I-Search Paper: Selection and Use of Information Sources


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I-Search Paper: Selection and Use of Information Sources

  1. 1. I-Search Paper: Selection and Use of Information Sources<br />Nicole T.<br />Sexual Abuse of Female Veterans<br />May 10, 2010<br />5th Period<br />Works Cited <br />Benedict, Helen. “The War Against Female Soldiers.” The Daily Beast. Code and Theory, n.d. Web. 3 May 2010. <http://www.thedailybeast.com/‌blogs-and-stories/‌2009-04-13/‌the-war-against-female-soldiers/>. This is a source of my choice which I thought was a very short yet informative article about what women go through. It goes into some quick facts and gives us a real view and example of what one female soldier had to go through during her time spent at war.<br />Hoppen, Jane. Women in the Military: Who’s Got Your Back? Ed. Louise Gerdes. Detroit: Greenhaven Press , 2008. N. pag. Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center. Web. 3 May 2010. <http://find.galegroup.com/‌ovrc/‌infomark.do?&contentSet=GSRC&type=retrieve&tabID=T010&prodId=OVRC&docId=EJ3010163267&source=gale&srcprod=OVRC&userGroupName=cant48040&version=1.0>. This is a database that delves into the investigation of sexual violence in the military and it explains what is being done to combat the situation and it presents us with a view of how the victims of this trauma are coping with their situation.<br />Medina, Sgt. Gianfranco. E-mail interview. 22 Apr. 2010. This is an interview with an expert on the war overseas in Afghanistan and Iraq. I asked him some questions that I saw as essential for me to understand the life of a soldier at war. He responded with great detail and provided me with a wonderful view of his war experience.<br />Meyers, Steven Lee. “Living and Fighting Alongside Men, and Fitting In (Foreign Desk)(WOMEN AT ARMS)(women soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan).” New York Times [New York] 17 Aug. 2009: A1. Print. This is a newspaper article published by the New York Times that questions the fact whether female soldiers should fight in the war and whether it is a safe environment for them. It examines the situation to which male soldiers are in such close proximity to female soldiers and that sexual assualt is unavoidable in that type of environment.<br />Nagle, Michelle, and Natalie Robbins. Interview. Rape in the Military. Megan Thompson. PBS. 2 Oct. 94. Television. This is a video regarding my topic. It helped me see what the effects of sexual abuse has done to female veterans. It was quite shocking to hear their stories and it was so sad to hear what they had to go through and how they are coping with that traumatic experience today.<br />