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ExentaHuman Capital Management     Simplify Your Workforce
The success of an Organization lies in the effectiveness of its     EXENTA ALL THAT YOU NEED AND MOREworkforce. Effective ...
EXENTA- MODULES          Module                                                   Features                                ...
Exenta comes in 3 versions: Exenta Lite, Gold and Pro.              Module                   Exenta Lite       Exenta Gold...
Onboarding                                                             Employee Onboarding is linked directly with HPM and...
Hiring Process Management                                         Employee BenefitsExenta’s Hiring Process system is enormo...
Employee ConveyanceThis minimizes paper work by Admin staffs in maintaining                                               ...
Bulletin Board                                                     Exenta HCM provides you the benefitsBulletin Board allow...
Corporate OfficeExtolution Software Private Limited,C-23, Thejaswini, Technopark,Trivandrum-81, Kerala, India.Telephone: 0...
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Exenta India


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Exenta India

  1. 1. ExentaHuman Capital Management Simplify Your Workforce
  2. 2. The success of an Organization lies in the effectiveness of its EXENTA ALL THAT YOU NEED AND MOREworkforce. Effective Human Capital Management has becomea necessity for organizations to meet their growth targets. With the role employees becoming very critical for an Organ-Hiring people and getting work done has become an order of isation, there cannot be any room for error when it comes tothe past. Assessing an Organisations needs and getting the best managing them. Human Resources processes have becomepeople to fulfil them has become the most crucial work for Hr very challenging, that no Organization can afford to ignore itdepartments and to harness that potential and successfully anymore. Exenta offers excellent solutions to handle yourmanage the workforce of a company is becoming the biggest company’s everyday activities that range from employee atten-challenge for HR managers. dance, salary, schedules, holidays, benefits, hiring, recruiting, and training. Continuous evaluation and analysis of theWith today’s work environment becoming more unpredictable employees to keep them motivated and involved in the Organi-and chaotic, HR manager’s are always on the lookout for an zational Process is a part of Exenta’s features.efficacious, innovative, realistic solution to managing theirworkforce. Employees need to be constantly evaluated to Exenta is empowered with exciting workforce metrics thatbring the best out of them any effective solution would have to facilitates your HR teams with critical indicators & KPI’swork in tandem with the HR managers provide them with enabling them to take the well informed decisions at the rightinformation to help them make the right decision in taking the time. Exenta, lets employees handle their own personal infor-organisation forward. mation, therefore ensuring all data is accurate and undeviating. Exenta’s capabilities do not stop with contouring economicallyWe at ESPL strongly believe achieving workforce excellence and efficiently the managerial aspects of the workforce, butcould propel your organisation to the future and Exenta was also enables the company utilize the potential of the workforcebuilt in the lines of achieving organisational excellence. Exenta to its a Unique human Capital management Product from ESPLExenta’s which aligns the organisations strategic goals with With Exenta’s remarkable features, HR managers can keep trackpeople goals with unique user friendly features and well- of their teams’ activities, targets, achievements, and can alsodefined Human Capital management strategies ensure that keep an eye on every individual member’s skill, availability, andyour company can achieve workforce excellence. Regardless of other attributes.the company size and workforce number, with Exenta, your HRdepartment can operate well to develop and deliver programsto improve the efficiency and productivity of the workforce.
  3. 3. EXENTA- MODULES Module Features This is the employee Portal where all employees are given access to theirESS ( Employee Portal) Information. This is the staff Information database where staff profiles, service records areSIS ( Staff information System) maintainedOn boarding The Module where employees are brought into the SystemTime & Attendance Attendance Management and leave Management Payroll and taxes , statuary payments , reimbursements and settlements arePayroll managed hereTransaction Management Employee Movements, transfers, team change, role change are Managed hereHiring Recruitment ManagementPerformance Management Appraisal and ongoing Performance ManagementBenefits Management Manages the benefit management of employees in the organisationTraining Management Online trainings & Offline TrainingsExit management Employee Separation & terminationsAsset Management Manage Employee Assets & Organizational AssetsConveyance Management Manages your fleet and your employee conveyances tooTravel Management Manages all your travel and travel records as well, and employee reimbursementsVisitor Management Manages visitors to your organisation Internal communication tool inside the organisationInternal EmailHelp Desk The help desk of your Organisation to manage day to day issuesBulletin News BoardTask Management Task Management inside the organisationDocument Management Digital filing SystemKnowledge Management Managing the knowledge of the organisationWork Flow Managing the workflow of the Organisation and aligning with the softwareSettings Setting up the software to align for your organisation
  4. 4. Exenta comes in 3 versions: Exenta Lite, Gold and Pro. Module Exenta Lite Exenta Gold Exenta Pro Onboarding Employee Self Service [ESS] Staff Info System[ SIS] Asset Management Time and Attendance Payroll Management Transaction Management Internal Messaging System Workflow Management Performance Management Hiring Management Conveyance Management Document Management Knowledgebase Management Task Management Helpdesk Exit Management Training Management Travel Management Visitor Management Employee Benefits Bulletin Settings3
