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Presentation of my work


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we are providing One Stop Solution for your Interior & exterior Designing.
We are Specialized in Sculptures, Murals and wall panels from different materials.
We are dealing for garden seating, Sculptures,fountains, Gazebos in our Landscaping work.

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Presentation of my work

  1. 1. AKSHAR ENTERPRISE The Dream Towards Innovation
  2. 2. Akshar is the First Art Gallery of Baroda which is givingone stop solution to your Interior and Exterior Work.We are Dealing in Sculpture, Murals, Wall Panels fromAAC, Wood, Stone and Different kind of Metals etc.We are also Dealing in Landscaping Work with specializedGarden sculptures, Fountains, Ponds and Gazebos etc.
  3. 3. Our Creation -We are dealing in:-• Wall Panels:•Sculptures & Murals:•Landscaping:•Gift Articles:
  4. 4. SculpturesTypes of Sculptures:-•Free Hand Sculptures:•Garden Sculptures:•Bird Sculptures:•Animal Sculptures:
  5. 5. Photographs of AAC Wall Panels:
  6. 6. Free Hand Sculptures:
  7. 7. Garden Sculptures:
  8. 8. Bird & Animal Sculptures:
  9. 9. Landscaping:- Wagheshwari Farm
  10. 10. Bhuj GMDC Hotel:- ( ongoing Project)
  11. 11. Madhuban Bunglaws
  13. 13. Our Project Photography:1.Tarrace Garden Project:
  14. 14. 2. Sigdi Restaurant
  15. 15. RESIDENTIAL ( Mural)
  16. 16. Binani Cement
  17. 17. Aum ( 4 ft Diameter)
  18. 18. Hotel Comfort Residency(40’x6’)Ongoing Work- O.p. Road
  19. 19. Wall Murals in Modern Art
  20. 20. Our Work Shop At MadhuvanBungalow