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CMMP Designations


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Certified Marketing Management Professional (CMMP®) designations lead to the greatest
selection of career opportunities within the
Marketing and Management areas.

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CMMP Designations

  1. 1. CMMP® designations lead to the greatestselection of career opportunities within theMarketing and Management areas
  2. 2.  “Marketing and innovation produce results; all the rest arecosts. Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of thebusiness.” – Peter Drucker The purpose of marketing is to achieve organizationalgoals by determining the needs and wants of customers anddelivering the desired benefits. Marketing is the area of management responsible forresearching and satisfying customer needs, through productand service development, planning, pricing, advertising,promotion and distribution. Marketing as a subject has its roots in a diverse range ofdisciplines such as economics, psychology, sociology,anthropology, and statistics.Importance of Marketing
  3. 3.  No business around the world, can afford to ignore theimportance of marketing. Whether it is a large business orsmall, non-profit organization or industrial productmanufacturers. Every company needs marketing in order to createawareness for them and their products and services in orderto stay competitive. Consequently, marketing positions canbe found in every business sector:Marketing JobsBusiness Sectors: Manufacturing Sector Retailing Wholesaling Service Marketing Government International MarketingNon-Business Sectors: Non-Business Organizations Hospitals Museums Educational Institutions Political Parties Charitable Organizations
  4. 4. The International Institute of Marketing Professionals (IIMP®)has developed CMMP® designations that lead to thefollowing marketing management careers that can contributeto any business sectors:CMMP® Career Paths Account Based Marketing Affiliate Marketing Brand Management Consultancy Consumer Behavior Customer Relationship Digital Marketing Experiential Marketing Global Marketing Integrated Communications Internet Marketing Key Account Management Marketing Channels Management Marketing Ethics & Compliance Marketing Intelligence System Performance Measurement Marketing Planning Marketing Research New Product Development Pricing Strategy/Methodology Relationship Marketing Social Media Marketing Sustainability Marketing Value-Based Marketing
  5. 5.  Introduction: The International Institute of MarketingProfessionals (IIMP®) is the worlds leading global network ofthe marketing community. It is a not-for-profit professionalentity found on July 29th 2009 with a head office in Toronto,Canada. Mission: IIMP’s mission entails promoting confidence inthe Marketing Profession around the world through industryadvancement of its members and working towards publicinterest. Vision: IIMP’s vision entails becoming the premiere bodyin setting standards for certifying marketing practitioners andacademics around the world. Core Values:Integrity – Knowledge – Excellence – ProfessionalismAbout IIMP®
  6. 6. IIMP® is devoted to executing the following goals: Publishing the International Journal of Marketing Principlesand Practices - IJMPP, a high quality scholarly publication. Publishing the Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards™. The establishment of relationships with marketing associationsand the development of IIMP® Chapters. The accreditation and recognition of training centres. Organizing & participating in major marketing conferences. Establishing awards program to recognize accomplishmentsof marketing practitioners. The establishment of Certified Marketing ManagementProfessional – CMMP® Designations.Major Goals of IIMP®
  7. 7. Designations based upon the Internationally AcceptedMarketing Standards (IAMST) with the following objectives: The development of the CMMP® designations Developing standards to gain high-quality, practicality andenforceability Implementing the best practices, polices andaccountability in the field of marketing Establishing integrity & ethical conduct in the profession Providing credibility to the marketing practices,interactions and transactions Distinguishing the marketing field from other disciplines Providing a framework and reference for trainingprograms and marketing designations.Setting Marketing Standards