  5. 5. Onboarding Employee Onboarding is linked directly with HPM and assists reporting manager and Human Resource Person- nel in completing the procedures with new employee easily. It can be moulded as per the Organization’s need such as employee documents upload, assign asset, manage Employee ID/Access card, employee seating and access control to Exenta etc. Most importantly it lets one to conduct employee verification too if needed. Payroll Management Payroll in Exenta comes with easily manageable settings for all branch offices. This includes pay grade, Bank details, Salary / Payslip components, Provident fund (PF), Employee State Insurance (ESI), Professional Tax, Loan,Employee Self Service: Pay advance, Pay period etc. Exenta computes salary per month and sends for approval prior to releasing the pay.Employee Self Service (ESS) provides employees with It also has Income Tax computation process integratedaccess to their personal records and their skill matrix, that can be customized based on the Income Tax Law ofservice records, holiday list and organization policies. the country. Reports are auto generated and are madeThe most important feature of ESS is that it allows available for all groups of users.employees to make changes in their profile such asAddress, contact details, update health records, changepassword etc. Often included with ESS is the ability for Transaction Management Systememployees to update their own attendance and have thatdirected to their manager to approval (Admin employee Transaction management is a unique module in Exenta.can restrict if the company wants attendance approval or This module in Exenta serves as an incentive to the usersnot). It also enables employees to report complaints, see of this system by letting them manage employee move-birthdays, meeting schedules and income tax calculator ments between branch offices, departments, probation etc. thus by recording changes in department and updating employee record. Role changes in the organi-Staff information System zation are also being managed here.Staff information system as it’s referred as SIS in Exentawould be extensively useful for all Managers and teamleads. SIS helps them in managing team reports andactivities efficiently such as leave management, produc-tivity, attendance, skill matrix, health records etc.Time & Attendance ManagementsystemAttendance tracking plays vital part in all organization’sManagement Information System. Exenta provides userfriendly interface to set rules for attendance and leavetracking. It tracks employees productivity hours accu-rately and efficiently from any location on web suited to Exenta facilitates informationmeet today’s demand. Exenta has the flexibility ofmanaging shifts and assigning employees to various for better decision making,work schedules. Exenta also produces real time reports boosting your organizationsand import / export data. growth 4
  6. 6. Hiring Process Management Employee BenefitsExenta’s Hiring Process system is enormous and user friendly. Benefits module covers and can accommodate all aspects ofCreating job posts, posting jobs to career websites, scheduling employee benefits provided in an organisation. Some of theinterviews and evaluating candidates made easy. Exenta’s areas addressed include employee payables, LTA, MaternityHiring process system is been designed with real time leave, privilege leave, loans, insurance, bonus etc. Once canscenarios. Job advertisements and resumes can be managed create any type of benefit and set the needed criteria thus bywell. Resume bank helps organization to search suitable candi- making it available for all or for a group as needed.dates for job opening from the large pool of data. HPM not onlyhelps you with regular HR routine process but also lets youaccommodate and manage Campus Interviews, IJPs and Training Management Systemrecruitment agencies effectively. All templates are madeavailable to reduce the time of personnel. It produces high end Training in Exenta is built with real time scenarios. Organiza-reports related to HR workforce. tion can pool in all training materials or eBooks under different subjects for employees to have access to and take it as online self-paced training. Exenta also lets one to create and managePerformance Management System instructor led training in office or out-station with meeting travel expenses of employee. It has readymade templatesExenta enables the reporting manager to devise performance within to understand employees training needs and offergoals and development plan for employees on a set time available training OR enables the personnel to create a form.period and document results. Employees have access to their Reporting system from training assists supervisor assess anown performance journal. Appraiser can create the forms in employee during his/her performance review as well theeasy steps by setting questions which can be saved temporar- expenses to theily and worked later. Exenta provides all supplements require- organisation.ment for employee evaluation. Exenta’s appraisalmanagement system lets you create your own method ofappraisal, be it 360 degree to any other model you currently Exit Managementuse, the system lets you build your own method. Exit Management in Exenta has the flexibility of carrying out all elements part of employee separation accurately. Main features are initiating exit request, notification to all parties as prescribed in workflow, exit interview, manage clearances, conclusion, managing notice period and associated payroll calculation, document management and all procedures followed by the final decision. Asset Management Asset module in Exenta can be used to maintain and track all assets in an organization as defined by their category. It consist of asset register, asset request, issued asset, asset return and assign asset.5
