Readers Club Survey


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Readers Club Survey

  1. 1. Readers Club Survey Analysis
  2. 2. Survey done by- Team E• Nirupam Vinod (leader)• Vishnu V Kumar• Sharan Kishore• Krishnaprasad• Anjana C.P
  3. 3. Readers Club Survey• The Readers Club Survey was conducted during December – February as part of the project. A total of 19 students were surveyed and their analysis was prepared. There were 15 students from CBSE schools and 4 from State schools. All the respondents had Malayalam as their Mother Tongue. The complete analysis is as follows -
  4. 4. Classes 16%47% 11% CLASS 6 5% CLASS 7 CLASS 8 CLASS 9 21% CLASS 10
  5. 5. Are you a boy/ girl?42% 58% BOYS GIRLS
  6. 6. Leisure activity of students 16% 26% READING 10% MUSIC SPORTS0% GOING OUT COMPUTER/INTERNET 16% TELEVISION 32%
  7. 7. Do you enjoy reading? 11% Yes No 89%
  8. 8. Reason for not reading 5% 5% 0% Parents do not allow Books not available I do read books I don’t like it don’t have time 90%
  9. 9. Preferred Language1614121086420 English Hindi Malayalam
  10. 10. Reason for reading 5%45% 40% Teachers Insistence 10% For Information To improve GK For Pleasure
  11. 11. Average reading in a week7654 73 621 2 2 20 0 ONCE TWICE THRICE 4-5 TIMES DAILY RARELY
  12. 12. Duration of readingMore than 3 hours 2-3 hours 1-2 hours Less than 1 hour 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
  13. 13. All the schools have libraries in their schools and a majority ofstudents visit their libraries other than their Library periods. Do you have a library in your Do you visit the library other school? than your library periods? 0% 11% Yes Yes 100% No 89% No
  14. 14. Purpose of visiting library other than their Library periods 0% 5% 5% 16% Accompanying a friend To get books issued To refer to a book 74% Consult the libarian Never visit
  15. 15.  Almost 58% of the students visit other libraries and for a majority of students School Library is the source for getting reading materials(58%) All the students borrow books from the school library and 74% of them take Recreations such as Novels, Stories etc. English is the most read language(89%) followed by Malayalam(37%) and Hindi(11%). GK and Fact books are the most referred books (63%) followed by Encyclopedias(53%) and Dictionaries(37%). News papers are read by all the students while only 68% of the students read Magazines. The Hindu is the most read paper(68%) while Mathrubhumi and Malayalamanorama are read by 63% and 26% of the students respectively.
  16. 16.  79% of the students get the news papers and magazines through Subscription at home. Sports is the most read section (63%) followed by Editorial(37%). Local News is the next most read section. National News and International News are read in small quantities. The students were asked to rank the books. Among our respondents General Knowledge was the most ranked.
  17. 17. Ranking of type of books Biographies 9% 7% Poems 7% 7% Comics 9% 10% General Knowledge Art 11%10% Environment 7% Fiction 6% 8% 9% Drama Jokes Sports Science Computer
  18. 18.  63% of the students said that they have a library at home. 74% of the students said that they write the reviews of the books that they have read. 37% of the students read 3-4 books in a month. 26% of the students read 5-6 books while 21% of the students read 1-2 books in a month. 11& of the students read 7-8 books in a month and 5% read more than 9 books in a month. 37% of the students pick a book by reading its review while for others Friends opinion counts. 26% of the students just picks up the book randomly. 11% of the students choose the books because of their Parents recommendation. 42% of the students said that they read books on internet while others said that they don’t read them because of different reasons some of them being that they don’t like it, they are not aware and no internet connection.
  19. 19. Main sources for information InternetFriends/Teachers CD/DVD Library 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
  20. 20. Rate the collection in your Library 5% 21% 16% Excellent Very Good Good Ssatisfactory 21% Needs Improvement 37%
  21. 21.  All the students agreed that reading is very important for students. 53% of the students agreed to the talk that is going on in the public- that reading is diminishing. 58% of the students have no preference to the reading times while 26% of the students said that they prefer reading at night. Enid Blyton, Charles Dickens, Chetan Bagat, Roald Dahl and many more authors made it to the list of the students favorite authors. Books written by these authors and also a few extras were there in the list of Favorite books.
  22. 22. How to improve reading habit and library usage First of all the school libraries need to be made a attractive place so that students feel visiting the library Books available in the library is also important. Studies are to be done to assess the taste of students and the books suitable for the students to be made available. Librarian and teachers should motivate the students to read by making them aware of the benefits Competitions and programmes must be there to attract students Motivation like rewards and prizes for their
  23. 23.  Survey collected by: Nirupam, Anjana CP, Sharan Kishore Data Entry : Anjana, Krishnaprasad, Vishnu V Kumar Analysis of Data: Nirupam, Vishnu V Kumar, Sharan Kishore Presentation by: Nirupam Vinod
  24. 24. Thanks Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan for the infrastructure and other facilities Our Principal madam for the encouragement and support Our Teacher for their guidance Our Guide Mr. Mujib Rahiman, Librarian for giving this opportunity to be a part of the project Our parents for their support and love Members of Readers Club for their help All the participants of this survey