Tuned into Expression Engine CMS


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Lighthearted Expression Engine introduction by The Design Council

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Tuned into Expression Engine CMS

  1. 1. Tuned Into Expression Engine Introduction by The Design CouncilAll logos/trademarks are copyright of their respective owners and are in no way an endorsement of Expression Engine or services offered by The Design Council. Various product information within this presentation has been replicated from the Expression Engine website and credit lies with EllisLab, Inc. Sites running Expression Engine - Source Credit : Venveo - Significant Websites that run on ExpressionEngine, Jul 25, 2012 and http://builtwith.com/
  2. 2. What is Expression Engine? Commercial Product + Open Source = Perfection ExpressionEngine is a commercial CMS product built on an Open Source foundation, giving you the best of both worlds.Expression Engines codebase is 100% open, transparent, and extensible!
  3. 3. Why Expression Engine? Incredible power and flexibility!No design limitations - publishing features are broad, comprehensive, and highly flexible. Built for speed - with advanced data caching features Secure - the most comprehensive suite of security features of any publishing platform Members - A robust and flexible membership system Search - ExpressionEngine has a powerful built-in search engine and query tools. EASY TO USE AND SO DAMN SMART - YOUR STAFF WILL LOVE IT!
  4. 4. Site 1 Site 2 Site 3 Multi site enabled! Lets work together & share!The Multiple Site Manager enables you to manage multiple websites from a single ExpressionEngine installation.
  5. 5. Build for growth! Over 20 add-on modules & 100 + plugins! from small productivity enhancements, advanced functional requirements or custom content delivery,no matter how intense or unique your project requirements are, youll be able to make it happen with ExpressionEngine.
  6. 6. Easy to administer! Built around your content structure! ExpressionEngine has one of the most robust, intuitive back-end systems available.Making the most complex of sites simple and inviting to manage , with data entry options that fit your workflow
  7. 7. In love with search! URLs are human-readable and search engine friendly!Referrer Tracking, Hit Tracking, Statistical Tracking, Online User Tracking , Search Term Log Optional integrated Google Analytics viewed direct from your controlpanel ..nice! And with Expression Engine it is extremely easy to enable access to relevant meta data
  8. 8. Great support structure! Being a commercial CMS - EE has an active product development scheduleBecause it’s commercial software, real resources are dedicated to writing quality documentation for ExpressionEngine. With dedicated support staff employed to offer on-going product assistance.
  9. 9. Content & Commerce together again... the ability to extend EE with advanced store front modules Take advantage of the power & flexibility of Expression Engine,whilst managing product orders / inventory / sales & reporting direct from your controlpanel
  10. 10. Who is using Expression Engine? Expression Engine powers a huge variety of sites including some you may know.. Orcon Internet Barack Obama (orcon.net.nz) (barackobama.com) BMI Music (bmi.com)Warner Bros Australia (warnerbros.com.au) Nickelodeon (nickelodeon.fr) Campaign Monitor (campaignmonitor.com) Evernote Yoko Hama Tires (yokohamatire.com) (trunk.evernote.com)
  11. 11. Experience Counts!We have completed over 34 successful Expression Engine site builds That’s over 3220 content pages published, 7890 images & documents managed 40 060 members registered , 611 000 site visits...give or take a few. Email: info@thedesigncouncil.co.nz | Visit: http://www.thedesigncouncil.co.nz