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  1. 1. WHO WE ARE GBDC provides companies with strategies, solutions and information concerning match business partners to entry emerging markets of the Caucasus, Turkey, Central Asia and Ukraine. GBDC is located in capital of Georgia –Tbilisi. Through its extensive business network and experienced teams “on the ground” GBDC works in 10 countries. We can guide and prepare western companies to entry markets and doing profitable business in the Caucasus, Turkey, Central Asia and Ukraine.
  2. 2. OUR MISSION GBDC strives to facilitate business relations among business communities in the Caucasus, Turkey, Central Asia, Ukraine and prospective western investors and partners. GBDC activities cover 10 countries with the population of over 160 million: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. The region belongs to the rapidly growing emerging markets, economies with enormous natural resources and investment opportunities. The Caucasus is the best junction to connect businesses throughout Eurasia and work in the CIS and Asian markets. There are favorable conditions for doing business, starting joint-ventures and opening the representative offices in the region.
  3. 3. NEW PROJECT The Caucasian Trade House - New Project of GBDC and the Biggest Marketplaces in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan • Global Business Development Center (GBDC) launches new project – Caucasian Trade House. • The project mission is to facilitate international trade operations through developing the best trade network and services that covers three Caucasus countries: Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia. • Caucasian Trade House project operates in cooperation with the biggest and oldest marketplaces in Caucasus region with 20 years of successful experience. • Such marketplaces are the best platform for trade transactions and major suppliers for the wholesalers and retailers throughout the Caucasus region.
  4. 4. NEW PROJECT The Caucasian Trade House – Your Instant Access to the Caucasus Markets • GBDC offers sales representatives service to discover new trade partners and export opportunities in three Caucasus countries. • Our trade facilitating services ensure optimal, time and cost-efficient ways to reach your prospective clients. • You will get instant access to loyal clients of our partners (the biggest marketplaces) and your prospective clients and customers. • The successful implementation of a sales outsourcing strategy, will dramatically improve your ROMI and ROI and Improved systems & process to better capture a marketplace.
  5. 5. OUR SERVICES Sales representative service The Caucasian Trade House sales representative service offers to: • Review your product to assess demand at the market. • Promote the product. Identify and contact regular and prospective customers to demonstrate products, explain product features, and solicit orders. • Estimate or quote prices, credit or contract terms, warranties, and delivery dates. • Arrange and direct delivery and installation of products and equipment. • Negotiate details of contracts and payments, and prepare sales contracts and order forms. • have permanent contact person to identify and solve your current problems. * Commissions are negotiable on case by case basis.
  6. 6. OUR SERVICES GBDC – Your partner and Liaison office in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan GBDC acts as liaison between your company and trade organizations and related industries in the Caucasus countries We offer: § Address, telephone and fax number § A well-trained bilingual liaison team § Service of 200 Direct Selling Agents § Manage your business trip to Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan if necessary (hotel, car, meeting with potential partners, etc)
  7. 7. OUR SERVICES Upon Your special request we provide the following discounted tailor-made business services : § Investment opportunities § Market research, sourcing, search for partner in case of joint ventures § Legal Consulting assistance about: q Georgian, Armenian and Azerbaijanian laws; q Regulations and policies; q Connections with governmental departments; qGeorgia, Armenian and Azerbaijanian business communities and so on. § Transportation, logistics. You are not alone in the Caucasus, we are here for you !
  8. 8. PROJECT SCOPE Our organization is, in essence, an extension of your business but is responsible for all operations associated with channel / direct sales activities. Channel Your Company Integrity We carry your company’s = business cards. We are Partners transparent to all partners. are Yours GBDC Distributors Business Partners Customer
  9. 9. YOUR BENEFITS • You will have one qualified team in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan; • You will get direct access to information, enormous number of our loyal and your prospective clients (wholesalers and retailers) in the Caucasus region; • You will save your rent of office and all other costs in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan; • Using sales representatives service, you get a piece of real estate that is already being covered. They know the territory and the customers; • Our sales representatives deliver more sales in a more effective and efficient manner than any other way of going to new market. • You retain the sales representative and they are selling your products TODAY!
  10. 10. SERVICE FEE Benefit from Long-Term Success and Risk-Free Expansion into the Caucasus Markets! We are designed to suit all NEEDS and BUDGETS: Special Offer 2010 : from 225 $/ month for your sales representative and partner office/ team in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. * Commissions are negotiable on case-by-case basis. * No Long Term Agreement! There is no minimum term when paying monthly, all we require is one month notice to cease the agreement. We Accompany You to Succeed
  11. 11. CONTACT Global Business Development Center GMT Plaza, 4 Freedom Sq. Tbilisi, Georgia Phone: (99532) 478-498 Fax: (99532) 921-805 Use Our Service To Expand Your Business !