  8. 8.  CMMP® designation holders will gain a deep andcomprehensive knowledge of key areas in the marketing. Achievement of the CMMP® designation will denote theattainment of the highest professional education and ethicalstandards in Marketing. The CMMP® is a mark of distinction for those whodemonstrate commitment to the marketing profession. The CMMP® designation provides marketing practitionerswith the specialized knowledge, confidence and credibilityneeded to get ahead and take charge of their marketingoriented careers. CMMP® professionals will be able to demonstrate theirleadership skills and marketing expertise within theirorganizations.CMMP® Designation Holders
  9. 9.  CMMP® (Certified Marketing Management Professional)is a globally-recognized and well respected measure ofprofessional and academic excellence in the practice ofmarketing. The CMMP® designation program is delivered byimplementing state-of-the-art handbooks. These areguidelines and a references for marketing professionals allover the world.CMMP® Designations: Associate CMMP® Manager CMMP® Executive CMMP® Chartered CMMP®CMMP® Designations
  10. 10.  Associate CMMP® is an Introductory Level Globally-Recognized Marketing Designation Designed for New Marketing Professionals Encourages Professionals belonging to disciplines outsideof marketing Suitable for Marketing Students Pursuing a MarketingDegree Account Officers, Marketing Associates, Client ServiceRepresentatives, Assistants to Marketing Officers, TerritoryOfficers, Sales Officers and Call Center Officers etc. Provides a valuable foundation in marketing to non-marketing professionals like Engineers, Pharmacists, Lawyers,SME Entrepreneurs and Educators etc.Associate CMMP®
  11. 11.  Manager CMMP® is an Intermediate Level Globally-Recognized Marketing Designation Designed for marketing professionals who would likedeepen their knowledge of marketing. Will enhance the credentials of marketing professionalsand will empower them to better tackle the challenges ofdirecting successful marketing teams Suitable for Marketing Managers, MarketingCoordinators, Marketing Communication Managers,Outlet Managers, Marketing Research Managers, SalesManagers, Distribution and Logistic Managers, SalesEngineers and IT Business Development Managers etc.Manager CMMP®
  12. 12.  Executive CMMP® is an Advanced Level Globally-RecognizedMarketing Designation Designed especially for developing marketing professionals who haveto meet customer needs in the rapidly growing and globally competitivemarkets around the world. Certification holders will be better equipped to face the challenges thattechnological innovations require, and will enhance their diverseresponsibilities and leadership in their respective organizations. Targeted to Marketing professionals who require quick decision makingskills, an expertise in new product development rules and policies, andplay a role in recruiting and training new professionals for theirdepartments. Focused to help develop creative insights and analytical skills valuedin the global market. Suitable for Marketing Executives, Product Planners, R&D Executives,Seniors in Marketing Personnel Departments, Senior position holder inLogistics and Distribution professionals and for professionals working inExecutive positions in Marketing Information Systems etc.Executive CMMP®
  13. 13.  Chartered CMMP® is a Professional Globally-RecognizedMarketing Designation Developed for professionals in the senior most positions inthe marketing departments of their organizations Professionals seeking this designation will be able toprovide effective and efficient performance of their businessoperations/units. The credential will recognize experts who are specialized intheir field of operation. The certification will enhance their ability to influence directchange in a variety of management structures. Suitable for Chief Marketing Officer, Senior Vice President ofMarketing, Vice President of Marketing, Marketing Directors,Marketing Educators, Deputy Director Marketing,Regional/Country Head Marketing and Marketing Consultants.Chartered CMMP®
  14. 14.  Demonstrate 2-year diploma in marketing/business Demonstrate 1-year of practical work experience Complete Associate CMMP® handbook training Demonstrate professional competencies at workplace Successfully pass the final integrated exam Demonstrate 4-year undergraduate degree in marketing/business Demonstrate 2-year of practical work experience Complete Manager CMMP® handbook training Demonstrate professional competencies at workplace Successfully pass the final integrated exam Demonstrate master’s degree in marketing/business Demonstrate 4-year of practical work experience Complete Executive CMMP® handbook training Demonstrate professional competencies at workplace Successfully pass the final integrated exam Demonstrate master’s degree in marketing/business Demonstrate 6-year of practical work experience Complete Chartered CMMP® handbook training Demonstrate professional competencies at workplace Successfully pass the final integrated exam Successfully complete the practical projectQualification to Become CMMP®
