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COE Group plc

  1. 1. COE Intelligent Video Systems Mark Norton Director, Worldwide Field Operations COE Group plc Intelligent Video Systems 1
  2. 2. COE Group – IP Video Surveillance Experts 19 years’ expertise in CCTV Pioneers in IP, Hybrid and Analogue systems COE supplies major integrated IP systems: - Video Management Software - Video Content Analysis - Codecs/servers - Digital Fibre Transmission - Network Video Recording - Embedded Control Systems ISO 9001- 2000 Quoted (London), backed by IP Group plc Intelligent Video Systems 2
  3. 3. COE is specialises in high-end systems and demanding verticals Specialisms • Large and complex (3,000 camera +) • Very high video quality • Rugged • 10 year operational life & support • Public transport safety qualified Key verticals • Traffic and transport • Rail • Road • Air • Sea • Heavy Industrial • Infrastructure Supplies end users through Systems Integrators and installers Intelligent Video Systems 3
  4. 4. References – rail sector Hong Kong (for Siemens & others; 400-500 cams) Singapore: for Singapore Technologies and OCS • 4,000-4,500 cams in 2 systems. IP system expanded from 1,200 to 1,800 cams in 10 days, now 2,500 NEC (onboard CCTV on world’s first unmanned heavy train) Delhi Metro (for Siemens and Alcatel; 400-500 cams) Channel Tunnel Network Rail (UK) - exclusive approved safety critical codec Lyon Metro (France) Kaohsiung RTC (Taiwan; 2,000-2,500 cams) Barcelona LRT (Spain) Intelligent Video Systems 4
  5. 5. References – roads & traffic London Congestion Charge (TfL) Exclusive supplier to COLT (network provider) 400-500 cams Reliability 10x planned level Direct codec supplier to Transport for London Participating in TfL analytics run-off TIS – UK Highway Agency (UK) (7,000 cams) Controlling video from all motorways and trunk routes for Serco M4, M6, M20, M25 (UK) A40/A6 (France) Brussels ring road (Belgium) Shenzhen Highway (China) Singapore EMAS Intelligent Video Systems 5
  6. 6. References – airports Kuala Lumpur International Airport •Phase I, 7 control centres, 500 cams •Phase II, 2 control centres, 350 cams German Airports: 7+ Chep Lak Kok (Hong Kong) Changi Singapore Military – Diego Garcia, various UK, Al Kharj Saudi Arabia (10 year reference) UK airports – Manchester, Stanstead, Luton, Edinburgh JFK New York, Dallas FW, USA Intelligent Video Systems 6
  7. 7. References – industrial & perimeter Site Security: • BP, Shell and other refineries • South Pars gas field (Iran) through Alcatel • Le Mans 24 hours • Parc des Princes, France • Port of London • Gentings Casino Malaysia •Hong Kong Border (200 – 300 cams) Secret military/state sites in Europe/Asia Intelligent Video Systems 7
  8. 8. References – urban surveillance City Centres: • UK (>30) including Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford (250-300 cams) • France (10) including Strasbourg, Mulhouse •Strasbourg 3 control centres, 300-350 cams •Confidential UK security projects • Cape D’Agde • Antibes, Rungis • Montpellier • Zhongshan City Centre (China) Intelligent Video Systems 8
  9. 9. IP Group is COE’s financial backer Potential flow of technologies which COE can commercialise or invest in IP Group has 10 long term university partners Market cap c £240m £46m in cash Profit before tax 2007 £30.5M c 50 investments in high tech spin-outs Intelligent Video Systems 9
  10. 10. Pioneers in CCTV research and development IP and Compression • Live video (4CIF 25 fps) from moving trains over switched bearers with UK Rail Co (2006) • Adaptive encoding – optimising compression parameters from camera PTZ command (2002) • Very large hybrid analogue/IP network control (2,500 cam, SMRT) • X-Class MPEG-4 codec • First embedded codec with 4CIF MPEG-4 at 25 fps, • First launch of TI C64 silicon • Architected for on-board video analysis and other algorithms Specialised Verticals • Unique Network Rail-approved codec for safety critical installations • On board surveillance: CCTV for world’s first un-manned heavy rail system • High quality train born digital video across Tetra radio infrastructure (NEC). Performance and quality standards exceeded. Fibre systems • DWDM optical technology in wide area analogue video network • Hybrid CCTV optical network system (KLIA, Malaysia – 1997) • Dynamic Privacy Zoning (DPZ) - 1998 Intelligent Video Systems 10
  11. 11. COE management CEO CTO & Founder Extensive operations experience STC (Now Nortel) Quoted FC, FD & Ops management background Physics degrees 19 year profile and experience in CCTV Worldwide Field Operations Chief Engineer & Founder 25+ years technology sales STC (Now Nortel) Compaq Computer (start-up to $3Bn, 50% 19 year profile and experience in CCTV services) Stratus, Clearcube Engineering Manager Pace Microtechnology, Apricot Computer 10 years Software Development & Project Management Extensive in-life system support experience Intelligent Video Systems 11
  12. 12. COE systems include many different products & services Control software Codecs • Genesys • H.264/MPEG4/M-JPEG • Video, alarms, building • Rail Approved management, fire • Work on various transmission media – • Multiple DVRs Tetra radio, Wireless, Wired, 3G • Audit trails and procedures • Embedded Intelligent Video Analysis – optimized for transport • X-Net Video Management System • Scalable • Complex alarms Fibre video transmission systems • Built in video analysis • 10 bit digital uncompressed • Ultra compact, smaller than a credit card Switching & control systems • CD quality Audio, Data, contact • For IP & analogue networks closure (alarm), Ethernet • IP enabled, SNMP and Web based • Extensive Remote Management & interfaces Diagnostics - NMS & SNMP support • Continued development • Dual redundant Power supply, field • Interfaces upgradeable optics • Hardened applications (trains etc) Services Network Video Recording System Integration • Post event analysis Project Management • Evidence creation Test & Commissioning • Major storage volumes Support & Maintenance Intelligent Video Systems 12
  13. 13. COE Integrated video systems use open standards to integrate with third party products. Monitors non-video security systems Fire Access control PA, Audio suites X-Net Codecs Building management MJPEG,MPEG-4, H.264, Agent Video Perimeter alarms, Locking systems VI management systems Video Analysis X-Net VMS Genesys Agent VI IP cameras Data network design consultancy N V R (video recording) X-Net transmission range Matrix controllers Analogue Digital, Analogue, CWDM cameras Intelligent Video Systems 13 Video Wall
  14. 14. Strasbourg – multiple third party systems integrated with COE technology 300-350 cameras Two Command and Control Systems 4 Control Centres Recording Video Analysis All running on: • a single software interface • several generations of COE codecs • COE transmission systems Intelligent Video Systems 14
  15. 15. Distribution Global Systems Integrators • Alcatel/Thales • Siemens • Singapore Technologies Specialist international Systems Integrators • Optilan • O' Connor’s (Singapore) Network of specialist national Systems Integrators in Europe Specific direct relationships: • Transport for London (TfL) • UK councils • Prefer to work with SIs, not direct Distributor in UK Intelligent Video Systems 15
  16. 16. Technical services Core CCTV expertise for prime contractors and SIs Applications expertise - Systems design expertise - Network skills - Video transmission expertise Pre-sale project assistance/advice Equipment selection and advice Local Making use of our unique experience Intelligent Video Systems 16
  17. 17. COE Intelligent Video Systems Mark Norton Director, Worldwide Field Operations COE Group plc UK Headquarters +44 1132 308800 Singapore +65 6325 6018 Mobile +44 7767 787 786 Intelligent Video Systems 17