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Red bull

  1. 1. PCTEPresented by:- Nishant Tarush Ankur Millicent Elvin
  2. 2. Red Bull gives you wings
  3. 3. • Red Bull can be called pioneer in energy drink worldwide.• Red Bull is the most popular energy drink in the world, with 3 billion cans sold each year.• The brand came into existence in 1984.• The brand came to India in 2003.
  4. 4. • Red Bull has an accessed market share of 42% in global energy drink market.• Red Bull is a sports drink.
  5. 5. Red Bull cans
  6. 6. Strength• Market leadership within the energy drink segment.• Marketing efforts – Lots and lots of promotion and well targeted campaigns and sponsorships e.g. Red Bull Racing F1, Nascar racing, Motocross and Red Bull Salzburg (Football).• Strong, fresh and fashionable brand identity.
  7. 7. Weakness• Above average prices.• Reliant on small product base – Red Bull energy drink( along with a sugar free variety).• Inexperience – Only 8 years in India
  8. 8. Opportunities• Extension of product line – Help to retain the market share.• Hardcore advertisement and promotion.• Consumer recognition through sponsorship of sports event.
  9. 9. Threats• Health concerns – Tougher rules from govt on high caffeine content.• Consumer may start to drink other alternative as better health make.• Organic energy drinks in market might steal the RB share.
  10. 10. Promotion opportunity analysis• Competitive analysis• Opportunity analysis• Target market analysis• Customer analysis• Market segmentation strategies
  11. 11. Competitive analysisThe energy drink segment
  12. 12. Opportunity analysis• Red Bull has a niche market and is yet to to percolate in the mass market.
  13. 13. Target market analysis• Core target segment includes age of 15 – 60.• RB energy drink with higher sugar level is popular among children and women• Strong flavors are generally preferred by men.• Studies say 65% of market consists males.
  14. 14. Customer analysis• Young people are especially open to determined exhaustion and insufficient energy.• As a result majority of energy drinks are developed and advertised to the younger generation.• Appeals to very specialized groups such as gamers, extreme sports enthusiasts and hip-hop crowd
  15. 15. Target customers• Insufficient sleep• Need energy ( in general )• Studying of major project• Driving car ( for a long period of time )• Mixed with alcohol while partying• Treat hangover
  16. 16. Market segmentation stratergies• Red Bull avoids usual method of marketing, relying more on buzz marketing or ‘word of mouth’.• Red Bull advertise directly to generation-Y( people born after 1981).
  17. 17. Distribution Stratergies• Intensive distribution aims to provide saturation market by using all availabe outlet such as :-• Gyms• Coffee houses ( Barista, Café coffee day, costa)• Pizza Outlets• Colleges• Super market
  18. 18. Advertisement Source• Social media - social metworking sites such as facebook, my space, Hi5 etc.• TV Media – NDTV, Tensports, Sony tv, MTV, Star World, TLC etc.• Magazines – Femina, Top Gear, Play Boy ,Vouge etc.
  19. 19. Social Media
  20. 20. Print Media Advertisement
  21. 21. A common Red Bull Cola campaign car
  22. 22. Red Bull in India!! F1 Red Bull Renault car Showing its speed in India Gate road, Delhi. Promoting F1 and Red Bull image
  23. 23. Consumer Promotion• Red Bull sponsors the motorsports or fun sports, but always where Red Bull is needed.• Red Bull has its own sports team such as Red Bull Renault in F1, RB Nascar in nascar, Red Bull Salzburg in football ( Austria ) , Red Bull Motocross.• This leads to attract more and more customer and creates positive impact on people.
  24. 24. Sebastian Vettel – TwoTime formula 1 champion
  25. 25. Advertising Appeals• Humor Appeal• Brand Appeal• Adventure appeal
  26. 26. Stats• Net sales – 4.98 Billion $ ( 2010 ) No. of can sold – 3 Billion (2010 )• 50 Million $ - Advertising expenses• 42% market share in energy drink market.
  27. 27. Advertising Agency* Kastner & Partners and AMS Media Group *