Windows keyboard shortcuts


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Windows keyboard shortcuts

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Windows keyboard shortcuts

  2. 2. WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! General Keyboard ShortcutsCTRL+C CopyCTRL+X CutCTRL+V PasteCTRL+Z UndoDELETE DeleteSHIFT+DELETE Delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle BinCTRL while dragging an item Copy the selected itemCTRL+SHIFT while dragging an item Create a shortcut to the selected itemF2 key Rename the selected itemCTRL+RIGHT ARROW Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next wordCTRL+LEFT ARROW Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous wordCTRL+DOWN ARROW Move the insertion point to the beginning of the next paragraphCTRL+UP ARROW Move the insertion point to the beginning of the previous paragraphCTRL+SHIFT with any of the arrow keys Highlight a block of textSHIFT with any of the arrow keys Select more than one item in a window or on the desktop, or select text in a documentCTRL+A Select allF3 key Search for a file or a folderALT+ENTER View the properties for the selected itemALT+F4 Close the active item, or quit the active programALT+ENTER Display the properties of the selected objectALT+SPACEBAR Open the shortcut menu for the active windowCTRL+F4 Close the active document in programs that enable you to have multiple documents open simultaneouslyALT+TAB Switch between the open itemsALT+ESC Cycle through items in the order that they had been openedF6 key Cycle through the screen elements in a window or on the desktopF4 key Display the Address bar list in My Computer or Windows ExplorerSHIFT+F10 Display the shortcut menu for the selected itemALT+SPACEBAR Display the System menu for the active windowCTRL+ESC Display the Start menuALT+Underlined letter in a menu name Display the corresponding menuUnderlined letter in a command name on an open Perform the corresponding commandmenuF10 key Activate the menu bar in the active programRIGHT ARROW Open the next menu to the right, or open a submenuLEFT ARROW Open the next menu to the left, or close a submenuF5 key Update the active windowBACKSPACE View the folder one level up in My Computer or Windows ExplorerESC Cancel the current taskSHIFT when you insert a CD-ROM into the CD- Prevent the CD-ROM from automatically playingROM driveCTRL+SHIFT+ESC Open Task Manager
  3. 3. WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! Dialog Box Keyboard ShortcutsIf you press SHIFT+F8 in extended selection list boxes, you enable extended selection mode. In thisCTRL+TAB Move forward through the tabsCTRL+SHIFT+TAB Move backward through the tabsTAB Move forward through the optionsSHIFT+TAB Move backward through the optionsALT+Underlined letter Perform the corresponding command or select the corresponding optionENTER Perform the command for the active option or buttonSPACEBAR Select or clear the check box if the active option is a check boxArrow keys Select a button if the active option is a group of option buttonsF1 key Display HelpF4 key Display the items in the active listBACKSPACE Open a folder one level up if a folder is selected in the Save As or Open dialog box Windows Key ShortcutsWindows Logo Display or hide the Start menuWindows Logo+BREAK Display the System Properties dialog boxWindows Logo+D Display the desktopWindows Logo+M Minimize all of the windowsWindows Logo+SHIFT+M Restore the minimized windowsWindows Logo+E Open My ComputerWindows Logo+F Search for a file or a folderCTRL+Windows Logo+F Search for computersWindows Logo+F1 Display Windows HelpWindows Logo+ L Lock the keyboardWindows Logo+R Open the Run dialog boxWindows Logo+U Open Utility Manager Accessibility Keyboard ShortcutsRight SHIFT for eight seconds Switch