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Case study rtc for slideshare

  1. 1. Social Commerce For RTC Restaurants India Ltd Promoting Party Venues on New Year 2010 By Cloud 9 Media Case Study
  2. 2. RTC Restaurants India Ltd. is a restaurant chain with Mandarin Trail & Polka under its name RTC is in joint venture with Sbarro and has franchise of Ruby Tuesday Key Competitors: RPM, Dazzle, Play, etc Objective : Promote Party Venues like Mandarin Trail, Polka and Ruby Tuesday on New Year’s eve Situation
  3. 3. • Average annual income of online users is 3.2 times the national average (National Average = Rs 37,490) i.e. Rs 1,19,968 (Source: Express India, May’2009) • 80% of online users belong to 19-35 years i.e. 48 Mn • 75% of online users belong to aspiring & consuming class & half of them belong to SEC ‘A’ & SEC ‘B’ i.e. 45 Mn • (Source: Juxt Consult, Online Survey’ 2009) In a nutshell – Social Networks such as facebook are a great place to promote places of entertainment! Peer and recommendations driven this media gives higher ROI than any other media Profile of Internet Users In India
  4. 4. • Facebook noticed a growth of 89% users over last year • 109% growth of the users between 18 to 35 years • Most preferred network by youth • Perceived as most secure social media site • The website is heavily used to share events and conference (Source: Comscore, July 2007) Why Facebook…??
  5. 5. Event Group – 20Ten Cheers!!!!!! Brand Messenger – Rheareddevil Sawhney Cloud 9 Media personified the brand on social media with a character called Rheareddevil Sawhney Solution
  6. 6. Party & Fun – 20Ten Cheers!!!!!! Cloud 9 Media created awareness around Polka, Ruby’s Tuesday & Mandarin Trail by creating interest around Party, Fun & Joy on new year’s eve. The group communicates about the fun element, the choice of music and exciting offers. Solution
  7. 7. - Cloud9 created a character who represents the party lovers - Share information, trivia and brand and event talk - Sending party invitations to fans & friends - Sending messages and e-vouchers to the attendees Logic
  8. 8. Response
  9. 9. Response Brand messenger actively informing the event attendees
  10. 10. Over 100 Members in 15 days Response Over 70 Confirmed Guests Over 2000 People messaged in 15 days
  11. 11. Reached 4,03,400people In 15 Days Via Over 700 Friends Over 70 Confirmed Guests Over 90 May be attending guests Over 850 Response awaited Result
  12. 12. Welcome to World 2.0! Did You know? 2/3of the economy is now influenced by Personal Recommendations Source McKinsey & Company Only 14%of people trust ads 78% of people trust consumer Recommendations Source: Neilsen Global Trust In Advertising Survey, 2008
  13. 13. Over 40 million users are online That’s over 5times the readership of the largest selling English daily ,Or 3 times the combined readership of the leading 3 newspapers in India, Or 3 times the combined readership of India's leading 5 English magazines ocial Media India Perspective R using Social Media
  14. 14. Investment Return on Social Media At less than 1/4th the cost of your Total Marketing & Communications Budget You can use Social Media to Enhance •PR •Customer Service •Loyalty Building •Collaboration •Networking •Thought Leadership •New Customer Acquisition
  15. 15. So what’s the BEST way to communicate on Social Media? View Cloud 9 Credentials
  16. 16. Two Ways to do it Option One: Do it yourself a) All social network tools are FREE b) But it’s time-consuming c) You’ll need to pay someone to create the conversation d) You’ll need to pay someone to monitor the conversation e) If you want to respond you need to speak the ‘language’ f) If you miss something, too bad g) Great for small businesses without many conversations Option Two: Professional Social Media Communications from CLOUD 9 a) Costs around $3000 - $ 5000 a month b) No need to chase CONSUMERS , they come to you c) You can see who is doing the talking d) You can get advice on how to respond e) You know you won’t miss anything because someone else is doing the watching a) You can benchmark against your competitors and chart data cloud 9
  17. 17. Lets get your brand talking! WRITE TO US Nipun Kapur (Global Sales) Ritesh Mathur (India Sales) 9818450157 9717775750 Log on to