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Nirantara Sevas

  1. 1. NIRANTARASocial Enterprises for Value Added Services
  2. 2. 2
  3. 3. India of contrasts…Global India Developing India Poorest India• Boasts of 8-9% growth in • Small farmers, micro • >3 m people live on < $ 1 a its economy – the second enterprises, village day and > 500 m on <$ 2 a fastest growth rate in the industries day world • Extremely low • One in 3 of the world’s• Known as world’s back productivity, poor access poor people lives in India office and IT hub to basic services • > 1 m women and children• However, benefits are die every year due to poor shared by few Indians access to health services and > 50 m children fail to attend primary school with any regularity
  4. 4. …Karnataka is not very different.A land of cosmopolitan However, poverty is Northern Karnataka isopportunities & rampant an island with gap ingrowing middle class • 15m people in Karnataka resource allocation• Recorded the highest lack access to basic • 30% of the population is growth rates in terms of services like education, poor living on < Rs 12 / GDP and per capita GDP in health and institutional person / day in rural areas the last decade in India finance and Rs. 19 / person / day• Karnataka has the 6th • The agricultural output is in urban areas highest per capita GDP of mostly dependant on • 59 of the 114 most all states in India southwest monsoon as backward blocks are in• Known as Silicon Valley of only 26.5% of the sown Northern Karnataka (out India area is irrigated. of total 175 blocks)
  5. 5. Social …but also an problems are obligation toFor Nirantara not just create a better opportunities… society 5
  6. 6. Nirantara = Continuous, forever Vision Mission Creating a Society without poverty Connecting deprived to opportunities Nirantara Community Nirantara Livelihood Nirantara FinAccess Services Resources PL Farm Livelihoods Microfinance Microfinance Pulses, Cotton, Dairy Education Non-farm Livelihoods The Financial Inclusion HoneyBees!! Handlooms, Garments Support to Institution Development and Backward & Forward Livelihood Skill & Technology Transfer Linkage Company Financial Service Facilitation Reach & impact through Focus on Karnataka’s socio-economically Triple Bottom Line approach backward districts 6
  7. 7. Key functional areas Microfinance Microcredit, micro Community-owned NBFC with a & financial -insurance and financial literacy professional management inclusion Livelihood Farm and non-farm livelihoods in value- Driving integration to one-stop-shop, at promotion chain methodology door-step level Access to Pre-primary and Owned & managed lower-primary by edu-preneurs foundation schools for the kids with a franchising between 2-11 years arrangement Education
  8. 8. People behind Nirantara Sevas• Promoters / Board of Directors – Mr. Niranjan Sheelavant: Social entrepreneur, promoter of Nirantara Sevas group, 12+ yrs experience in development, microfinance and rural livelihood promotion – Mr. RK Mukherjee: Ex-banker with considerable experience in microfinance operations. Works closely with Institute of Chartered Accountants of India – Mr. Hassan Mulla: Education entrepreneur having 12+ years of experience in micorfinance, banking and livelihood promotion – Dr. Arun Balamatti: Agri- Extension specialist, 15+ yrs experience in sustainable agriculture project management – Mr. Ali Asghar: 12+ yrs experience in social entrepreneurship, non-farm livelihoods Value Chain expert
  9. 9. For further info, please contact: Nirantara No. 123, Shantaveera, 10th Main, 2nd Cross, Near Vidya Shankara Ganapati Temple,Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore 560096, Karnataka, India |+91 80 23 575 288
  10. 10. Go to… Nirantara Community Services Shri ShivGayatri Infin Private Limited Nirantara Livelihood Resources Private Limited