FilterKeys either on or offLeft ALT+left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN Switch High Contrast either on or offLeft ALT+left SHIFT+NUM LOCK Switch the MouseKeys either on or offSHIFT five times Switch the StickyKeys either on or offNUM LOCK for five seconds Switch the ToggleKeys either on or offWindows Logo +U Open Utility Manager Windows Explorer Keyboard ShortcutsEND Display the bottom of the active windowHOME Display the top of the active windowNUM LOCK+Asterisk sign (*) Display all of the subfolders that are under the selected folderNUM LOCK+Plus sign (+) Display the contents of the selected folderNUM LOCK+Minus sign (-) Collapse the selected folderLEFT ARROW Collapse the current selection if it is expanded, or select the parent folderRIGHT ARROW Display the current selection if it is collapsed, or select the first subfolder
  4. 4. WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! Microsoft Internet Explorer Keyboard ShortcutsCTRL+B Open the Organize Favorites dialog boxCTRL+E Open the Search barCTRL+F Start the Find utilityCTRL+H Open the History barCTRL+I Open the Favorites barCTRL+L Open the Open dialog boxCTRL+N Start another instance of the browser with the same Web addressCTRL+O Open the Open dialog box, the same as CTRL+LCTRL+P Open the Print dialog boxCTRL+R Update the current Web pageCTRL+W Close the current window Character Map Keyboard ShortcutsAfter you double-click a character on the grid of characters, you can move through the grid by usingRIGHT ARROW Move to the right or to the beginning of the next lineLEFT ARROW Move to the left or to the end of the previous lineUP ARROW Move up one rowDOWN ARROW Move down one rowPAGE UP Move up one screen at a timePAGE DOWN Move down one screen at a timeHOME Move to the beginning of the lineEND Move to the end of the lineCTRL+HOME Move to the first characterCTRL+END Move to the last characterSPACEBAR Switch between Enlarged and Normal mode when a character is selected
  5. 5. WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! MS Access Keyboard ShortcutsCtrl-B BoldCtrl-F2 BuilderCtrl-W CloseCtrl-F4 CloseCtrl-C CopyCtrl-X CutCtrl-Y Cut current line and copy to ClipboardF6/Shift-F6 Cycle through sectionsCtrl-Tab Cycle through tab of each objects type (forward)Ctrl-Shift-Tab Cycle through tab of each objects type (backward)F11 Database windowCtrl - Delete current recordF2 Edit/Navigation mode (toggle)Ctrl-Tab/Shift-Tab Exit subform and move to next/previous field in next recordShift-Dn/Up Extend selection to next/previous recordCtrl-F FindShift-F4 Find NextShift-F3 Find PreviousCtrl-G GoToCtrl ; Insert current dateCtrl : Insert current timeCtrl-Alt-spacebar Insert default valueCtrl-Enter Insert new lineCtrl Insert value from same field in previous recordCtrl-I ItalicsF10 Menu barCtrl-Home/End Move to beginning/end of multiple-line fieldCtrl-Up/Dn Move to current field in first/last record (Navigation mode)Ctrl-Home Move to first field in first record (Navigation mode)Home/End Move to first/last field in current record (Navigation mode)Ctrl-End Move to last field in last record (Navigation mode)Home or Ctrl-Left Move to left edge of pageF5 Move to page number/record number boxEnd or Ctrl-Right Move to right edge of pageCtrl-N New (object)Ctrl + New record (add)Ctrl-F6 Next windowCtrl-O OpenF4 Open combo boxCtrl-Enter Open in Design viewCtrl-V PasteCtrl-P PrintAlt-Enter Property sheetF9 Refresh combo boxCtrl-H ReplaceShift-F9 Requery underlying tables in subformCtrl-S SaveF12 Save AsShift-Enter Save current recordCtrl-PgUp/PgDn Screen left/rightCtrl-spacebar Select/unselect column (Navigation mode)F7 Spelling/Grammar checkF6 Switch between upper/lower panesF5 Switch to Form viewCtrl-F8 Turn on Move modeCtrl-U UnderlineCtrl-Z UndoShift-F8 Undo previous extensionShift-F2 Zoom box
