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Zapr Engage

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ZaprEngage - TV to mobile engagement

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Zapr Engage

  2. 2. ZaprEngage: Our offerings Lives in metro city Watches English and news channels Exposed to ads of premium products Owns a premium mobile phone Watches TV mainly after 8 pm Zapr’s Audience Profile Further demographic profiling can be done on Facebook, Youtube, DBM, Hotstar Enhance brand awareness by incremental reach to audience unexposed to your TV ads Win back share of mind by targeting the audience exposed to competition’s TV ads Build frequency for TVC exposed audience to ensure top-of-mind recall and drive call-to-action TV-sync moment marketing to build connect to the brand with real-time TV moments 1 2 3 4
  3. 3. Zapr’s deterministic incremental reach saves >80% cost vs other digital platforms Incremental reach on Digital (5-15% of overall reach on Digital) Overlap between TV and Digital (85-95% of overall reach on Digital) Reach on TV Incremental Reach on Digital Overlap between TV and Digital Source: Zapr analytics, Secondary research, industry experts. Depends on size of TV plan and TG profile Reach on TV 85-95% audience targeted on Digital have already seen the ad on TV. Zapr targets only TV unexposed audience and avoids spending on overlapping audience 1A
  4. 4. 20 12 2 1.5 1 0.5 3 Channel 1 … Channel 25 Channel 26 … Channel 30 ZAPR Incremental Reach Duplicate Reach Zapr can replace tail channels in your TV plan, saving >50% costs on those channels Source: Zapr analytics, industry experts. Depends on size of TV plan and TG profile Deterministic Incremental Reach on Zapr = Total Incremental Reach on all tail TV channels (with >90% overlap) 1B
  5. 5. Zapr builds frequency by targeting only underexposed audience, saving >60% cost 20-40% audience is usually underexposed on TV. Brands need to target them again Source: Zapr analytics, industry experts. Depends on size of TV plan and TG profile % Audience Exposed FrequencyofExposure Frequency distribution curve of a typical TV plan 2 Frequencyof Exposure % Audience Exposed Frequencyof Exposure % Audience Exposed With no TVC exposure data, Brands target everyone (incl 60-80% overexposed audience) on TV or Digital Or brands can target only the underexposed audience through Zapr
  6. 6. Note: Optimal mobile ad frequency (against TVC) depends on creative type; e.g., video (1-2x) vs banners (2-3x) and individual brand strengths Zapr helps neutralizing brands’ competition by targeting their TVC audience 3 Competition brand shows its TV ad and gets higher share of mind BRAND B (Competition) Zapr can target exactly these audience on mobile to win back share of mind BRAND A Neutralize competition 24x7, no need to be on air or emulate their TV plan Ensure maximum ROI by targeting only the audience exposed to competition ads Achieve higher recall by using same method to target partners’ ad audiences
  7. 7. Zapr offers TV-synced Moment Marketing to build connect of your brand with live TV moments 4 Use Zapr’s TV-sync Moment Marketing to trigger mobile ads within 20 seconds of live TV events • Higher association built with the brand • TV moments become actionable and call-to-action is stimulated from the users • Competition TVCs lose their impact For those watching TV live… • Higher brand awareness and recall is built • Non-exposure to your TV ads doesn’t impact you • They might get encouraged to watch relevant TV content For those not watching TV… TV Moments available for in-sync advertising Your TV ads or your partners’ TV ads Competition brands’ TV ads Live sports events and in-match moments Show you have sponsored or having relevant content
  8. 8. Audience targeting methods available Creative Types Standard Banner Interstitials Rich Media Video: Click to play Video: Auto Play Platforms Zapr Programmatic Other Programmatic Exchanges Direct Publishers
  9. 9. Introducing ZaprPlay Dynamic, interactive high impact mobile ad units to gain higher user traction and engagement 100 + interactive features Contextual triggers Innovative call-to-actions  Gamification  Animation  In-ad video  Drag-n-drop  Location of the user  Time of day  Weather conditions  Custom audience segments  Click-to-call  Click-to-message  Click-to-calendar  Click-to-gallery A well-designed creative contributes 56% to overall sales lift Rich media, dynamic ads enjoy >200% CTR than static ads Boost Creativity with dynamic rich media ads 56%44% Tilt 360°  Wipe / Scratch  Slide  Shake Source: Secondary Research
  10. 10. Our Offices New Delhi Bengaluru Mumbai Jakarta, Indonesia Let's talk- Contact Us

ZaprEngage - TV to mobile engagement


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