The palace butler services


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Detailed Butler Service provided in Leela Palace, Udaipur

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The palace butler services

  1. 1. The Palace Butler Services Concept Scope Coordination
  2. 2. ConceptThe Palace Butler will:• Be the single point of contact between the guest and the hotel• Get the room prepared prior to guest check in to the satisfaction of the guest• Ensure that the bellman places the luggage in the correct manner• Offer the guest welcome drink on arrival• Orient the guest to his/ her room• Show the view from the room and explain the sights• Offer to unpack luggage at a time convenient to the guest• Offer to collect two items of clothing for complimentary pressing
  3. 3. ConceptThe Palace Butler will:• Check with the guest if he/ she would like to see the rest of the hotel as per his / her convenience• Wish the guest a pleasant stay and leave the guest his visiting card• Show the guest all guest facilities and suggestive sell fine dining, or afternoon teas, ESPA, private yoga sessions etc• Inform the guest about leisure activities and sight seeing options, local attractions and places of interest• Replenish the Gourmet Corner and raise bill as per consumption• Provide shoe shine service to the guest
  4. 4. ConceptThe Palace Butler will:• Take any dinner appointments or request for sight seeing and arrange for the relevant department to meet the guest as per his/ her convenience to discuss further if required.• Leave a confirmation note in the room about dinner reservation, or sight seeing , or spa along with the relevant information given by the respective department ( write up on the sight seeing destinations, or special menu, or spa treatment)• Check with guest what his/ her preferred time of morning service and evening turndown as well preference of having the black out open/closed• Check for morning wake up call or tea / coffee request with time
  5. 5. ConceptThe Palace Butler will:• Check with the guest if he/ she would like to have his/ her clothes laundered a day prior to a special dinner or a planned day trip• Check guest preference of returned laundry ( folded or hung)• Check with relevant guest if flowers or gift needs to be organized for a special dinner• Reconfirm departure travel information with the guest a day prior and inform guest that his/ her bill will be kept in the room on the eve of departure for review or as per his/ her convenience• Offer to arrange for wake up call and tea/ coffee as well as luggage pick up as per guest request.• Offer to arrange for check out in the room or in the lobby as per guest request
  6. 6. ConceptThe Palace Butler will:• Arrange luggage pick up as per time requested• Present the farewell gift to the guest and offer to pack luggage at a time convenient to the guest• Check room prior to guest check out for any left articles and clearance of safe.• Remind guest to keep his passport and tickets handy• See off the guest till the lobby and hand guest over to the FOA assisting them till departure
  7. 7. ScopeThe Palace Butler Services provides :• A single point of communication for the guest• A channel of invisible service• A single point of communication with the guest by any department• A dedicated means of guest feedback and preference• A single source of information of guests’ planned activities• Better co ordination between departments to provide the guest one single experience• A seamless uninterrupted flow of events• A source of outlining guest profile on Opera
  8. 8. CoordinationThe Palace Butler Services ( PBS) will liaise closely with the following departments• Front Office – Reservations to forward each preference letter filled in by the guest to PBS – Should preference letter not be forwarded , then PBS to follow up with Reservations one week in advance – Should the preference letter not be filled in by guest, PBS to write to the guest as a gentle reminder – Reception to hand over welcome letter to the Butler on the eve of arrival – PBS to pass on guest request to Concierge for sight seeing , leisure activities etc – Concierge to confirm/ arrange any day trips and hand over the details to the Butler – Concierge to inform Butler of any changes of departure flight or train – Cashier to hand over the guest folio along with the departure letter to the Butler on the eve of departure or as requested
  9. 9. Coordination• Food and Beverage – Welcome drink to be placed in room as per occupancy prior to guest arrival – Mini bar stock issues and denials ( F&B Manager) – Wake up call special requests ( Private Dining) – Requests for special dinners, picnic, destination dining, dinner reservations will be routed through PBS to the F&B Manager – Details for the event to be handed over to the Butler to place in the room if applicable – PBS to assist in private dining set up and service – F&B to train Butlers in all relevant areas ( service and clearance of food, wine etc) – PBS to place evening turndown amenity in guest rooms – PBS to pass on any F&B related request to the Chef and F&B Manager
  10. 10. Coordination• Housekeeping: – PBS will co ordinate with HK for guest requests like pillows or special request items – PBS will open guest safe in a departure room in presence EHK and CSO – PBS will open guest safe as per guest request in presence of HK – Incase guest has left his safe open HK to inform Butler so that he may pass on the information to the guest. – Incase guest is not in the hotel premises, then HK to leave the password in a sealed envelope with the Asst. Manager PBS – Preferred HK service timing to be checked by Butlers and passed on to EHK – Special requests or preferences to be communicated to the EHK
  11. 11. Coordination• Laundry – PBS to collect guest laundry from the room and call valet to collect from pantry – Any damage prior to washing to be reported to Butler who will then place the item along with the message in the guest room and inform guest of the same ( incase in the hotel) – After guest’s decision the item will be processed or withheld – The laundered item will be placed in the room by the Butler ( valet to remain in the corridor) – Butler to ascertain guest preference in terms of folded or hung when laundry is returned – Special requests to be communicated to the Laundry Manager – Special charges to be explained by the Butler if applicable
  12. 12. CO-ORDINATION WITH OTHER DEPARTMENTS Front Office F&B House Keeping Butler Service F&B Production
  13. 13. The Leela Palace Butler is: The one stop shop for the guest !::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Thank you 