  6. 6. WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! MS Excel Keyboard ShortcutsF4 Absolute/relative/mixed reference Ctrl . Move to next corner of selectionAlt = AutoSum Shift-Enter Move up through a selectionCtrl-B Bold Ctrl-Shift-F3 Name a range (Insert/Name/Create)Ctrl-Shift _ Border lines off Ctrl-F3 Name a range (Insert/Name/Define)Ctrl-Shift & Border lines on Ctrl-N NewShift-F9 Calculate active sheet Ctrl-F6 Next windowF9 Calculate all worksheets Ctrl-PgUp Next worksheetCtrl-W Close Ctrl-O OpenShift-Backspace Collapse selection to active cell Ctrl-8 Outline symbols display/hideShift-F2 Comment insert/edit Ctrl-V PasteCtrl-C Copy F3 Paste named range (Insert/Name/Paste)Ctrl Copy formula from cell above Ctrl-Shift-F6 Previous windowCtrl-Shift " Copy value from cell above Ctrl-PgDn Previous worksheetCtrl-X Cut Ctrl-P PrintCtrl ; Date Shift-F4 Repeat FindCtrl - Delete range Ctrl-Y Repeat/RedoCtrl-Del Delete to end of line Ctrl-H ReplaceCtrl ` Show values/formulas Ctrl-S SaveF2 Edit cell F12 Save AsCtrl-Shift-Enter Enter formula as array Ctrl-Backspace Scroll to display active cellCtrl-D Fill down Ctrl / Select array to which active cell belongsCtrl-R Fill right Ctrl [ Select cells directly referred to by selected formulaCtrl-F Find Ctrl-Shift { Select cells referred to by selected formulaCtrl-Shift ! Format commas (2 decimal places) Ctrl-Shift ? Select cells with commentsCtrl-Shift $ Format currency (2 decimal places) Ctrl-spacebar Select columnCtrl-Shift # Format date (day, month, year) Ctrl-Shift * Select current regionCtrl-Shift ^ Format exponential number (2 decimal places) Ctrl ] Select formulas that directly refer to active cellCtrl-Shift ~ Format general number Ctrl-Shift } Select formulas that refer to active cellCtrl-Shift % Format percentage (0 decimal places) Ctrl-Shift-spacebar Select objects on worksheetCtrl-Shift @ Format time (hour and minute) Shift-spacebar Select row= Formula Shift-Home Select to beginning of rowShift-F3 Function Wizard Ctrl-Shift-Home Select to beginning of worksheetCtrl-G GoTo Ctrl-Shift-(Arrow) Select to edge of regionAlt-Shift-Right Group row/column End, Shift-Enter Select to end of rowAlt-Enter Hard Return in cell Ctrl-Shift-End Select to end of worksheetCtrl-0 (zero) Hide selected column(s) Alt ; Select visible cells in selectionCtrl-9 Hide selected row(s) Ctrl-A Select worksheetF11 Insert chart sheet Shift-F10 Shortcut menuCtrl-Shift-A Insert Function components F7 Spelling and Grammar checkCtrl-Shift-Plus Insert range Ctrl-5 Strikethrough on/offShift-F11 Insert worksheet Alt Style boxCtrl-I Italics Ctrl-Alt-Tab Tab insertedF10 Menu bar Ctrl-Shift-Colon TimeCtrl-Alt-Left/Right Move between noncontiguous selections Ctrl-U UnderlineAlt-PgUp/PgDn Move left/right one screen Ctrl-Z UndoCtrl-Home Move to beginning of worksheet Alt-Shift-Left Ungroup row/columnCtrl-Arrow Move to edge of region Ctrl-Shift ) Unhide column(s)End, Enter Move to end of row Ctrl-Shift ( Unhide row(s)Ctrl-End Move to end of worksheet
  7. 7. WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! MS Outlook Keyboard ShortcutsCtrl-Shift-F Advanced FindCtrl-B Bold (Contacts notes section)Ctrl-B Bold (RichText or HTML mail)F9 (Outlook 2003) Check for new mailF5 (Outlook 2000,2002) Check for new mailAlt-F4 Close a windowEsc Close a windowCtrl-C CopyCtrl-Shift-A Create AppointmentCtrl-Shift-C Create ContactCtrl-Shift-G Create Flag for follow-upCtrl-Shift-E Create FolderCtrl-Shift-Q Create Meeting RequestCtrl-Shift-M Create MessageCtrl-Shift-N Create NoteCtrl-Shift-K Create TaskCtrl-Shift-U Create Task RequestCtrl-X CutCtrl-D Delete opened item- (Numeric keypad) Folder List - Collapse selected folder* (Numeric keypad) Folder List - Expand selected folderCtrl-Y Folder List - OpenCtrl-F