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maths ppt on circles


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it contains some theorems of circles

maths ppt on circles

  1. 1. •A circle is the collection of all points inthe plane, which are equidistant from afixed point in the plane.• A circle is a plane figure.• Euclid discovered the circle.•The fixed point is called the centre ofthe circle• The fixed distance is called the radiusof the circle.• The longest chord of the circle is thediameter of the circle.
  2. 2. If the length of two chordsare equal then theirdistance from centre isalso equal.
  3. 3. D OA C B
  4. 4. O is the centre.AB and CD are two equal chords.Angle AOB = Angle COD
  5. 5. In AOB and COD AO = CO (Radius of circle) AB = CD (Given) OB = OD (Radius of circle) By SSS Congruence rule, AOB is congruent to CODBy c o r r e s p o n d i n g p a r t o fc o n g r u e n t t r i a n g l e A n g l e A OB = A n g l e COD
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