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Zapr Research

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Zapr Research - Target Customer Research

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Zapr Research

  1. 1. Target Customer Research ZaprResearch
  2. 2. ZaprResearch: Our offerings 70 Mn+ Audience base Mobile-based Full screen surveys Partnership with industry’s best Brand lift studies to measure TVC impact, across test and control groups Media planning survey by identifying potential customers by a survey and analyzing their TV habits Optimize marketing metrics; e.g., frequency, timeslot, channel, ad creative etc. Lead generation surveys to get contact details of appropriate respondents for further engagement 1 2 3 4
  3. 3. Zapr conducts post-TVC Brand Lift study Brand TVC Control (unexposed) group Test (exposed) group Brand lift surveys to measure effectiveness and brand lift from TVC campaign Test for brand awareness, recall, purchase intent Quick feedback for timely action Precise, data-based respondent selection Respondents’ TV data for media planning 1
  4. 4. Utilize the brand lift surveys to further optimize marketing metrics for your TVCs Identify optimal frequency of TVC exposure Assess the impact of different channels and spots Figure out the best performing creative Run brand lift surveys across all frequencies and see the brand lift curve plateauing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Brand lift across frequencies >50% Ad Views on Primetime <50% Ad Views on Primetime Brand lift across timeslots Assess brand lift for different genres, channels, shows and timeslots for their impact Creative 1 Creative 2 Creative 3 Brand lift across creatives Evaluate brand lift for different creatives exposed audience to identify top ones 2
  5. 5. Zapr helps sharpen media plan by identifying actual customers & utilizing their TV insights Zapr helps you define your TG not just be demographics but their actual product consumption patterns obtained through a survey. For these actual customers, we provide their TV insights to sharpen your media plan. Audience Profile (Demographics, Location) Brand Preference and Loyalty Consumption and Shopping Habits Usage of the Category Genres, channels and shows to include in TV plan Time slot and day of week to run ad spots 3
  6. 6. Our Offices New Delhi Bengaluru Mumbai Jakarta, Indonesia Let's talk- Contact Us

Zapr Research - Target Customer Research


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