  7. 7. Employee ConveyanceThis minimizes paper work by Admin staffs in maintaining Document Managementvehicles and tasks associated with employee transport. Key Serves It serves as a repository of digital files computer-basedaspects of this module are to manage vehicles, driver, docu- system to track and store electronic documents and or imagesments, route, trip sheet, vehicle expense etc. This module of paper documents. This system commonly provides storage,comes with settings too to enable conveyance charges if appli- versioning, metadata, security, as well as indexing and retrievalcable simply by defining the rule. capabilities. Exenta Document Management allows users who work in multiple document formats to actively generate a basicTravel Management document folder that can conveniently store, retrieve and export documents. The ability to control the location of, and references to documents throughout an organizationTravel management module in Exenta is linked with all relevant minimizes the risk of damaged or lost documents.modules. Travel desk can manage all types of travel requests,reimbursement and vendor’s etc. well through this module. Knowledgebase ManagementVisitor Management Allows approved personnel to upload documents or articles that can be accessed by others in the organization. Exenta Knowledgebase saves a great deal of your useful time by antici-Visitor management tracks the usage of the office premises by pating and explaining interaction pattern of the organizationoutsiders by gathering information about visitors, planning with its environment. The idea of Exenta Knowledgebasetheir schedules, appointments, etc and also maintains vital management is to enable employees to have ready access toinformation regarding visitor history to be referred in times of the organizations documented base of facts, sources of infor-need. mation, and solutions. Sharing such information organization wide ,can lead to more effective ideas for a new or improvedTask Management result. It may also reduce training time for new employees.It acts as a simple reminder tool or guides concerned person-nel that need to be carried out on regular basis and thenacknowledged. This Exenta module is fully automated and itaids in administration, reporting and auditing of Transactions,enabling management of all aspects of a task, including itsstatus, priority, time, human and financial resources assign-ments, recurrency, notifications and so on.
  8. 8. Bulletin Board Exenta HCM provides you the benefitsBulletin Board allows employees in an organization to post Consistently achieve corporate objectives by aligning yourpublic messages announce events or provide information on workforce with organizational objectives. Helps you find thethe board and others can participate in it by commenting. It best people and leverage their talent in the right job at the rightfacilitates addition and removal of messages, or they can be time it also ensures that every employee understands and actsplaced on computer networks so people can leave and erase upon appropriate business objectives and can monitor theirmessages for other people to read and see, for example to progress toward corporate goals.convey new notifications, invitations, and also about upcomingevents, deadlines to ensure a better and assured communica- Retain your talent by providing your employees clearly definedtion among the employees. career and development plans and personalized learning opportunities, Link employee performance to compensationWorkflow Management System programs, such as variable pay plans and long-term incentives. Proactively identify and fill talent gaps by Identifying, develop-Workflow management in Exenta is a key module which is ing, and track high-potential employees. It also ensures thatinterrelated with all others. Functional and process flow is future leaders can be effectively promoted from within – anddescribed for each module with appropriate pictures and excel- that successors are identified for key positions.lent GUI. One should be able to decide and assign the approvalauthorities on each area where needed, the system would Reduce the cost and effort of complying with local regulationsautomatically skip the approval process and moves on if it’s not through unrivalled features and functions, support structures,set in here. It’s very much flexible on this decision making and and expertise. It also reduces HR costs by automating opera-also acts as a guidance to understand the system tional employee-related processes. Exenta Improve decision making and manage human capitalInternal Messaging System more effectively by giving your executives, HR professionals, and line managers reporting and analysis options that provideThis messaging system in Exenta lets employees exchange real-time insight into your workforce.electronic messages amongst themselves or a group regardlessof the employee’s or branch location. New messages are being Exenta Metrics helps you Identify trends at an early stage andnotified with alerts for immediate attention. make well-informed decisions, so you can manage your human capital more effectively, predict human-capital invest- ment demands, and track workforce costs and the return onHelpdesk investment for HR projects.Helpdesk in Exenta helps employees create problem records Exenta HCM reduces risk by adapting your processes quickly torelated to I.T issues, and notify the concerned Department to changing business needs with a flexible, scalable solution. Itaddress the tickets in a timely manner. This not only helps to streamlines all HCM processes and free employees to concen-resolve the issue quickly but also track the problem history trate on value-generating activities, rather than on routinepertaining to an asset. tasks.7
  9. 9. Corporate OfficeExtolution Software Private Limited,C-23, Thejaswini, Technopark,Trivandrum-81, Kerala, India.Telephone: 00-91-4712700388Email: contact@exentahrms.comwww.exentahrms.comHongkong MumbaiEspl International Limited Exenta Mumbai6/F ING Tower Motilal Mansion, 1st floor,308 Des Voeux Road Central 45, M P Shetty Marg (Tamarind Lane),Hong Kong Opp. Tamarind House,Telephone +852 355 29189 Near Bombay Stock ExchangeEmail: Fort, Bombay - 400 023 Mobile:+91- 922 342 1932 Software Solutions