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Visual Note-taking on the iPad


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I take notes using my iPad -- in a very visual way. Using images as well as text, I draw the notes using my fingertip and a drawing application like Sketchbook Pro or Brushes. These slides supported my Tech Talk at Macworld|iWorld 2012 about this special kind of note-taking. See more examples of my work on Flickr: or visit my blog:

Photo credits: Slide 2 photo by Alan Wolf; Final slide photo by Alan Levine.

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Visual Note-taking on the iPad

  1. visual note-taking on the iPad Rachel Smith | @ninmah director, digital facilitation services The Grove Consultants International
  2. photo courtesy of Alan Wolf
  3. 5 easy steps1. Pick a drawing app.2. Practice basic icons and shapes.3. Practice two types of lettering.4. Learn about layers.5. Put it all together and take visual notes!
  4. 1. Pick a drawing app.
  5. 2. Practice basic icons and shapes.
  6. 3. Practice two types of lettering.
  7. 4. Learn about layers.
  8. 5. Take visual notes!
  9. Advanced Class: Brushes
  10. Advanced Class: Brushes
  11. Advanced Class: Colors
  12. Advanced Class: Movies
  13. Thank you. Rachel Smith photo courtesy of Alan Levine