Customer has not PNR No, He find his Ticket PNR No via Train no,Journey Date,To/From Station Name. STEP : 4 Again Follow STEP – 2 for Duplicate Printout.
  17. 17. 17: STEP : 5 Customer get QRCode Printout which is checked by Ticket Checker Using QRCode Reader. Ti
  18. 18. 18: INTRODUCTION TO SOFTWARE PACKAGE In this Project we will going to use two software first is HTML and Secound is PHP.we can give a information on HTML and that information will go to PHP after Clicking a link on PHP we can a QRCode of that information than we can get a printout of that QRCode. HTML: HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used to create document on the World Wide Web. It is simply a collection of certain key words called „Tags‟ that are helpful in writing the document to be displayed using a browser on Internet. It is a platform independent language that can be used on any platform such as Windows, Linux, Macintosh, and so on. To display a document in web it is essential to markup the different elements (headings, paragraphs, tables, and so on) of the document with the HTML tags. To view a mark-up document, user has to open the document in a browser. A browser understands and interpret the HTML tags, identifies the structure of the document (which part are which) and makes decision about presentation (how the parts look) of the document. HTML also provides tags to make the document look attractive using graphics, font size and colors. User can make a link to the other document or the different section of the same document by creating Hypertext Links also known as Hyperlinks. PHP: PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML-embedded scripting language. Currently there are over half a million domains running. Much of PHP‟s syntax is borrowed from C, Java and Perl with a couple of unique PHP-specific features
  19. 19. 19: thrown in. The goal of the language is to allow web developers to write dynamically generated pages quickly. PHP eliminates the need for numerous small CGI programs by allowing you to place simple scripts directly in your HTML files. It also makes it easier to manage large web sites by placing all components of a web page in a single html file. For example, if you are creating an online catalog, you will most likely have a design template for all related catalog pages. Traditionally, this design is generated by hand in HTML and different data is presented within the template design. With PHP, one application can be used to generate all the pages required to display items from a database in the proper pages, in the right locations, and with the appropriate related content. This eliminates redundant page generation, simplifying maintenance. PHP also reduces the site down to a handful of template pages, with scripts that generate the rest of the site ZXING ENCODER: Zxing Encoder is a online QRCode Generator System Which can generate any image, URL, business Card, Email Addresses, Geo location, phone number, sms, Text into QRCode With Diferent Size. Link of the Website is http://zxing.appspot.com/generator/ .Main uses of the encoder in our project is we will send our information in this website and that website will provide us the QRCode for that information.
  20. 20. 20: DATA FLOW DIAGRAM USER Response Request Lost Ticket QR Code Application Request Response Railway Context Level DFD
  21. 21. 21: Check Status Response Get Check Confirm Status Request for Print Get QR Code Print User Railway Request For Print Give QR Code Print Enter SMS Code Ask Code Ask Code Get code Security For Print 3 Rail_Print_Security First Level QR Code Decoder Make QR code Store QR Code Data Get Duplicate Print 2 Rail_info Response Check Status Get Ticket Status 1 Response
  22. 22. 22: Response Status Response Rail_info Report Status 1.2 Second Level DFD(1) Railway Report Retrieve Get Status Check Status Response Get Check PNR Status 1.1 Get Status Report Status User Check PNR Response Get Check PNR
  23. 23. 23: Enter PNR for Print Check PNR Get QR Ticket Give QR Ticket Using PNR 2.1 Rail_Info Store Railway Data Check Train Get Response Give PNR Using Train No 2.2 Get PNR USER Railway Enter Train no for Searching QR Ticket Give J.Date Store Railway Data Enter J.Date for Searching Train no Get Response Get Train no Using J.Date 2.3 Check Train Train_Info Get Station code Enter Station code for Searching Train no Using Station Code 2.4 Give Station Code Second Level DFD(2) Select Station Code
  24. 24. 24: Enter Mo.No for Print Get Code on Mobile Give Code Enter Mobile no 3.1 Mobile No Get Mobile_Code_Info Enter Code Get Response Security Code 3.2 Check Code Give Response QR Code Ticket 3.3 Second Level(3) DFD Give Ticket Finally QR Code Print Get User
  25. 25. 25: FORM LAYOUT Enter Ticket Information for Generate a QRCode GENRATED QRCODE
  26. 26. 26: Websites  http://www.kaywa.com  http://www.qrstuff.com  http://www.zxing.com  http://goqr.me