2013 Young Lions Media


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2013 Young Lions Media

  1. 1. Animal WatchNisan İlçiz Sercan Yılmazkul
  2. 2. ObjectivesIssues to be covered: Pet Shops – Shelters – Education of Masses Alternate way Create Long Term to engage Awareness = Habit people After campaign periodDuring campaign period: After the campaign period Building educationHigh/compulsory(!) engagement will be created programmeComposing urgent and effective public awareness Establishing a long term habit in people
  3. 3. ToolsInsight: Ignorance of the peopleCampaign Idea : The Aw file, a friendly trojan that willinfluence the perception of people.(with partnership of Norton, Kaspersky, McAfee, Avast, etc.)Mission: To engage people with AwInsight: Having pets as an entertainment object for their kidsLong Last Action: PET ME (An education system linked to theprimary target audience.Mission: To educate kids
  4. 4. Media Strategy – Multi-channel PlatfromOverall View 12 – 15 Sep: Teaser 15 Sep – 4 Oct: Campaign Idea AW 4 Oct: Long lasting action: Pet Me
  5. 5. Media Strategy – Multichannel PlatfromTeaser : 12 – 15 SeptemberCreating Buzz before the campaign starts
  6. 6. Media Strategy – Multichannel Platfrom15 Sept – 4 Oct : Campaign Period - AWSpread of AW (Friendly Trojan) 15 September- Announcement of AW Until Oct 4 everday pop-up Collecting users (12-15 Sept) Per engagement Outcome Amplifications: Engagement: donates money via sponsers
  7. 7. Media Strategy – Multichannel Platfrom15 Sept – 4 Oct : Campaign Period - AW Earned media Owned media
  8. 8. Media Strategy – Multichannel PlatfromAfter campaign period: Making a Habit - PET MELong term education progamme
  9. 9. Summary Insights Tools Achieved Goals 1. People ignore 1.Aroused public1. Petshop animal issues (lack of awereness + awereness) engagement 2. Having pets as an 2. Long Lasting Action obeject = Habit2. Shelters3. Education How did we apply this process?Starting Point: Multi Media Platform: Long Lasting ActionCreating buzz to ready for Amplify – Engage - Act Making a Habit:campaign
  10. 10. Thank you...