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V.M Competition

  1. 1. 2nd V ISUAL M ERCHANDISING COMPETITION Winter 2009-10 Inter Department & Intra store
  2. 2. Ritu Wears Jalandhar New Store! Cushions display in Home section on the Top shelf. Bath mats & Rugs displayed on a Podium
  3. 3. Ritu Wears Jalandhar New Store! Mannequins / Torso’s can be used in between denim displays to break the uniformity and the top shelves at the walls shall never be used to stack the merchandise. Always use the top shelf for decorative displays and Props display. Rolled up denim like a pyramid is one of good options. Any mannequin / Torso displayed shall be carrying accessories as well. Walls which have 2ft panel in between, the 2ft space shall always be used to create story of the coordinates, like pajamas / churidards and duppata’s of the same shades can be grouped together as it gives better visibility to the wall.
  4. 4. Ritu Wears Jalandhar New Store! Mens Casuals display- Denim & Shirts displayed in a cross theme and use of Props Casual Tees and Converse shoes are the most common things that every guy require. Shoes used as cross merchandising on a Nesting table with a mannequin.
  5. 5. Ritu Wears Jalandhar New Store! Nesting table Display Merchandise displayed in circular stacked form with a maximum pile of 5 Pcs Always try and display a mannequin / Bust in between the table top. Gondola Display Color blocked display (Light to dark) and printed tees / sweatshirts displayed with printed side always up and maintain the pile size to 4-5 pcs
  6. 6. New Displays! Curtains used as a display tool to highlight a particular category, Keeping in mind the color of the prop should gel with the range and results in a high point display within the wall area.
  7. 7. New Displays! Props like exclusive lamp shades and vases can be used as display tools in ethnic section and these props are available within our store. Also Bridal clutches and mini wallets along with bridal footwear shall be used in ethnic top shelf displays. But DO keep in mind, do not use excessive quantities, use it for theme displays only, NOT IN BULK. Also, always go for a single color theme preferably.
  8. 8. New Displays! Boxes used as High podiums covered with stoles and scarf's which goes with the current display theme and the wooden platform is covered with Bath mats / shags available in home section.
  9. 9. New Displays! Accessorize the mannequin to the fullest. Props such as High boots and Handbags must accompany with the winter wear displays which correlates to the season if available
  10. 10. New Displays! Create Key looks / focal points at the section entrance’s (Avoid circulation areas / pathways) and fully dressed up mannequins as per the season shall be displayed along with props. Cross merchandising on display pedestals
  11. 11. New Displays! In cardigan display, Always remember if the wall space is more than 8 Ft, never put the shelves symmetrically. Always downscale the centre portion bring the shelves along at least 3 notches down the level than the ones on the left and right.
  12. 12. New Displays! Please remember , Never load stocks on the top shelf. Please use the top shelves only for decorative theme displays and mannequin / props displays. Also if the wall is more than 8ft in width, you can create 2 color stories in display like done in the picture below of Golden and Red Theme. All the props used are from within the store
  13. 13. Color blocking <ul><li>Color psychology is very important in Visual Merchandising. </li></ul><ul><li>Color can immediately create a mood. </li></ul><ul><li>Each person may have a distinct reaction to the same color. </li></ul><ul><li>There are cultural and regional difference in color preference. </li></ul><ul><li>Public taste in color changes, sometimes dramatically over time. </li></ul>Primary colors Secondary colors Neutral colors
  14. 14. Color Mixing Guidelines Never mix colors between groups (bright and pastels) e.g. Yellow top and pink skirt. Select colors from within a group-Warm and cool can be coordinated. e.g. Yellow top and blue skirt. Each color group can be combined with Neutral Colors. e.g. Yellow top with a blue skirt and a Black belt. Bright color group Pastel color group Warm Colors RED ORANGE YELLOW Cool Colors GREEN BLUE VIOLET
  15. 15. color blocking Full sleeves Half sleeves Checks/Pleads Brand Visual DARK LIGHT Top most stack of shirt to go on the slant shelf Cut size stacks at the bottom Neutral colors/light colors down and Fashion colors/bright colors up
  16. 16. Color Blocking
  17. 17. Color Blocking
  22. 22. Display Methods There are four methods used to present stock: - Face out: when the merchandise is hung and faces the customer. - Shoulder/ Side out - Folded/Stacked - Rolled
  23. 23. Few Tips for Better Displays   Keep it simple. Don't try to put in everything at once. • Keep it clean. • Change displays frequently to keep the look fresh. • Bright lighting is crucial, both during the day and at night. Use lights to highlight individual items or signs. • Use repetition of shapes and colors to attract attention. • Cluster items in groups of three or five. Odd numbers are most pleasing to the eye. • Vary height and depth of items to carry the eye throughout the display. A pyramid or triangle is a pleasing shape. • Use motion to catch the customer's eye. • Use light, bright colors. • Continue the theme of the window display with other displays inside the store.