Veterans Issues Research Reflection #4


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Veterans Issues Research Reflection #4

  1. 1. HYPERLINK "" o " Permanent Link: Veterans Issues Research Reflection #4" Veterans Issues Research Reflection #4<br />One of the information sources that I am currently using avidly in my research project is a video from PBS News titled, “Military Sexual Trauma.” This video gives an overview of a very detailed reality of what the female soldiers are facing at war. I found the source by going on the site that Ms. Hamilton told us to go on to find videos which is I found the video rather easily once I typed in a couple of key words. The information is helpful because besides reading just another news article, I can see the faces of the people that are talking and I can evaluate if they are credible just by the way they look and the way they act. This source is very valuable to me as it automatically presents me with statistics of those that have been raped and I have been refering back to it so much to keep me on track with my research. I know that this video is credible because it was created by a major news station, PBS news. I determined its use in my research by seeing that it was essential for me to fully understand the topic that I am researching. Another information source that is really helping me understand why women are getting raped is an article titled, “Why Soldier Rape” written by Helen Benedict. I found this source by looking on a blog that was written by Amy Goodwin and following the link that she had to the person she interviewed. This information is helpful to me because a lot of my research has shown the view of women and what they feel once they are raped, but I never really looked at why they do get raped. I found this article and I was really interested in it because it helps me see the reasons to why the male soldiers sexually assault the women. This source is very valuable to my research because I can see the opposing sides view which is always very helpful in a research project. This source is very credible because the writer, Helen Benedict, is an acclaimed writer concerning issues with women at war and she has published three books, and she is currently a journalist professor at the University of Columbia. I determined that it was needed in my research because I needed others to see that I wasn’t biased just because I am a woman myself. I want others to see that my information is credible because I have researched both sides of the story.<br />One new research skill that I have learned over the past month is the ability to find exactly what I am looking for in an instant. I have learned to type in key words in the search engines so that I can get the information that I need in an instant. At first, it was hard to hone this skill as I was used to writing full sentences to find the information that I wanted. I found out that this wasn’t working because the search engines were getting confused with all the information that I wanted to find. By observing how Ms. Hamilton gets to certain sites and by observing my friends, I was able to see that shortening my search would allow me to receive even more information that better fits what I am looking for. I have used this skill to my advantage during this project by finding articles and videos that fit those key words. I feel that this is a great skill to have and I am glad that I have finally learned how to refine my search.<br />