Niche Social Network - Eat out Delhi


Published on was a niche social network created using NING. While at Cloud9 Media we built this network to help people to Delhi find the best restaurants, cuisines, deals and discounts. And for the restaurateurs this was a great way to promote themselves a little or no costs.

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Niche Social Network - Eat out Delhi

  1. 1. Delhi’s BIGGEST Foodie’s Network Social Media Marketing & Sales Promotions By Cloud9 Media EAT OUT
  2. 2. Ways you market & costs 1. Hoarding INR 75,000 – 300,000 2. Kiosks INR 3000- 10,000 3. Newspaper ads INR 50,000 – 500,000 4. Newspaper Inserts INR 20,000 – 200,000 5. SMS Campaign INR 10,000 – INR 10,000 At ¼th your Marketing Budget YOU GET Higher ROI Increase in Sales Live consumer Database Advertising
  3. 3. Did you know? Delhi-ites are the maximum users of Facebook in India Facebook has over 200,000 daily visitors from Delhi 40% of total Facebook users are YOUTH between the age of 15- 45 years Eat out Delhi is India’s first and to be largest Food Recommendation Engine on Social Media.
  4. 4. EatOutDelhi reaches 200,000 Delhi-ites with average spends of INR 4000 per month on Eating Out! Almost INR 1000 Cr. A year in Restaurant & Lounge Sales Revenue for Delhi Recommendation Stop – EAT OUT DELHI IS Your BRAND On EOD…. Yet?
  5. 5. We CONNECT Brands to Consumers using SOCIAL MEDIA Advantage for your brand 1.Daily Messaging to your target audience 2.Extensive Restaurant Reviews for your brand 3.Special Promotions for your retail outlet 4.Value marketing promotions for your brand 5.Daily connect to over 200,000 Delhities Give your restaurant the 5 tier advantage of: •Advertising and Listing •Marketing Promotions •Social Media Connect •Digital marketing (EDM’s) •PR
  6. 6. Food Festival – “Sushi Love” Brands showcased – Ai, Wasabi, 19 Oriental Avenue & Sakura PLATINUM BANNER AD DIAMOND BANNER AD
  7. 7. FACEBOOK NTEGRATION SILVER BANNER RESTAURANT REVIEW Current Festival – “Sushi Love” Brands showcased – Ai, Wasabi, 19 Oriental Avenue & Sakura GOLD BANNER AD
  8. 8. “Sushi Love” promotion on Facebook Brands showcased – Ai, Wasabi, 19 Oriental Avenue & Sakura FACEBOOK ADVERTISING
  9. 9. Showcase your best selling recipes On the network as well! Have your select videos uploaded On the network and shared with the world
  10. 10. And we take your brand experience on to Twitter as well!
  11. 11. You can benefit from Delhi’s largest Social Network for Foodies Value Voucher Offer 1. Designed to create Xtraordinary EatOut Xperiences for EatOut Delhi members 2. Limited only to the amount and number you specify 3. For limited and specific promotions 4. To promote your cuisine with EatOut community 5. To encourage repeat and loyal consumers 6. Value Vouchers- that add to the premium-ness of your Xtraordinary EatOut Xperiences We create your offer, design And market it to the community! To give you higher footfalls, new trials And repeats NEW!! Launching EatOut Delhi Value Vouchers
  12. 12. EatOutDelhi members Spend an average 11 minutes on the site per visit, viewing blogs, promotions, reviews, videos
  14. 14. BRAND SHOWCASE OPPURTUNITY ON EAT OUT DELHI GOLD SERVICE PACK SILVER SERVICE PACK 1 Diamond Banner AD 5X3" 12 15 days/per month Platinum Banner AD 4X6" 12 15 days/per month 2 Restaurant Review 6 One/Every 2 months Restaurant Review 12 One Per Month 3 Value Vocuher promotion 12 One Per Month Value Vocuher promotion 24 Two Per Month 4 Facebook & Twitter Marketing 100 8 to 9 Updates per month Facebook & Twitter Marketing 200 16 -18 Updates per month 5 Special Event Promotion NIL Special Event Promotion 12 One Per Month Annual Fee INR 30,000 Annual Fee INR 60,000
  15. 15. Cloud 9 Media is a Social Media Conversations Company, we enable brands communicate with their target audiences using social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Linked in and others. Cloud 9 brings an audience centric approach in communications. We integrate cutting edge creativity, disruptive technology, and deep domain knowledge in Social Media Communications to enable you Architect your Brand 2.0 Experience! Our Brand 2.0 Solutions architect the context, content and messaging design to play a pre-eminent role in carving and retaining a distinct identity for your Brand, in the audience mindscape. At Cloud 9, we help you to connect with your audiences, by understanding the context of your message in your audience mindscape, and then making sure it is consistently delivered through an optimum mix of social media tools. We combine Creative Excellence, Strong Process approach, and Innovative Technology to deliver Communication Results. Cloud 9 Media is an enterprise of DIGIQOM SOLUTIONS, an integrated brand communications consultancy head quartered in New Delhi, India. Digiqom Solutions was founded in 2006 with the strategic intent of bridging the gap between brands, and consumer through technology. We Are… Cloud Media
  16. 16. Lets Get your brand talking Call Nipun: 98 18 45 0157