Online Perception & Reputation Management Case Study


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CEO’s of large organisations are being constantly tracked. While individuals and organisations can be getting great coverage online, the search engines may project a different image! ORM is the art and science of monitoring, responding and optimizing content to create the desired perception on the Web. Here is a our case study where we not only managed the reputation but did a Google Makeover for India’s leading BIG 4 firm

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Online Perception & Reputation Management Case Study

  1. 1. ONLINE PERCEPTION & REPUTATION MANAGEMENT FOR The senior management of one of India’s leading BIG 4 Financial Consultancy CASE STUDY by eOmega A Cloud 9 Media Solution
  2. 2. PROJECT OBJECTIVE • To effectively manage the ONLINE IMAGE of the CEO of the firm • To ensure all CURRENT NEWS about the organization and the CEO is featured on Google. • To remove and BACK TRACK NEGATIVE and outdated information from the first few pages of the search engines • To highlight the THOUGHT LEADERSHIP of the organisation with reference to current knowledge initiatives • To create DYNAMIC CONTENT on the web to enhance the perception of the firm as a global leader in business advisory services. • POSITION the firm favorably within the target audience and strengthen the institution’s image as a group of WORLD CLASS EXPERTS with diverse capabilities in financial business solutions
  3. 3. Online Reputation Audit September 2008
  4. 4. Approach & Tools Landscape of online perception & reputation The online audience today follows management Blogs, online newswires, social Networks, Domain specific blogs & journals, content created by others users. User Generated Newswires Social The above stated online tools are Networking Sites essential while building awareness or reputation of a company or a person on Online the Web News Media SEO For ORM project for the CEO of a India’s leading financial consultancy E-Marketing RSS and XML eOmega used web2.0 tools such as Blogs, News index directories, Social Tagging Bookmarking sites, Networks, etc extensively
  5. 5. ORM Process
  6. 6. ORM Rationale & Strategy Our strategy covered the following: Thematic blogs Use of Interactive tools Content summaries created were posted on various Interactive web2.0 tools such as thematic blogs for e.g PEIndia, Budget2008, India SlideShare, Flicker, Wordpress business trends etc. were used to publish content of Submitting content in thematic blogs helps position various kinds. the firm and the management as an expert with expertise in diverse domains of financial consulting News Link Directories Use of Search Engine friendly Tools Submitting original links of news articles Search Engine friendly tools like Digg, Twitter, Pingomatic etc were used to update the search engine in various news directories helps bring listings forth the current news on the firm and the management in the organic Google Searches.
  8. 8. CASE STUDY – SNAP SHOT News hubs, social bookmarks
  9. 9. CASE STUDY – SNAP SHOT News directories, image sharing, information exchange on web2.0
  10. 10. RESULT Online Reputation Audit February 2009 From a 100% negative and outdated online image to a 100% positive and updated image and Perception.
  11. 11. REACH & OUTREACH TOOLS REACH OUT OUTREACH   Number of sites  Number of visitors  BLOGS 5 3478 NEWS DIRECTORIES 4 2265 SOCIAL BOOKMARKING SITES 6 3741 INFORMATION EXCHANGE TOOLS 2 1139 Q/A FORUM 1 129 IMAGES 1 268 Total 19 11020       Over 11020 individuals participated in 3 months of the campaign
  12. 12. With eOmega Solution by Cloud 9 Media Protect your brand, influence audience perception • A positive online reputation brings trust, confidence, and sales, which reflected in enhanced stakeholder value! •The converse, can lead to brand erosion, and expensive damage limitation later. •The internet has compounded the speed and the geographic distribution of your information. •Successful companies proactively manage their online reputation and that of their Senior management. •Mobilise the power of the social media by shaping opinions and influencing audience perception! With eOmega Online Perception and Reputation Suite Corporates and Senior management can Create Opinion, Monitor Reputation & Influence Perception
  13. 13. For further details please contact For queries write to us at ! ou n kY T ha