  15. 15. The following senior advisory teams at IIMP® participated indeveloping the CMMP®:Internationally Accepted Marketing Standards Board (IAMSB): The development of CMMP® designations based upon InternationallyAccepted Marketing Standards was led by the Internationally AcceptedMarketing Standards Board which represents G-20 countries; the IAMSBoard members include senior academic leaders from reputable businessschools and Chief Marketing Officers from major corporations.International Advisory Council for the Marketing Profession (IACMP): The International Advisory Council for the Marketing Profession (IACMP)represents 192 countries, which consists of a broad cross-section ofacademic leaders, consultants and business professionals with extensiveexperience and expertise in the marketing field.Advisory Council of Marketing Practitioners (ACMP): The Advisory Council of Marketing Practitioners (ACMP) consists ofpractitioners working within the areas of marketing at management levels.These council members contribute by providing feedback based upon theirpractical experiences.CMMP® Development Team
  16. 16. CMMP® Handbook Authors Prof. Dr. Appalayya Meesala, MBA, PhD Prof. Dr. Koen Pauwels, PhD (Marketing) Prof. Dr. Naushadul Haque Mullick, PhD Prof. Dr. Reinaldo Gregori, MA, PhD Prof. Fabiano Cucolo, MS, GIS, PhD Candidate Prof. Dr. Fernando Zerboni, PhD Prof. Jagdish Khatri, BE (Mech.), MBA Prof. Kunal Gaurav, M.B.A, PhD (Marketing) Prof. Shyama Kumari, MBA, PhD Candidate Dr. Aftab Alam, PhD (Business Administration) Dr. Alexandra Fenzl, PhD Dr. Alan Kaplan PhD (Business) Dr. Arthur Arzumanian, MBA, PhD (Economics) Dr. Bikramjit Rishi, MBA, PhD (Management) Dr. Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan, PhD (Marketing) Dr. Christophe Bisson, PhD Dr. Doroteya Naboko, MSc, PhD (Pharmacy) Dr. Hanoku Bathula, PhD Dr. Jean-Paul Peronard, MSc, PhD (Marketing) Dr. Kamen Boyanov Spassov, MBA, PhD Dr. Madhavi (Ayyagari) Ganju, PhD (Marketing) Dr. Martin Zemborain, MBA, PhD (Marketing) Dr. Sanjaya Singh Gaur, PhD Dr. Slavica Cicvaric Kostic, PhD (Marketing & PR) Dr. Suneel Sethi, PhD, MABC, FIMM, MIMA, A-IIMA Dr. Tamara Vlastelica Baki, PhD (Marketing) Dr. Veena Tewari Nandi, MBA, PhD (Marketing) Dr. Vimi Jham, PhD (Relationship Marketing) Dr. Yoosuf Cader, Masters in Marketing, PhD Dr. Zafer Oter, MSc, PhD Mr. Teofilovic Djordje, MBA, DBA Marketing (C) Ms. Laura Callow, B.Com, MBA Mr. Mihajlo Popesku, PhD candidate Mr. Md. Jahangir Alam, BA, MBA (Marketing) Mr. Mohamed T. Kesseba, CM, MBA, DBA Candidate Mr. Sumardy Ma, MM (Marketing) Ms. Tasnim Eran, MS (International Marketing) Ms. Victoria Saridou, MBA
  17. 17. Dr. Sofia Daskou, PhD (Marketing)“The IIMP® honours its responsibility in assuring the apt application of marketing byoffering the CMMP® program to professionals who wish to excel in improving theirmarketing competencies.”Dr. Alan Kaplan, B.Econ (Hons), M.Comm, CPM, PhD (Business)“The tremendous depth of international marketing talent that underpins the CMMP®, aswell as the constant drive to be at the cutting edge of marketing at the highest level, willensure that the CMMP® is truly a professional designation that will have a major impact inmarketing circles and far beyond.”Dr. Yasser Aly, MBA, PhD (Business Administration)“The holders of CMMP® would enjoy globally a sustainable competitive advantage in theworkforce markets, be competent, proud and self-confident, present higher performanceand, in return, expect career advancement.”Dr. Inma Rodríguez-Ardura, Doctorate in Economics and Business Sciences“An industry-based certificate for marketing management professionals, like CMMP®designation, can allow marketing practitioners to illustrate a high level of competence andachievement within the profession.”Dr. Suneel Sethi, PhD (Business Admin.), MABC (USA), FIMM, MIMA, A-IIMA“The CMMP® handbook is but only a single important tool for the practice of marketingprofession, to begin with, and I hope there would be many more to follow, for the privilegedCertified Marketing Management Professional members of IIMP®.”Testimonials For CMMP®Dr. Sofia DaskouDr. Alan KaplanDr. Yaseer AlyDr. Inma Rodríguez-ArduraDr. Suneel Sethi
  18. 18. If you are looking for ways to expand your marketingprofessional expertise and academic background to a greaterreach then take the first step today, visit the website and apply tojoin the CMMP® program:International Institute of Marketing Professionals499 Ray Lawson, Blvd., Unit #24, Suite 185Brampton L6Y 4E6, Ontario, Canadawww.theiimp.orgJoin Today, Become a CMMP®