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2012 most luxiurious watches


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2012 most luxiurious watches

  1. 1. Nishant chauhan
  2. 2. Greubel Forsey GMT
  3. 3. Greubel Forsey GMT The GMT sports a unique feature, wherein this timepiece has been given a globe at the eight o’clock positions. This ingenious design aspect shows precisely which part of the world is in the daytime and which part is in the night time zone, as the globe comes with a small clearing through which sunlight hits the daytime region of the continents precisely. The globe mimics the natural counter-clockwise rotation of Earth and is crafted entirely from titanium. The Greubel Forsey GMT is a fascinating tourbillon that comes with the name of all 24 countries representing the various global time zones, engraved at the back of the watch on a ‘world time disc’. The GMT features a gorgeous 18k gold a dial and the watch’s movement, which consists of some 436 components encased in a white gold casing.
  4. 4. Duometre A Quantieme Lunaire 40.5
  5. 5. Duometre A Quantieme Lunaire 40.5 This is a new variant sports a 40.5 mm dial & another significant change incorporated in this watch is the use of a closed dial that hides the watch’s movement. At the six o’clock position, the Duometre A Quantieme Lunaire 40.5 features a foudroyante seconds hand that displays the time in pattern that follows in a 1/6th of a second increment. The left side of the dial represents the lunar phases for both the hemispheres of the Earth in sub- dial, while also depicting the date and the right side of the dial shows time in hours & minutes format. This most expensive timepiece is powered by a Jaeger-Le Coultre Calibre 381 hand winding movement and the watch boasts of a 500 hours’ worth of power reserve. The case of this astonishing watch is crafted in 18 carat pink gold and features a polished, as well as satin- brushed finish.
  6. 6. Open worked Extra-Thin Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
  7. 7. Open worked Extra-Thin Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Limited Edition The all new Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Limited Edition will be about 3.05 mm in diameter as opposed to the 40 year old model that was measured at 4.26 mm in thickness. Furthermore, Audemars Piguet has also designed an entirely new movement for the limited edition masterpiece. The self- winding Calibre 5122 mechanism is composed of an astounding 247 parts, 36 jewels and the watch itself comes with a power reserve of an estimated 40 hours. The Royal Oak 40th Anniversary Limited Edition carries a case that has been treated with glare-proof sapphire crystal and the timepiece is claimed to be water resistant up to a depth of 50 meters. This magnificent watch features an openworked grey dial, along with the hour markers that have been coated with white gold.
  8. 8. Tonda Annual Calendar
  9. 9. Tonda Annual CalendarThe Tonda Annual Calendar is being considered as one of themost expensive watches and is the first offering from the luxurybrand, featuring an indigenously designed 17thmovement, along with an annual calendar that is complementedby a retrograde display. The 17th movement in technical terms isreferred to as PF 339 self-winding movement, which itself is asignificant upgrade from the previous PF 331 movementdeveloped by the company. One of the most remarkable featuresof the Tonda Annual Calendar is the ‘moon phase’, whichenables the watch to automatically ascertain whether aparticular month carries 30 days or 31 days and thus providesaccurate date, day and month figures.
  10. 10. Masse Secrete Panther Décor
  11. 11. Masse Secrete Panther DécorThis elegant timepiece features a crystal white gold pantherthat walks around the dial, as the time progresses. Thisingenious mechanical technique has been based on theinverted oscillating weight, to which the panther is linked.The Masse Secrete Panther Décor is incorporated with a stateof the art self-winding Calibre 9603 MC movement, which inturn facilitates the smooth movement of this fascinatingpanther that has been adorned in diamonds. The highlysophisticated mechanism of the Panther Décor is composedof some 204 components and the watch is said to provide apower reserve of 48 hours.
