How To Modify A Car


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This is a slide show explaining how to modify a car, as well as showing the aftermath of various cars after they have been modified. Cars have been around for many years now, and many individuals find it a hobby or quest to modify their car(s) and bring about an extreme and beautiful outcome. A person\'s imagination is their art work and a masterpeice can be created through just one thought.

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How To Modify A Car

  1. 1. 0866348 HOW TO MODIFY YOUR CAR “The New Obsession”
  2. 5. <ul><li>The life blood of modification lies within imagination. If you can imagine, then you have already finished part one of accomplishing the dream of modifying you car. Take a picture of your car and imagine what can be done to enhance the car’s appearance. </li></ul>
  3. 6. The Number Of Cars Made In Canada In 2008
  4. 7. Modified Cars In this time of age, more and more fads seem to be popping up about almost every second of the day. With this being true, there is one obsession though that seems to never die out but forever continue to live on, the art of modification. The love of modification and the element of modifying cars has been a national hobby since the late 1970’s until this present day. Once upon a time, just putting some nice looking rims on your automobile did the trick, but now modifying has revolutionized itself into being something much greater. This presentation shows in depth how to modify your car, how to make all heads turn and how to be adored by everyone. The love teenagers and young adults from all across the world have for the art of automobile modification is unquestionable, but many individuals do not know exactly what to do to their cars. That is why I want to teach the world how to make a dream come true and make imagination come to real life in the modification perspective. Through this presentation I hope to clearly teach the world of the greatest obsession that beholds all young people, the obsession of modification.
  5. 8. First the car will be given a shiny new chrome grill, then a MUGEN body kit. New style side mirrors and new tires. The car’s color coat will be changed to a gun metal grey paint. The windows will then be tinted a dark black, the headlights and taillights will be altered with HD lights, as well as the exhaust. Only one more phase needed to make your car the talk of the neighbourhood.
  6. 9. The final phase of the modification, is the most important. Chrome Rims!!!! Often called “DUBZ” or “WHEELZ”. This element is the most important aspect of the car in terms of modification. Imagine how nice you look in a pair of brand new shoes, that’s the feeling your car feels with a pair of 22inch rims.
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