Forward selected mailCtrl-I Italics (Contacts notes section)Ctrl-I Italics (RichText or HTML mail)Ctrl-Q Mark item as readPgDn Move down one screenHome Move to first itemEnd Move to last itemPgUp Move up one screenCtrl-N Create new default itemF11 Open “Find a Contact”Alt-I Open “Look In”Ctrl-O Open selected itemEnter Open selected itemCtrl-V PasteCtrl-P PrintCtrl-> Read next emailCtrl-< Read previous emailCtrl-Y Redo (within text field)Alt-K Remove last semi-colon from mail addresseeCtrl-R Reply to selected messageCtrl-S SaveCtrl-A Select all itemsCtrl-Shift-Home Select to first itemCtrl-Shift-End Select to last itemCtrl-Enter Send email messageF7 Spell check open itemCtrl-Shift-I Switch to InboxCtrl-Shift-O Switch to OutboxCtrl-U Underline (Contacts notes section)Ctrl-U Underline (RichText or HTML mail)Ctrl-Z Undo
  8. 8. WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! MS PowerPoint Keyboard ShortcutsCtrl-B BoldCtrl-W CloseCtrl-F4 CloseCtrl-C CopyCtrl-X CutCtrl-F FindCtrl-I ItalicsF10 Menu barEnd Move to the end of the entryCtrl-N New (slide)Ctrl-F6 Next windowCtrl-O OpenAlt-Shift - Outline: CollapseAlt-Shift-Right Outline: Demote paragraphAlt-Shift + Outline: ExpandAlt-Shift-Dn Outline: Move paragraph downAlt-Shift-Up Outline: Move paragraph upAlt-Shift-Left Outline: Promote paragraphAlt-Shift-A Outline: Show All HeadingsAlt-Shift-1 Outline: Show heading level 1Ctrl-V PasteCtrl-P PrintShift-F4 Repeat FindCtrl-Y Repeat/RedoCtrl-H ReplaceCtrl-S SaveCtrl-A Select allF5 Slide Show: Begin the slide showB Slide Show: Black screen show/hideEsc Slide Show: EndE Slide Show: Erase annotationsH Slide Show: Go to next hidden slideCtrl-L Slide Show: Hide pointer and button alwaysCtrl-H Slide Show: Hide pointer and button temporarilyCtrl-A Slide Show: Mouse pointer to arrowCtrl-P Slide Show: Mouse pointer to penN Slide Show: Next slideP Slide Show: Previous slideT Slide Show: Set new timings while rehearsingS Slide Show: Stop/restart automatic slide showM Slide Show: Use mouse-click to advance (rehearsing)O Slide Show: Use original timings (rehearsing)W Slide Show: White screen show/hideF7 Spelling and Grammar checkCtrl-F6 Switch to the next presentation windowCtrl-Tab / Ctrl-Page Down Switch to the next tab in a dialog boxCtrl-Shift-F6 Switch to the previous presentation windowCtrl-Shift-Tab / Ctrl-Page Up Switch to the previous tab in a dialog boxNum / Turn character formatting on or offCtrl-U UnderlineCtrl-Z Undo
  9. 9. WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! MS Word Keyboard ShortcutsCtrl-Alt-C © Ctrl-Shift- >or < Font next/previous sizeCtrl-Alt-R ® Ctrl-Shift-P Font SizeCtrl-Alt-T ™ Ctrl-Alt-F FootnoteAlt-F10 Application window—maximize Shift-F5 Go Back (3 maximum)Alt-Shift-F6 Application window—previous Ctrl-Alt-Z Go Back (3 maximum)Alt-F5 Application window—restore Ctrl-G GoToCtrl-Alt-K AutoFormat Ctrl-Up/Down GoTo Next/Previous ParagraphAlt-F3 AutoText—create Ctrl-Left/Right GoTo Next/Previous WordF3 AutoText—insert entry Shift-drag Graphic—cropCtrl-Alt-V AutoText—insert entry Ctrl-click Graphic—original proportionsCtrl-B Bold Ctrl-Shift-T Hanging indent—decreaseCtrl-Shift-F5 Bookmarks Ctrl-T Hanging Indent—increaseCtrl-Shift-Enter Break—column Ctrl-Shift - Hard hyphen -Ctrl-Enter Break—page Ctrl-Shift-spacebar Hard spaceCtrl-Alt-Home Browse a document Alt-Shift-R Header/Footer—link to previousCtrl-PgDn/PgUp Browse next/previous item Ctrl-Alt-1 Heading Level 1Shift-F3 Case change (capitalization) Ctrl-Alt-2 Heading Level 2Ctrl-Shift-A Case—All Caps Ctrl-Alt-3 Heading Level 3Ctrl-F4 Close F1 HelpCtrl-W Close Shift-F1 Help—What’s This?Ctrl-C Copy Ctrl-Shift-H Hidden textCtrl-Shift-C Copy formatting Ctrl-K HyperlinkCtrl-Alt = Customize a menu Ctrl-Shift-M Indent—decreaseCtrl-Alt-Num + Customize a shortcut Ctrl-M