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Blood clotting


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Blood Clotting

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Blood clotting

  1. 1. Blood Clotting
  2. 2. Blood cells involved Platelets + Clotting factors
  3. 3. Blood Clotting Factors Factor Number Common Name I II III IV Va VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII Fibrinogen Prothrombin Tissue Factor Ca2+ Proaccelerin Proconvertin Antihemophilic Factor Christmas Factor Stuart Factor Plasma thromboplastin antecedent Hageman factor Fibrin Stabilizing Factor
  4. 4. Process • Injury/ rupture to blood vessel • Blood vessel around wound constrict - reduce blood flow to the damaged area. • Activated Platelets stick to injury site • Platelets become sticky and clump together to form platelet plug. • Platelets & damaged tissue release clotting factors (eg.Factor VIII) • Blood clotting mechanism to form Fibrin which acts like a mesh to stop the bleeding.
  5. 5. Platelet activation also induces large morphological changes unactivated fully activated
  6. 6. Blood Clotting Mechanism
  7. 7. Scab Formation
  8. 8. Blood Clotting Videos • Blood Clotting Video 1 • Blood Clotting Video 2
  9. 9. Necessity For Blood Clotting • Prevent excessive blood loss • Prevent entry of micoorganisms through wound. Seals wound. • Maintain blood pressure
  10. 10. Consequences of Impaired Blood Clotting • No Factor VIII – Haemophilia – Blood clots slowly
  11. 11. Consequences of Impaired Blood Clotting • Blood clot (Thrombus) blocks artery (Thrombosis) • Thrombus dislodged & carried in blood flow (Embolus) • Embolus trapped in small artery & blocks blood flow (Embolism)
  12. 12. Consequences of Impaired Blood Clotting • Coronary artery partially blocked – chest pains (angina) If totally blocked – heart attack – death • Blockage of blood to brain cells – Stroke
  13. 13. Thrombosis & Embolism Video
  14. 14. Assignment - Flow Chart
  15. 15. EXTRA