Cs377t Walking Interviews (nishant jacob)


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Cs377t Walking Interviews (nishant jacob)

  1. 1. Walking InterviewsCS 377T (Behavior Design for better Health) Nishant Jacob
  2. 2. Santosh ChhiberWhat walking does she do? - 82 year old women - Walks 40 min a day - Walks around her block (residential neighbourhood)Why does she walk? - Walking as opportunity to talk to neighbours - Walks in the afternoon when the neighbours are on their porchsHow did she start walking? - Started walking with her dog but got too big to handle - Then realized that the neighbours would sit out on their porchs - Found it fun to chat with them as she walked around the block - Build a habit around going out for a walk to meet up with them - After she gave the dog away - continued the behavior
  3. 3. Santosh ChhiberInsights: - Walking as a social experience - Time to interact with the neighbours - Designed to intersect w/t neighbours being outside - Doesnt walk the entire time - intersperses walking with talking - Used to be a functional behavior (dog walking) - Now a social + enjoyable behavior - talking to friends
  4. 4. Gursharan DasWhat walking does he do? - 80 year old man - walks 60 min a day - walks in the eveningsWhy does he walk? - to stay healthy - time to reflect on his day - form of mindfulnessHow did he start walking - started as an activity he would do before dinner to build his appetite - used it as a way to build rhythm into his evenings - he never misses a walking session - always walks at the same time of day
  5. 5. Gursharan DasInsights: - consistency is key - picked a calm, pleasant time of day that would aid reflection - made walking functional - helped build his appetite before dinner
  6. 6. Jacob MathewWhat walking does he do? - 52 year old man - walks 60 min a day - Walks around the lake near his house - Walks in the evening so he can see the sunset - Walks 2 dogsWhy does he walk? - way to unwind after office - dogs get exercise - gets to the see the sunset by the lakeHow did he start walking? - would take the dogs out right after he got home from office - the dogs got used to the routine - when he parked his car after office they would beg for a walk
  7. 7. Jacob MathewInsights: - he trained the dogs, then they trained him - the dogs became a trigger thats hard to avoid - coupled walking with a pleasant activity - looking at the sunset - associates it with stress relief after office