Indent—increaseCtrl-X Cut Ctrl-Alt-M Insert CommentAlt-Shift-D Date Field Ctrl-Alt-L Insert ListNum fieldCtrl-Tab Dialog box next tabbed section Ctrl-I ItalicsCtrl-Shift-Tab Dialog box previous tabbed section Ctrl-E Justify—CenterCtrl-F7 Document window—move Ctrl-J Justify—FullCtrl-F5 Document window—restore Ctrl-L Justify—LeftCtrl-F8 Document window—size Ctrl-R Justify—RightShift-drag Drawing—constrain shape to Ctrl-1 Line-spacing 1 symmetricalCtrl-drag Drawing—draw from center Ctrl-5 Line-spacing 1.5Ctrl-Alt- . Ellipsis Ctrl-2 Line-spacing 2Ctrl-Alt-Num - Em Dash Ctrl-Shift-L List Bullet StyleCtrl-Num - En Dash Alt-F8 Macros—editCtrl-Alt-E Endnote Alt-F11 Macros—view VBA codeAlt-F4 Exit application Alt-Shift-X Mark—Index entryShift-F9 Fields—display code (toggle) Alt-Shift-I Mark—TOA citationAlt-F9 Fields—display codes (toggle) Alt-Shift-O Mark—TOC entryAlt-Shift-F9 Fields—double-click in field Ctrl-F10 Maximize windowCtrl-F9 Fields—insert blank field F10 Menu BarCtrl-3 Fields—lock a field Alt-Shift-E Merge—data editCtrl-F11 Fields—lock a field Alt-Shift-F Merge—field insertF11 Fields—next field Alt-Shift-K Merge—previewShift-F11 Fields—previous field Alt-Shift-N Merge—to documentCtrl-6 Fields—unlink a field Alt-Shift-M Merge—to printerCtrl-Shift-F9 Fields—unlink a field Alt-Shift-F11 Microsoft Script EditorCtrl-4 Fields—unlock a field Ctrl-Alt-F1 Microsoft System InfoCtrl-Shift-F11 Fields—unlock a field Ctrl- Move between master/subdocumentAlt-Shift-U Fields—update Ctrl-N New documentCtrl-Shift-F7 Fields—update link in source Shift-Enter Newline within paragraphF9 Fields—update selected field Ctrl-F6 Next windowCtrl-F Find Ctrl-Shift-8 Nonprinting characters on/offCtrl-D Font Ctrl-Shift-N Normal StyleCtrl-Shift-F Font Face Ctrl-O Open a documentCtrl- ] or [ Font grow/shrink 1 pt. Alt-Shift - Outlining—collapse
  10. 10. WINDOWS KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS! MS Word Keyboard Shortcuts (continued)Alt-Shift-Num - Outlining—collapse F12 Save AsAlt-Shift = Outlining—expand Ctrl-A Select AllAlt-Shift-Num + Outlining—expand F8 Selection extendedAlt-Shift-Up/Down Outlining—move up/down Shift-F8 Selection reducedAlt-Shift-Left/Right Outlining—promote/demote Shift-F10 Shortcut MenuAlt-Shift-L Outlining—Show 1st line Ctrl-Shift-K Small CapsAlt-Shift-1 Outlining—Show Heading 1 Ctrl - Soft hyphen -Alt-Shift-2 Outlining—Show Heading 2 F7 Spelling and Grammar checkAlt-Shift-3 Outlining—Show Heading 3 Alt-F7 Spell-It—display next misspellingAlt-Shift-4 Outlining—Show Heading 4 Ctrl-F3 Spike—cut toAlt-Shift-5 Outlining—Show Heading 5 Ctrl-Shift-F3 Spike—pasteAlt-Shift-6 Outlining—Show Heading 6 Ctrl-Alt-S Split a windowAlt-Shift-7 Outlining—Show Heading 7 Ctrl-Shift-S Style boxAlt-Shift-8 Outlining—Show Heading 8 Ctrl = SubscriptAlt-Shift-9 Outlining—Show Heading 9 Ctrl-Shift = SuperscriptAlt-Shift-A Outlining—Show All Headings Ctrl-Shift-Q Symbol FontAlt-Shift-P Page number field Ctrl-Alt-U Table—remove border linesAlt-Shift-C Pane—Close Alt-PgDn Table—to column bottomCtrl-0 (zero) Paragraph Space Above (add/delete 12 Alt-PgUp Table—to column top pt.)Ctrl-V Paste Alt-Home Table—to row beginningCtrl-Shift-V Paste formatting Alt-End Table—to row endCtrl-P Print Shift-F7 ThesaurusCtrl-Alt-I Print Preview Alt-Shift-T Time FieldCtrl-spacebar Remove Character formats Ctrl-Alt-PgDn/PgUp To bottom/top of screenCtrl-Shift-Z Remove Character formats Ctrl-U UnderlineCtrl-Alt - Remove menu item Ctrl-Shift-D Underline—doubleCtrl-Q Remove Paragraph formats Ctrl-Shift-W Underline—wordShift-F4 Repeat Find Ctrl-Z UndoCtrl-Alt-Y Repeat Find Ctrl-Alt-N View—NormalCtrl-Y Repeat/Redo Ctrl-Alt-O View—OutlineCtrl-H Replace Ctrl-Alt-P View—PageCtrl-Shift-E Revision Marks on/off F6 Window pane—nextCtrl-S Save Shift-F6 Window pane—previous