  12. 12. Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon
  13. 13. Patrimony Traditionnelle 14-day Tourbillon One of the most astonishing attributes of the Patrimony Traditionnelle is its 14-day tourbillion system that has been made possible with the creation of the cutting edge Calibre 2260 hand-wounding tourbillon movement that provides the watch with exceptional accuracy. This gorgeous timepiece carries the brand’s signatures Maltese Cross, which has been crafted in at the six o’clock position and showcases the watch’s inner components. The hour markers are fabricated from pink gold and exuberate refined elegance on a silver toned dial. The case of this fabulous timepiece is made from pink gold and measures a significant 42 diameter, while bring 12.20 mm thick
  14. 14. Datograph AUF/AB Flyback Chronograph
  15. 15. Datograph AUF/AB Flyback ChronographGerman luxury brand is all set to showcase the evolution ofthe original Datograph, in the form of the all new DatographAUF/AB Fly back Chronograph. company has even adoptedan indigenously developed balance spring to provideenhanced performance. Now to aesthetics of the DatographAUF/AB Flyback Chronograph. A. Lange & Söhne has slightlyenlarged the case of the watch from 39 mm to 41 mm and theheight has been stretched to 13.1 mm. the FlybackChronograph features a manual winding mechanism andcomes with a power reserve indicator that is convenientlypositioned at the six o’clock on the watch’s dial.
  16. 16. Slim Classique (RL 867)
  17. 17. Slim Classique (RL 867)Widely regarded as one of the most expensive watches,the RL 867 has been designed primarily for men and hasbeen named after the company’s flagship store at 867Madison Avenue, in New York. With its marvellousdesign and stunning looks, the RL 867 is event deemedsuitable for ladies and the watch has been incorporatedwith a Caliber RL430 hand-winding movement that wasdeveloped by Piguet. On the aesthetics side of theequation, the Slim Classique (RL 867) sports a 5.75 mmthick case that has been crafted from 18 carat white gold.
  18. 18. Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun Miramar
  19. 19. Pilot’s Watch Chronograph Top Gun MiramarTop Gun Miramar is being introduced as part of thecompany’s pilot watch collection and the name of thewatch is inspired from the US Navy Fighter WeaponsSchool. This most expensive watch features an IWCdeveloped Caliber 89365 movement that is equallycomplemented with a fly back function, as well as anastounding 168 hours of power reserve. The dial of theTop Gun Miramar is styled on military patterns andfeatures a combination of camouflage colors. The frontcase of the watch is crafted from ceramic (zirconiumoxide), while the back case is made from titanium.
  20. 20. Richard Mille RM037
  21. 21. Richard Mille RM037 Considered to be a highly complicated and most expensive timepiece, the RM037 is an exceptional masterpiece in terms of the watch’s movement. The most striking element of the new watch is its mechanism, which is skeletonized automatic movement that has been made entirely from 5 grade titanium. The crown component of the RM037 is also made from titanium, while offering the customers with an option of white or red gold for the crown. The RM037 boasts of a stunning transparent dial that provides an obstructed view of the watch’s mechanism, while sporting Roman numerals as hour markers.
  22. 22. Grand Complication Skeleton Pocket Watch
  23. 23. Grand Complication Skeleton Pocket WatchSkeleton Pocket Watch will be launched in a limited editionformat, with only ten pieces marked for production. Thepocket watch is powered by a Calibre 9436 MC Renaud etPapi hand-winding movement and the design of the watchhas been keep completely transparent. This gorgeous watchdisplays its internal mechanism from both sides and comeswith a signature ‘C’ shaped bridge. One of the biggesttechnological upgrade to the watch is the use of perpetualcalendar with jumping hands, carrying out user commandsin real time. The Complication Skeleton Pocket Watch iscrafted entirely from polished white gold and measures 59mm in diameter.
  24. 24. Cadran Lové Tourbillon Watch
  25. 25. Cadran Lové Tourbillon WatchThe all new Cadran Lové Tourbillon Watch carries a phenomenalTourbillon movement that even carries with it the prestigiousGeneva Seal. Considered to be one of the most expensivewatch, the Tourbillion Watch is powered by a state of the artCaliber 9458MC hand-winding mechanism that itself is made upof 167 components and 19 jewels and sports a 50 hour powerreserve. What makes this wonderful timepiece all the moreexciting is the use of a flying tourbillon complication, whereinthe tourbillon casing is installed in a manner that it gives afloating effect above the dial. The Tourbillon Watch carries a casethat measures 46.2 mm in diameter and is crafted from greygold, while featuring a beaded crown. Customers will beprovided with a black semi-matt alligator skin strap that isaccompanied by 18 carat grey gold buckle and the production ofthis fabulous watch has been limited to just 100 pieces.
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