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Drupal con portland library bof


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Drupal con portland library bof

  1. 1. Drupal in
  2. 2. Drupal + OPAC =Cover Art CarouselDrupalCon PortlandLibrary BoF MeetingNina McHale
  3. 3. “How’d You Do This?!”
  4. 4. How to link into the catalog?
  5. 5. Carousel Ingredients:• “Catalog Item” content type• Stable URLs to bib records in catalog• A cover art source (i.e., Syndetics)• Upload widget also available for exceptions/missing/poor qualitycover art• jCarousel*-based view• CSS to adjust carousel to different sizes*jCarousel is no longer activelymaintained
  6. 6. The “Catalog Item” ContentType
  7. 7. “Catalog Item” Particulars• Second “Title” field feels redundant, but isrequired for proper manipulation in the view• Use the “Syndetic Links” field OR the imageupload widget• A checkbox determines which page(s) on the sitethe catalog item should appear upon
  8. 8. The jCarousel View
  9. 9. View ConfigurationParticulars, 1/2• OPAC URLs are listed first in fields so that youcan use tokens to pull them into image, title, andauthor fields• To send user into the OPAC, rewrite outputs forimage, title, and author (“output as link”) for coverart image, title, and author/person info to thecatalog link to the bib record
  10. 10. View ConfigurationParticulars 2/2• Cover art images:• Image availability: if an image is available fromSyndetics, check “Hide rewriting if empty,” and viceversa• Rewrite output of Syndetics image field:• <img src="[field_syndetics_image-title]" alt="coverart" width="150" height="225" />• OR, use image style to resize an uploaded image
  11. 11. Carousel, Resized with CSS:
  12. 12. Questions? Comments?Suggestions?Nina