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India Market Entry using Facebook - Lerros Germany


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Often times when brands enter cluttered and complicated markets such as India, they do not have large budgets in the first year or 2 of operations. And therefore the social web is a great way to build awareness and demand. At Cloud9 Media we created a campaign 'Officially Casual' for Lerros Germany

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India Market Entry using Facebook - Lerros Germany

  1. 1. Officially Casual Taking Brand To The Next Level of Customer Engagement Social Media Campaign Review March – May 2010
  2. 2. SITUATION Europe’s leading premium casual wear brand enters India in 2008 Established in 1983, LERROS is considered amongst the premium casual wear apparel players. LERROS is also represented in Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Canada, Hungary, Spain, Russia, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden among many others. Reality – Indian Market 1.Cluttered 2.Dominated by well established players such as Levis, Lee, Wrangler etc 3.High Price Points 4.TG 25 -45 M/F SOLUTION Social media campaign guided by a blog based network, this was created to help showcase The complete Lerros Range along with pictures and videos. A multi-media campaign helps capture and retain the attention of the consumer.
  3. 3. CREATIVITY Officially Casual A social media campaign dedicated to promoting Lerros Casual Wear amongst The Youth and young at heart. Creating Buzz and Customer Engagement using Facebook, Ning and Twitter
  4. 4. A Social Network – Officially Casual was created for Lerros to promote its range Via Blogs, Pictures, Videos and User activations
  5. 5. THE BLOG POWER! The way to influencing fashion buys is by providing valuable Guidance on use, style and functionality of the product! And sharing it with Friends!! on the Officially Casual social network! 5 New Style and Products are showcased every week on the Network, Facebook and Twitter
  6. 6. Style Showcase on Facebook – All blog posts, new styles and collection (Spring Summer) Was showcased on Facebook Via Updates Viral Reach> +200,000 Consumers (via ~ 1000+ Brand Buddies on FB)
  7. 7. Users sharing Women’s Wear tips on Facebook
  8. 8. User Activation I – Lerros Style o Meter Facebook Photo contest Users uploaded pictures capturing their ‘Officially Casual’ style And were rated by other users on Lerros Style o Meter Winners Won Lerros Gift Hampers
  9. 9. THE NETWORKING EFFECT User Interaction Customer Feedback Live Votes and Comments All on FACEBOOK DAILY
  10. 10. User Interaction II - Taking the Offline Ground Event to Create an ONLINE BUZZ Cosmopolitan Event promotion at Lerros Fanpage
  11. 11. Fans Sharing Their Fun Moments With Lerros Fans uploaded their pictures wearing Lerros Branded Apparels LERROS MOMENT
  12. 12. Keeping Fans Engaged III– HUNT FOR THE BIGGEST LERROS FAN Users Rating Lerros Collection & Styles
  13. 13. Keeping Fans Engaged III– HUNT FOR THE BIGGEST LERROS FAN And the winners are….!
  14. 14. 1st Oct 09 - 1st March 2010 1stMarch – 31st May 1 Increase In Fans 103 1026 2 Average Monthly Inc. 18 Fans 256.5 Fans 3 Viral Reach 68800 225800 4 Current Daily Reach For Lerros in India 225,800 People 5 Post Quality 3 7 6 Total Interactions 11 472 7 Interactions per post 0.16 4.31 8 Like Votes 6 221 9 Page Views 1219 4999 10 Comments 5 232 11 Posts 13 98 User Activity Analysis & Comparison * Source Facebook Page Analytics Report October 2009 – March 1st 2010: Lerros on Facebook was managed internally by the Lerros team. Cloud9 Media began the Social Media Campaign on 1st March 2010 12th week review Cloud9 has delivered more than a 75% increase in all Consumer acquisition & Engagement parameters
  15. 15. Insights – 12th Week Review Increase in In Interactions per post by 96% Increase in Posts by 88% Increase in Interactions by 98% 2% 98% Total Interactions Interaction Oct to Mar Interactions March to May 4% 96% Interactions Per Post Interactions/post Oct - Mar Interactions/post Mar - Jun 12% 88% Total Posts Posts Oct - Mar Posts Mar - Jun
  16. 16. Insights – 12th Week Review 5 Comments in 6 Months 232 Comments in 12 Weeks Increase in Post Quality From an average of 3 to 7 Increase in user recommendations By 97% 0 50 100 150 200 250 Comments Oct - Mar Comments Mar - Jun Total Comments 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Post Quality Oct - Mar Post Quality Mar - Jun Post Quality 3% 97% Total Likes Like Votes Oct - Mar Like Votes Mar - Jun
  17. 17. Insights – 12th Week Review 5% 95% Total Fans Total Fans Oct - Mar Total Fans Mar - Jun 20% 80% Total Page Views Page Views Oct to Mar Page Views March to Jun Increase in Total Page Views by 80% Increase in Total number of Fans By 95%
  18. 18. Cloud9 connects Lerros to Over 2 Lakh people daily And 40 Lakh people every month. On every update 3 people respond on an average That is a viral brand mention reach of over 8 Lakh people per update! Cloud 9 gets Lerros over 17 Lakh brand mentions and viral reach every month Which amounts to Facebook Advertising Value of over 3.8 Crores and Editorial Value of Over 38 Crores via consumer recommendations Synopsis - ROI
  19. 19. Cloud 9 Media is a Social Media Conversations & Commerce Company, • we enable brands communicate with their target audiences • creating, managing and leveraging social media • Social tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Linked in and others. • Cloud 9 brings an audience centric approach in communications. • We combine Creative Excellence, Strong Process approach, and Innovative Technology to deliver Communication Results. Cloud 9 Media is an enterprise of DIGIQOM SOLUTIONS, an integrated brand communications consultancy head quartered in New Delhi, India. Digiqom Solutions was founded in 2006 with the strategic intent of bridging the gap between brands, and consumer through technology. We are Cloud9 Media Cloud Media
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  21. 21. Enabling you to influence consumer behavior in World 2.0 Make Consumers Friends Thank You