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Senior Seminar Final Presentation Slide


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Senior Seminar Final Presentation Slide

  2. 2. ABOUT MEName: Nine Sunatthacha Singhara Na Ayuthaya Nationality: Thai Age: 18 School: International School Bangkok (ISB) University: Georgia Institute of Technology Major: Mechanical Engineering
  3. 3. STUDENT AMBASSADORS Student Ambassadors Organization Position: President Years of Participation: 3 Main Event: New Student Orientation
  4. 4. WAYS OF KNOWING Language Perception Reason Emotions
  5. 5. LANGUAGE How it hinders performance and learning: • Importance of Communication • Intra-cultural and Intercultural Interactions • Language as barrier Solutions and Reflection: • Aid of body language and facial expressions • Awareness • Elimination of vagueness
  6. 6. REASON How it helps performance and learning: • Deductive Reasoning • Inductive Reasoning • Surface Level Interactions Reflection: • Be aware of limitations (e.g. Confirmation Bias, Belief Bias) • Dependent upon context
  7. 7. CONCLUSIONReflecting on learning and performance through the differentways of knowing helps contributes to my personal growth and development as a leader of a larger group. Reflecting on the ways of knowing, especially Language and Reason, will also help me in my future studies in the field of Engineering.