Filesharing using bittorrent protocol


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Filesharing using bittorrent protocol.In this ppt i explained the concept of dropbox and bittorrent and using these 2 concept how we can efficiently implement the file sharing concept.

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Filesharing using bittorrent protocol

  1. 1. Filesharing using bittorrent protocol.
  2. 2. Introduction • To implement the bittorrent protocol in direct connect and server based network.
  3. 3. Basic Idea Dropbox Direct connect (DC++)
  4. 4. Dropbox Features File Sync File Sharing Online Backup Web Access Security Privacy Mobile Devise Access
  5. 5. Internal working The software does not use any third-party file sync or version control libraries. The Dropbox client enables users to drop any file into a designated folder that is then synced with Drop box's Internet service.  focusing on synchronization and sharing
  6. 6. Storing Sharing
  7. 7. Syncing………
  8. 8. • It has been built on a technology which makes it possible to distribute large amounts of data without the need of high capacity server and expensive bandwidth. Bittorrent Protocol
  9. 9. Browser computer Torrent file Torrent file Downloading torrent file
  10. 10. What are peers? • A node or computer that does not have the complete file. • Perform a handshake to start the communication. • They pass a number of messages between them to send data and control the interactions.
  11. 11. How Tracker Works? • Tracker is a server that manages the file transfer process. • Helps peers to find each other. • Peers request a tracker for other peers having the required pieces of data. • Tracker responds with a list of peers that have the requested piece.
  12. 12. Computer 1 Computer 2 Peer Peer Peer Tracker User Computer 3 Torrent file Bitorrent Protocol
  13. 13. Characteristics:  Not depend on a single source.  A central server is not needed.  Prevents tampered or broken files from being shared  More the number of users, greater will be the transfer rate.  Reduces the traffic overload, because this protocol uses less bandwidth to share files across the network.
  14. 14. working
  15. 15. Central server Keeps track of peers and seeds available for each file. Keeps track of files of connected nodes. Acts as a tracker of bittorrent.
  16. 16. Advantage and Conclusion • No need to maintain a bulky server for client server model. • Using bittorrent protocol helps to make better use of bandwidth and faster transfer. • Each node need not be online to serve its data since there are multiple seeds.
  17. 17. Thank You