LITA Drupal IG Midwinter Meeting2011


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Agenda for the Midwinter Meeting of the ALA LITA Drupal Interest Group

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LITA Drupal IG Midwinter Meeting2011

  1. 1. LITA Drupal IGMidwinter Meeting San Diego January 8 2010
  2. 2. Our Agenda Housekeeping LITA Strategic Plan & Drupal IG Goals for 2010-11 Virtual Presentation Ken Varnum, Web Services Manager, University of Michigan, “Summon and LibGuides in Drupal” Open Discussion
  3. 3. Housekeeping We need IG officers (Chair/Co-chair) for 2011-12 Web presence and communication? ALA Connect? Other modes? Email lists currently used: lita-l web4lib drupal4lib code4lib
  4. 4. Areas of LITA Strategic Plan Relevant to the DrupalIG 1/2 Goal Area 3: Training and Continuing Education “LITA is nationally recognized as the leading source for continuing education opportunities for library information technologiest and all library staff who have an interest in technology.” Objective 3.3: Offer a variety of education opportunities year round. Objective 3.4: Educate members and potential members at all levels of expertise.
  5. 5. Areas of LITA Strategic Plan Relevant to the Drupal IG 2/2 Goal Area 2: Innovation: “LITA leverages its members’ expertise to demonstrate the value of new and existing technologies within ALA and beyond.” Objective 2.2: Offer technology consulting services to ALA, other ALA Divisions, and other information professional organizations.
  6. 6. Drupal IG Strategic Goal 1 Objective: Provide Drupal support and training at all levels, novice to expert, to the library community Strategy: Submit proposals for/present Drupal-related programming at Annual 2011 Full day preconference: “Getting Started with Drupal,” Rachel Vacek & Nina McHale Concurrent session: “Drupal Fail Panel,” coordinated by Chris Evjy & Kara Reuter
  7. 7. Drupal IG Strategic Goal 2 Objective: Provide Drupal support and training at all levels, novice to expert, to the library community Strategy: Educate the library community about using and migrating to Drupal 7 Explore providing virtual training (webinars, tutorials, etc.) on migration Recruit instructors and develop training
  8. 8. Drupal IG Strategic Goal 3 Objective: Support growth of the Drupal developer community in the library profession Strategy: Encourage and support release of library-related Drupal modules to the Drupal community Compile list of existing modules (Where? Does this exist?) Recruit developers Research how to support module development/release
  9. 9. Code4lib Column Dale Askey, “We Love Open Source Software. No, You Can’t Have Our Code.” Issue 5, 2008-12-15
  10. 10. Askey: Why Librarians/Library Programmers Don’t Submit Code Perfectionism: unless the code is perfect, we don’t want anyone to see it Dependency: if we share this with you, you will never leave us alone Quirkiness: we’d gladly share, but we can’t since we’re so weird Redundancy: we think your project is neat, but we can do better Competitiveness: we want to be the acknowledged leader Misunderstanding: a fundamental inability to understand how an open source community works
  11. 11. Presentation “Summon and LibGuides In Drupal” Ken VarnumWeb Services ManagerUniversity of Michigan
  12. 12. Let’s Talk Drupal! What library Drupal projects are you working on or have you recently finished? Brag! Show off! Drupal 7: Are you there yet? Tell us about it! Any tips/lessons learned Module development: Have you done it? Tell us about it! Insert your topic here…
  13. 13. Thanks! See You at Annual! Nina McHale @ninermac Christopher (Chris) Evjy @endupok